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Burning Bush

26 February, 2003 5:41 PM

No I'm not talking about burning any world leaders - rather I'm talking about Exodus 3:1-12, the passage I'm preaching on this Sunday.

I've been thinking alot about this passage where Moses is confronted by God through the burning bush - and I wondered if anyone out there might want to contribute to my thinking/preparation process!? Any ideas?

Have been thinking about drawings the similarities out between the calling of Moses and the calling of us. Moses was a man whose people were in chaos. God desired to do something about the mess they were in and chose to come to their aid - through Moses.

I wonder if there is a parallel to the place we find ourselves in today - our world is in chaos - I think God sees our plight and perhaps desires to make a difference through people.

The question is, have we seen our burning bushes??

Done lots more thinking, but interested in others thoughts!?!



Make a burning bush mate......get that creative energy going...use it to create a 'holy' space for confession etc................let your imagination run wild...have the song, "Fire Starter" by Prodigy blasting away........

Paul » 27 February, 2003 6:51 PM

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