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I Wrote a Book

10 April, 2008 4:43 PM

probloggerbook.jpgOne of the things that I've been doing over the last 12 months is writing.

"Writing? Don't you mean Blogging" you say...

No, actually writing in a non blogging form - writing a book.

Bouncing off my blog ProBlogger (a book about how to improve your blog and even make a living from it) I was approached last year by an editor at Wiley Publishing to write a book on the topic of making money from blogs.

I'd previously rejected such offers but the timing seemed right this time and so I asked a UK blogging buddy of mine (Chris Garrett) if he'd co-author it with me. While Chris and I had never met (and still haven't) we work well together so we decided to give it a go.

And so the journey of writing a book began. It was a long long journey. We planned, wrote and submitted the book over the last 12 months and in just a couple of weeks (28 April) it will be officially released. A few days later it should hit stores in the US, followed by an international release 4-6 weeks later.

The book is called 'ProBlogger' (it seemed to be the logical choice).

You can already pre-order it at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble (also at Amazon's international stores) with Amazon offering a pre-order discount.

We've set up a site for the book here and have an email list that you're welcome to sign up to if you'd like to sample the book with a free taster chapter. The list also will get you a weekly email with free blog tips from Chris and I. You can of course unsubscribe from it at any point.

Helping Pastors Blog

12 October, 2006 7:20 PM

Cory is running a great series of posts over at Church Communications Pro on Pastors blogging in which he's written some good posts and is interviewing some 'believer bloggers'. Check it out here.

The State of the God Blogging Community?

17 October, 2005 2:33 PM

A number of fellow bloggers have emailed me this past couple of weeks to ask if I'm going to the God Blog conference.

To be honest I didn't really consider it for a couple of reasons - Firstly it's been a question of Expense Distance and Time - I'm not critiquing the conference - it has to be held somewhere but wherever it is the distance makes it hard for some bloggers. For me I couldn't justify the expense or time away from other priorities to go.

Secondly I have been pondering the question 'Am I a 'God Blogger?'

This blog (LivingRoom) has become less of a focus for me of late for many reasons including a lack of time, many other competing projects needing time, a maturing of the LivingRoom community (we're probably not in such a phase of learning/development now so there is less to share) and (if I'm honest) a frustration with where I saw the 'God Blog' community as going.

I don't want to write this as an attack upon those who identify themselves as God Bloggers - but after a couple of years of heavy participation in the God Blog scene I began to grow increasingly frustrated with it. I met many wonderful Christian bloggers along the way and learned a lot about blogging, faith and relationships through it - but I also saw a lot that concerned me including:

- attack - I saw some of the most vicious and personal attacks on people that I've ever experienced in online forums. Having spent the last year blogging in the wider blogging community I can honestly say that while there is bickering across the whole blogosphere - that what I saw in the 'Christian blogging community' was often at the more vicious end of the spectrum. At times (and especially in the first year) I found myself being drawn into this negativity at times (something I'm not proud of) and at times found the God Blog community took more life than it gave.

- insular focus - Something that I wrote about many times on this blog was the insular nature of the 'God Blog Community'. I saw some amazing and rich discussion on many occasions (I don't want to paint it as all bad - it wasn't by any means) yet I saw a distinct lack of Christian bloggers engaging with the wider blogging community. I think I used the term 'holy huddle' on many occasions in my critique of the Christian blogging community - on reflection I'm not sure if my critique was completely fair. I do see the need for 'holy huddles' from time to time - I think it's a biblical thing to gather with fellow believers for worship, learning and encouragement - however I also see a call for action/engagement/mission/justice. These were things that I felt a distinct lack of of within the Christian blogging community.

At LivingRoom we have three core values/journeys - inner journey (worship, prayer - spiritual formation), outer journey (mission, justice, service) and together journey (community, fellowship etc). If I was to 'review' the God Blog community as it stood a year ago I would have rated it pretty highly on the 'inner' and 'together' journeys (although as I've written above there was also a lot of disunity) but I would have been forced to rate it pretty low on the 'outer' journey.

It was this area of lacking that was probably largely the reason that I've slowly withdrawn from active participation in the 'God Blog' community and an increased involvement in the wider blogging world.

