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Brand New Mission/Emerging Church Resource!

4 April, 2003 5:19 PM

I have great pleasure to announce that a great new resource from the people behind Phuture (who I do some work for) is now available for online shop you can purchase a variety of different types of licences — the smallest is for one copy for personal use (US$15)— then there are different ones enabling you to copy more depending on how many people want to use it which are even more economical. We rely your honesty in picking the right licence - profits from sales go straight back into mission so your money goes to a worthwhile cause. Even at $15 its good value at only $1.25 over the 12 weeks!

If you're interested there is a FREE TRY option on the site which gives you a look at the first three weeks and the topics that the course covers.

Anyway — I won't be nagging you about it too much — but rather I hope that its of some use to you. Feel free to pass the info along to anyone that you think might find it of use. If you need more info shoot me an email! If you're in Australia and want a hard copy sent to you let me know too!



Thanks for taking us through Ignition last year Darren - I really learnt alot through it - I would highly recommend it to anyone as a great tool for getting you thinking about missional principles - it was really worth while.

John » 6 April, 2003 12:24 PM

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