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book launch - out of bounds Church

28 April, 2005 10:59 AM

I'm looking forward to this upcoming event here in Melbourne. It'll be a great night and something worth adding to your diary as Steve's a wise man who I respect greatly even though I've only spent a short hour with over a beer one time.

'On Wednesday 11th May at 7.30pm, Northern Community Church of Christ and Forge are launching Steve Taylors book - Out of Bounds Church. This is an event not to be missed if you are in the vicinity of Melbourne.'

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wow, don't think i've been called wise before, and especially after one beer!

seriously, looking forward to it, should be great.

steve » 28 April, 2005 3:33 PM

I highly endorse Out of Bounds Church?. 'Course I'm biased as I had the honor of helping to "midwife" this book before it was birthed onto the market. I'm not alone in singing its praises. For example, Andrew Jones recently called it the best book he's read on the emerging church. And how many books do you think that the Tall Skinny Kiwi has read on the emerging church? Alot is a good start.

My recommendation, go grab a copy of this book.

Rich » 30 April, 2005 8:11 AM

Damn it, don't you guys realise I play volleyball on a Wednesday night! I'm gonna have to speak to somebody about this!

Isn't Steve talking at the UnFreeze Churches of Christ Conference as well?

Digger » 1 May, 2005 1:42 PM

Cool I am gonna be in Melb that night, i just might get along, and maybe bring a mate too

�johnman� » 4 May, 2005 9:14 PM

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