I have been amazed by what I've found as I've undergone this transition. I don't wish to discuss all of these lessons and experiences here in a public forum (because much of it has to do with individuals who I have had opportunity to build wonderful and personal relationships with) however I will say that in the past 12 months of blogging outside of (or less connected with) 'God Blog' circles I've found and experienced God working in some pretty profound ways. I've also seen God's invitation to join him in his work both in the lives of individuals but also on a larger scale.

I'm also really encouraged to see quite a few Christian bloggers exploring similar things - some of whom have in the past (and even continue) to participate in 'God Blogging' but many of who have widened their focus.

I'm not sure this has been one of my more articulate posts - I've been considering writing it for months but have hesitated for fear of it being seen as a critique - but I guess I'm interested to see if anyone else has been pondering any of these things. Perhaps the God Blogging community has changed in the last 12 months since I've pulled back - I hope it has - but I'd be keen to hear of how others view the health of the God blogging community? Where is it strong, where is it in need of growth and how has it been changing and growing?

b5media launched

21 September, 2005 6:10 PM

I've been quiet of late because I'm working on some new projects and finishing up some old ones.

The emerging church research I've been doing for three local denominations finishes up in a couple of weeks and today we (two other bloggers and myself) launched a new blog network called b5media which so far consists of 14 blogs on a range of topics.

It's a pretty massive project but has loads of potential. We're still in beta testing but would love to get any feedback you have on it.

Martin Roth is Back with Southern Gospel Beat

18 August, 2005 4:00 PM

I just met one of the first bloggers that I ever read back a couple of years ago - Martin Roth. I was really sad when he stopped blogging a year or so back but today was really excited to see that he's baaack! His new blog is on the same domain but has a different spin to it - it's on the niche topic of Southern Gospel Music. Check it out at Southern Gospel Beat. All the best with the new blog Martin!

Awards Getting Close

13 February, 2005 9:23 AM

Thanks to those who have placed a vote for my ProBlogger blog on the Business Blogging awards. Voting is getting close so if you havn't cast your vote yet head over to the Best Overall Blog category - check out ProBlogger and if you like what you see - add your support. Thanks again.

Meet the Rev - Fighter, Pastor, Artist, Husband and Father....

9 February, 2005 9:34 AM

Rev3Stand Small

I'd like to introduce you to a good friend who has just started a blog, John Jensen - otherwise known as the rev.

John describes his blog as 'the ramblings of a fighter, pastor, artist, husband, and father' which are some good words to describe who he is. In short I'd describe John as one of the more interesting people I've met in the emerging church scene - many layers yet underneath a genuine and incredibly giving heart. He's living in Melbourne but is originally from elsewhere (but we love him anyway). Here is his profile from his blog - if it doesn't get you over there nothing will:

'Rasberry is my favorite Jello flavor. My wife is a blue belt. Sometimes I eat too much cheese. My daughters make me feel old. I have had seventeen kidney stones, but still drink too much coffee. I like art museums, red wine, dancing and quiche. I use product in my hair, like shopping for shoes, and cry at movies. I like women. I can bench press 275 lbs, except when I am on the OG then I bench press twice as much. CROWNTOWNPUNKS I like Thai food better than Thai boxing. I think bullfighting is a beautiful art form. I don't love the smell of Napalm in the morning. I think Chuck Palahniuk is a poor mans David Foster Wallace. Bukowski makes me want to be a writer. Rothko makes me want to be a painter. Jesus makes me want to be a better man. Ringo was my favorite Beatle. I really like peanut butter on a hot English Muffin. Soccer is stupid. Cricket is better than baseball. Wrestling is the toughest olympic sport, but sometimes it looks pretty gay, not that there is anything wrong with that. Beating up pacifists is like shooting fish in a barrel. The Tick was a great cartoon. my brother Keith is funny. I am scared of horses.'

So please go over and meet John - say g'day - you won't be disappointed I'm sure.

Blogging Update

25 January, 2005 11:09 AM

A few readers have asked me recently why I haven't been doing many 'blog tips' recently - It's actually been a while since I've stopped writing about blogging specifically on this blog - a few months back I decided to move all my Blog tips over to a new blog at ProBlogger. Over there I'm writing about the lessons I'm learning as someone who earns a living from blogging as well the latest relevant blogging news and some other general blog tips.

The move has gone well so far and I've 'met' some pretty amazing bloggers through it from around the globe who are doing some highly innovative blogging.

