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Building Community

6 February, 2004 8:07 PM

We had a worthwhile session this morning at Forge. As I said in the previous post, I was teaching on building a sense of community in emerging churches.

In doing so I really told the story of the Living Room and shared some of the lessons we've learnt along the way. Nothing I talked about is 'rocket science' by any means - most of it is common sense. Here are the main headings of the talk:

I'm not sure that much of that will make sense without explanations - am happy to embellish if anyone would like explanations.

What have you found builds community within your own contexts?



Intentional invasion of one another�s spaces

That is intersting to even ponder... would love to hear more about it!
Curious if it has anything to do with forcing one's "thoughts and ideas" on another person or do you mean literally grasping that person's space.


Megan » 6 February, 2004 9:26 PM

the meal as you say is more than central to our gatherings. Eating together signifies acceptance of each other. onions and garlic breakdown all pretention in a conversation. hehe!

George » 6 February, 2004 10:51 PM

It all looks pretty interesting, Darren. I'm interested to hear what you had to say about 'corporate evangelism'. How can corporate evangelism work? How do you see it fitting in to 'em church'?


Darryl » 8 February, 2004 9:21 AM

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