So if its blog tips you're after - that is where you should head.

Depression Blog

11 January, 2005 5:29 PM


I'm really pleased to announce a new blogging project that I've been working on for the past few days - Depression News - a blog that will report the latest news and information about the symptoms and treatment of Depression. It is still in beta form but is at a stage where I'm happy for people to start to use it.

Over the past 10 years in my work as a minister I have encountered many people who suffer from depression and have always had an interest in seeing them reach their potential in terms of health. In more recent years I have had more personal confrontations with depression and have always kept an eye on the latest news on treatment and studies into it. I am also passionate about advocating on behalf of those who suffer from depression or mental illness.

It seemed natural to extend this personal interest in the topic into a blog where others could benefit from my own research.

I have felt a growing urge within me in recent months to look for ways to extend my blogging in a direction where it not only is about making me money or satisfying the consumeristic urges of my readers to have the latest gadget - Depression News is one of the responses that I'm making and is an project that I hope to repeat many times over in the future as I develop my blogging.

Depression News is being hosted with the Tractor Loan collective and uses Word Press as its backbone. I am funding it (and hoping to raise a few dollars for a local mental health charity) using Google's Adsense and Amazon Affiliateship at present but am also open to other forms of sponsorship. The design is based upon one from Cre8d design but tweaked quite a bit in CSS by me.

I hope that you or someone that you know finds it a helpful resource. I'm open to it becoming a group blog if others wish to join in with some posting - at present it is focused more upon news and information but I would like to also add some personal stories. Just let me know if you'd like to get involved. Your comments suggestions on design and features are also welcome in comments below or via email.

Bene Diction is Here

10 January, 2005 9:51 PM

Bene Diction's Blog is having some issues at the moment - If you've been looking for it you can get it here til it goes back up on the normal domain.

Why do I blog?

8 December, 2004 7:59 AM

Bene asks 'Why do you Blog' - thought I'd give it a go.

My reasons for blogging have changed quite a bit since I started. Originally I just wanted a place to record my journey, to keep ideas and to talk out loud as I sorted through what I was doing and thinking. I also saw it as something of a discipline that would help shape and refine me. I reflect upon these reasons now and think it was a fairly insular view of blogging - all about me really. My ideas soon evolved to also include a relational aspect to blogging.

It didn't take long to realize that blogging wasn't just about bloggers themselves but that it was a medium that had incredible potential to connect people with one another. Blogging became about mutual learning relationships, sharing ideas and experiences and building friendships.

Emerging Church Bloggers make it to Wikipedia

23 November, 2004 3:58 PM

Looks like Emerging Church Bloggers are hitting it big time now - Jordon Cooper and Leighton Teebay have made it to the Wikipedia!!! Although by the looks of the 'candidate for speedy deletion' note on the entries they may not be there long!

Congratulations IdolBlog

12 November, 2004 5:24 PM

Congratulations to Rachel and Regan who have just taken out an the 'Best Youth Site in New Zealand' award for IdolBlog.

Looks like all that hard work has paid off!

In Blog we Trust

4 November, 2004 2:09 PM

warcrycover.gifThe Salvation Army's War Cry magazine did a feature story a couple of weeks back on Christian bloggers. They are based in Melbourne and so as a Christian, Blogger and Melbournian I was the lucky guy to get photographed for the cover. Anyway - the article wasn't online until just now when Bene typed it up at Connexions (great job Bene). So now you can head over and read the full article which features comments from Bene, Martin, Gordon and myself.

8 Year Old Blogs for a Horse

4 November, 2004 8:03 AM

_P1010024.jpgI just linked up to the best blogging story that I've seen for ages over at ProBlogger and I couldn't help but post it here also. I'd like to introduce you to the blog of 8 year old Professional Blogger - Delaney who is blogging over at

The blog is an attempt by her to earn enough money to buy a horse. The concept is simple - she takes old horseshoes and she decorates them and sells them from her blog for $15US. Its quite the little cottage industry.

She's already made enough to pay back her parents for the set up costs and now she's saving for the horse!

What a great idea - head on over to and leave some encouragement and buy a horse shoe!

I'm Superblessed

1 November, 2004 3:54 PM

Thanks to Ganns at Superblessed for a Christian Blog Award - I appreciate the encouragement Ganns - you really are an encouragement to so many of us.

Thanks to Bene for letting me know about it - I'd missed it while traveling over the past week. Congrats also Bene for taking out the top award!

Meet Pete

8 October, 2004 12:35 AM

Can I introduce you to another Melbourne guy who's exploring what it is to do the communal faith thing in this great city I find myself living in. His name is Pete and he's a guy I've got a lot of time for - although don't end up seeing too much these days. But now I can in a virtual sense because he's blogging. Here's a snippet of his first post describing the community he finds himself in.

"I have been told that we do not really 'worship the Lord' because we don't have music, 'its more a Bible study than a real Church' and I love this one, 'this is a cutting edge church'. To be honest we a group of people trying to understand faith in the context of our homes, workplaces and the greater world we live in. We are not trying to be an amazing new cutting edge venture. Sometimes I would love to fall back into being a charasmatic movement with singing and preaching from the platform and rosters and structure, but that would be far removed from our call and expression as a group of people."

Read more at Rivett: A another new Begining

Activist Blogs

5 October, 2004 7:35 PM

Wayne has a good post on Activist Blogs. He writes - "Activist blogs usually are single issue, and for good reason. The blogger wishes to concentrate the entire blog's efforts toward a single goal....

Whether you are tying to change the world, or just your own little corner, activist blogs might provide the ideal outlet for your ambitions."

It's similar thinking to what I was trying to express in my post about blogging giving a voice to the voiceless a few weeks back.

Wayne points to Trudy W. Schuett's who is an avid blogger (she has as many blogs as I do!) who runs Desert Light Journal - a blog tackling issues of Domestic Violence.

Another good Activist Blog is Gambling Watch Global which keeps an eye on gambling issues.

This is still an issue I'm pondering and wondering how to respond to. Anyone else thinking through this stuff? Know of any good activist Blogs for me to take a look at?

Write a review and win a $100 Amazon Gift Voucher

5 October, 2004 1:55 PM

I'm running this competition on my other blogs and thought some of you might like to participate.

Do you own a digital camera, printer, scanner or camera phone? Would you like the chance to win a $100 (US) gift from Amazon simply by writing a short review of your experiences with it?

Digital Photography Blog, in conjunction with Camera Phone Zone and Printer Blog are giving you the chance to win a $100 gift voucher from Amazon for each review of a printer, scanner, digital camera, camera phone or photo editing software package. You get one chance in the draw for each review submitted in the next 30 days. Entries close on 5th November 2004. Please carefully read the following Conditions and Guidelines before submitting entries.

Entries should be submitted via email to Darren at:

darren at or by using this contact form (please ensure you leave a contact email address so that we can contact you regarding your prize if drawn on November 5).

Conditions of entry:

- Reviews will be published on one or more of the above mentioned blogs.
- Reviews must be at least 500 words in length and include a rating out of 10.
- Reviews must be your original work.
- We don't mind if your review has been previously published but we would like to know the URL of where it appears (we will publish a link to it).
- The prize is a $100 gift certificate from Amazon. You may spend it in any way you wish. We will purchase and forward the certificate via email within 14 days of the announcement of your winning the competition.
- If you would like to include a link back to your own blog in your review we would be happy to credit you in this way.
- You may submit as many reviews as you wish and will receive one entry into the competition for each entry. The more you submit the better your chances of winning the $100 gift.
- You may write the review in a format that suits you but we would strongly recommend that you include some or all of the following categories in your format.
- We reserve the right to reject any reviews that do not meet the above requirements or that we feel do not meet a reasonable standard - if we do this you will not receive an entry into the competition. Your reviews do not need to be super technical - but they do need to be reasonably written and show genuine knowledge of and experience with the product under review. We reserve the right to do some editing of the reviews for spelling, grammar and other reasons.

Suggested Review Format/Categories
- Introduction to the cameras features
- Your First Impressions
- Description/Comments on Layout and Design of Product
- Description/Comments on Quality of results (images, printing, scanning, phone) produced
- Description/Comments on Ease of Use/Usability
- Comments on Value for money
- General Comments/Recommendations
- Rating out of 10 and your reasoning for such a rating
- You may wish to provide 1 or two sample pictures with your review
- What you like/What you don't like
- Any relevant links/sources for your review

Once again - we're not after highly technical reviews (although if you're a techy person please submit them) - rather we want real comments about digital imaging products from real users. So be yourself - speak the truth about the product and send your reviews in.

What Blogger do you aspire to be like?

1 October, 2004 3:53 PM

Rachel at Cre8d Design asks the question Which Blog or Blogger do you Aspire to be Like?

'Im looking for a list of blogs youd like your blog to be like - what is it about these blogs that makes you say this? Their hits, creativity, ideas, humour, interesting stories, breaking news, community of commenters?'

Head over and answer the question there.

Give me Your Blog Tips!

29 September, 2004 5:19 PM

Calling all bloggers - lay your top 5 blog tips on me. I've been asked to write 200-300 words on blogging for a national publication with a few blog tips for beginners in it. I'm going to put 5 short and simple tips to help people who have little or no idea about blogging together and would love your input. So give me your top few - keep them short, simple and sweet. Will write the piece (and post it here) tomorrow so you've got 12 or so hours! Thanks


24 September, 2004 4:26 PM

I know one or two of your out there are going to think I've completely lost it now but I've started another blog.

One of the constant pieces of criticism/feedback that I've had here on this blog is that I tend to talk too much about blogging - especially blogging to make revenue. I personally don't see the problem with having that topic covered in the fuller mix of this blog (which is a reflection of who I am and what I do) but I can understand that the topic doesn't appeal at all to some of you.

As a result I've started a more focussed blog for those of us interested in creating revenue streams from our blogs and finding ways to make them self sustainable and even income earners. It is called ProBlogger and it is currently very blue (forgive my basic webdesign skills - I'm still working on it).

This will allow me to post more freely on the topic without worrying what impact doing so is having on some of my readership. This will allow posting on this blog to be more focused upon my own life and that of the LivingRoom - with a mixture of other general silliness from around the web. All my old Blog Tips are now both here on this blog and over there - but all new future ones will only appear on the new site.

2 New Blogs on the Block

17 September, 2004 2:34 PM

I've got a couple of new blogs on my regular blog rounds that I'd love to share with you. One is tribe m - which is written by a good mate 'D'. Knowing who he is and what he does - I'm sure it will be an interesting read.

The other is AgeWatch which is an interesting concept written by 'NorthcoteKnob' who will be taking a bit of a critical look at Melbourne's newspaper - 'The Age'. Aussie might know the show 'Media Watch' this is a blog version focused upon one newspaper. Interesting.

Both will be blogs worth following, both are by Aussies - drop by and say G'day!

Headaches - Sleeplessness - Digestive Problems - Social awkwardness - the Bloggers Curse

14 September, 2004 7:25 PM

The Greenman has an interesting post titled That Blog Is Bad For Your Health which looks at a study into characteristics of people who write diaries (which can't be that dissimilar to bloggers). Should be some uplifting findings shouldn't it? After all blogs are great aren't they!? So what are these findings?

'They are more likely to suffer from headaches, sleeplessness, digestive problems and social awkwardness than people who do not maintain a diary, on line or otherwise.'

Hmmm - ok. So how many of you bloggers out there does that describe?

Here is my response over at the Greenman


- headaches....only generally before morning coffee....
- sleeplessness.....ok - now you're talking about me
- digestive problems....peppermint tea is a wonderful thing

So the question remains - does blogging give us these ailments or do we blog because we have them?

11 September, 2004 10:49 AM

Fellow Melbournian blogger, Luke Phillips, has finally gone and registered a domain name for his blog - very nice one too. I think I should be able to remember

The great Blog Ad debate

5 September, 2004 11:30 PM

Douglas Rushkoff and Jeff Jarvis are having an interesting 'discussion' on whether advertisements on blogs can corrupt a blogger's work.

Douglas Rushkoff writes - 'there might be a value in ad-free blogging; that doing it for money, for ads, may not change our writing on a conscious level, but that we may be changed - yes, corrupted - by the ads we're endorsing, er, displaying....' Douglas adds another post here.

Jeff Jarvis replies - 'But if you want ads to help support yourself in this new medium -- and thus support the growth of this medium with more contributions from more voices and more perspectives with more information and conversation and value, then you can do that. Maybe you can even quit working for The Man; what could be more counterculture than that?

The beauty of this medium -- yes, the rave quality of it -- is that I can do what I want to do and you can do what you want to do and our freedom is not zero-sum. It ain't a slam dance, man.'

Ken Layne enters the debate writing - 'In the media world, rejecting Capitalism is the exclusive realm of those who have succeeded as capitalists. I'd love to be rich and not give a damn about those BlogAds or Google ad strips. I'd be real happy to have CBS and BBC and a bunch of publishers sending me checks. But they don't. I work on the Web. And telling me I shouldn't be able to make a living as you do -- not that there's any chance in hell of that happening -- is like telling starving kids in Sudan how lucky they are not to be corrupted by McDonald's.'

Whilst I've always acknowledged that blogging for dollars has the potential to compromise bloggers I tend to come down on Jeff's side of this debate. Really it comes down to choice. I agree with Douglas (and Jeff) that putting ads on one's site does lead to some interesting decisions and choices - but I'd argue that this is true for all bloggers as they navigate the medium of blogging.

You see I think a blogger can be 'compromised' simply in who they link to. How many bloggers out there link regularly to A list bloggers with the hope that it might get them noticed by that blogger? How many bloggers have left comments on other blogs with the hope of others surfing back to their blog from the link? How many bloggers write about a topic they are not really interested in with the hope of creating some controversy to generate hits?

Of course not all bloggers blog this way - but they are some of the issues/temptations that most bloggers face - especially when starting out.

I guess whether it comes to these issues - or putting ads on your site - it all comes down to character, being aware of the possibility of compromise, staying true to yourself and being transparent. I'm also a big believer in being honest in your blogging. I have no issue with the fact that this blog has a few ads and they earn me a few dollars. My other blogs earn me more and are emerging into something of a business - and I think that that is pretty clear from their set up. If however I posted about books that I'd never read or movies I'd never seen just to put ads for them up (without a disclaimer) I'd be compromising myself somewhat.

Blog Plagiarism - How would you respond?

2 September, 2004 4:36 PM

You're cruising the internet - searching Google on some of your pet topics of interest to see if you can find anything new and interesting. One search result catches your eye - there is something about the title that triggers something in your mind - it looks like something you'd be interested in - could be that perfect site that will answer all your questions on the topic at hand.

You click the link and wait for the site to load. It is a pretty simple web page - uncluttered - just an article and some ads. The first sentence or two of the article are intriguing - they resonate with your experience - the person who has written this article is really coming from a similar perspective to you. In fact as you read you discover that they really really have had a similar experience to you - its like they are reading your mind even.

But then you come to a puzzling sentence - the author of this article makes reference to a couple of blogs that THEY run - blogs which REALLY resonate with your own experience - because they are your blogs!

It suddenly dawns upon you as to why title of the article grabbed you so quickly on Google - it was because you'd written that title a few months before. In fact you'd spent a whole morning writing this article (posted in its entirety) - researching, thinking, planning and writing it out.

Someone has lifted it straight off your site - including the title, personal comments and even internal links to other articles on your own blog. There is no attribution to your work, no crediting link to your blog and no acknowledgment that this is not original content. You've never seen or heard of this site before - no permission has been sought or given and what's more the site is commercial in nature and making money from your work.

So how does one respond in such a situation? An email to the site concerned asking for an explanation and removal of content raises no response initially.

Update: I'm happy to report that the threat of shame seemed to work. I appreciate the advice and encouragement set out below. The site in question emailed to say that they'd made a mistake in publishing my article - it was a 'test page' they say (despite them having it linked from their footer on every other page in their site). Anyway - dilemma over - until next time - this about the 10th time this has happened to me in 18 months (just the instances I've found).

Adsense for Blogger Bloggers

1 September, 2004 11:24 PM

Well it seems that Google have decided to let bloggers who use the Blogger system actually earn a few dollars from their blogs using the Adsense program. These are the ads that I've been running on my blogs for some time now - but they were previously not allowed on Blogger blogs. Before this latest development Blogger blogs had ads run on them which Google/Blogger took all the revenue from - now they are willing to share it with you as is outlined here. This is an interesting, and I suspect smart, move from Google/Blogger - don't think that they will lose out from giving you a cut of the ads - they will be counting on blogger who sign up being motivated by the reward to blog in larger numbers, quantity of content and about topics that pay higher paying ads which will not only bring bloggers money but increase the cut that Google take.

Those of you considering using the Adsense system on your blog should know that its not a get rich quick scheme but it does add a new dimension to your blogging experience. As I've written previously, there are ways of maximizing your adsense income. Have fun with it - you might find it pays for your blog hosting costs, ISP fees or even provide you with a bit of pocket money.

Blogging - Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

30 August, 2004 12:26 AM

In just a few hours the Olympics finish up for another 4 years. With it we'll be tying up some loose ends at the Olympics Blog and then sleeping for weeks. It has been a pretty amazing experience to run a blog on such a global event. I've learnt a heap about blogging in the past few weeks which I'm sure I'll utilize in the months ahead in considering the starting of some new blogs.

I guess the most exciting realization has been a confirmation of the amazing potential of blogging as a medium to communicate with people on a global level. By the end of today over 1.5million people will have stopped by the site (over 4 weeks) to read what a couple of guys sitting in front of their TVs in the middle of the night on the other side of the world from the event itself are reporting about it.

The mind boggles really as to what blogging can achieve with a bit of planning, effort, creativity and foresight.

The question left in my mind tonight is around 'what next?' It has been an exciting couple of weeks of experimenting but what do we do with the lessons learnt? There are a few more ideas for commercial/business blogs percolating in my mind - some of us have been talking about some interesting dreams and possibilities to capitalize on what we've learnt but I'm wondering if there might be something more?

One of the streams of thinking I'm currently pursuing is 'blogging for social change'. Bear with me here, it's late and I'm thinking out loud.

You see one of the remarkable things about blogging is that it gives ordinary people a voice that they might not have had previously. On a personal level this is true - when I started blogging my network was very local and quite limited in number. Blogging has opened this up considerably - I've 'met' people world wide who are doing and thinking about very similar things to me. It has given me opportunity not only to learn from them but also to contribute - to have my say in the emerging conversation.

This is a story that is not unique to me but that is world wide in nature. Blogging has given millions of people voices - some have used it for good, some not so good.

The thing is that there are a lot of people in our world without voices. The voiceless include the poor, the sick, the grieving, the marginalized, the ignored, the hidden, the abused, the minorities etc of our world. I believe as that its part of my responsibility as a human being is to be a part of a life giving process to these groups of people. This comes partly from my faith and understanding of God who has a heart for these people, but also out of something deep within me that I think we all have - a desire to make a difference.

One of the few things I do know when working with the marginalized is the importance of being given permission to speak - to have a voice - to be heard.

Could blogging be used more in this process? I've heard of a few instances of this kind of blogging - there is the Homeless Guy's blog for example which has had quite a bit of press but I'm wondering if others know of others?

I'm wanting to do a bit of research into this - but am also wanting to do something with what I find and am really open to ideas. I saw a story on TV a while back of a young paraplegic guy who was given a blog a few weeks after an accident that took him mobility from him and how it gave him a real sense of purpose in life to have his story told and know thousands of people were reading it. I havn't been able to find his blog yet (anyone know of it?).

I really see some incredible potential in this and would invite others to share their own ideas, journey and links.

110 million People Read Blogs

2 August, 2004 4:11 PM

Blog Count is a great blogging stats resource that is trying to measure the spread and influence of blogging. One of their latest posts estimated that there could be as many as 70 million bloggers globally and up to 110 million blog readers world wide. The spreads of these estimates are pretty wide (as follows) but even at the lower end its a fairly large number. The %'s are those of total internet users.

"Blog Authoring: 2% - 7% (Is this a huge spread?) =
3.7 - 13.0 bloggers in the US
20 - 70 million bloggers worldwide
Blog Readers: 11% =
20.4 million blog readers in the US
110 million readers worldwide"

Source - blogcount: 110 million people read weblogs? Blog recognition rises: Blogs beat Britney Spears by 23%

Sunburned in Melbourne

28 July, 2004 10:10 AM

Jenn has started blogging again at Sunburned - Yay!

This time its a photoblog - very cool.

Jenn lives in Melbourne so its a good way of seeing a bit of my city. Enjoy. Relaunched

27 July, 2004 12:09 PM

Andrew Careaga has blogified his old website. Looking good - will be one to keep an eye on.

Sending Daryl a Birthday Wish

25 July, 2004 12:27 PM

Rachel is starting a campaign for people to wish Darryl (currently away) a happy birthday.

She wants us to come up with a:

"* A verse/saying/quote/cool memory you have of him as encouragement to Darryl
* And for fun, a picture somewhere on the Internet that makes you think of Darryl or you think he'd have fun seeing."

Testing Ecto

23 July, 2004 1:14 PM

This is my first test blog using Ecto Blogging Software. It allows me to blog while off line (uploaded later) which will change the way I blog for sure!

If this works I can see myself spending a lot more time in my local cafe blogging.

Update - I have to say that this is one of the best blogging tools I've every had the pleasure of using. Check out the great features for the Mac Version and the Windows Version.

Remote blogging, drag and drop image upload (including thumbnail functionality), full functional html editing (hard to get on a Mac in Safari on MT - previously I had to know a lot of html code), multi blog enabled plus heaps more.

Its sped up my blogging heaps - using the "New entry with selection" feature all you have to do is highlight text that you want to quote in your web browser and you can blog it (complete with the URL) with just a click or two. Excellent stuff.

2004 Underbloggers Revealed

22 July, 2004 12:07 PM

Jeff Jarvis was asked to provide a starter list of suggested blogs. Here is his list which contains some quality blogs. Who would you add to his list? I'm sure he wouldn't mind you popping over to make a suggestion or two... Well I hope he won't mind.

It reminded me that I should close nominations for my Celebrating the Underblog Project for 2004. I've posted the nominated blogs alphabetically (I'm sure there are some errors as I was overwhelmed by the response) as follows. There are hundreds - maybe even a thousand (anyone got the patience to count?) - of blogs. I've surfed through a lot of them and there are some quality ones. Head over and have a surf and link up to your favorites to help get some under rated bloggers the attention they deserve.

A - C | D - H | I - L | M - Q | R - T | U - Z

It is interesting to see what some people consider an Underblog to be - there are definitely some included that I don't think fit the category - however each to their own. Have a look and see what you think.

Nominations are now closed for the 2004 intake.

Blog of the Week

22 July, 2004 10:39 AM

I got a bit of a buzz today while I was down the road having a coffee and I was flicking through the newspaper to find that one of my blogs is 'Blog of the Week'.

Baby Photoblog

20 July, 2004 1:10 PM

I just stumbled on this touching photoblog of a father who is documenting the first days of life of his prematurely born child. What an amazing idea - the photos are beautifully shot and the stories/updates really draw you in.

Meeting More Bloggers

19 July, 2004 1:04 PM

Just had a coffee with fellow blogger from Canberra, Darren Wright ('the other Darren' as he signs comments on my blog). Darren has a fair bit of online presence with blogs such as An Accidental Theoblogian and The Alternative Hymnal both of which are excellent examples of blogging. I especially enjoy The Alternative Hymnal for its suggestions on ways songs that wouldn't normally feature in church can be used.

Its nice to meet fellow bloggers. I didn't mention it a couple of weeks ago but I also meet Melbourne blogger, Nathan from My Virtual Faith. We ended up chatting for hours at a local cafe - great guy. His blog has been quiet lately while he rethinks the site and develops some new excellent online resources.

Link Up?

17 July, 2004 11:17 AM

If anyone out there wants to help a couple of blogs we're working on climb the rankings in search engines we'd sure appreciate your help with any links you might like to offer to the sites. They are:



Australian Idol

If you feel so moved and would like to link to either or both (using the words Olympics and Australian Idol) on your blogroll, in a post, on a footer, in your links page....where ever....that would sure help us heaps.

By the Way, we're still looking for bloggers to join in our Olympics Group blog - it is a good way to expose your blog to thousands of readers of the next 6 weeks. Shoot me an email if you'd like to contribute a post or two every day or so.


16 July, 2004 1:34 PM

Flying Space Monkey has bounced off my Underblog campaign (calling for nominations of underrated blogs) with his own Overblogger campaign where he's asking for nominations of 'overrated blogs'.

He's got a little criticism to say the least - but its an interesting idea.

On 'Christian' Blogs

3 July, 2004 7:38 PM

In the comments to my last post where I said:

'To be honest I get a bit turned off by blogs that are 'overtly Christian' too'

Felix responded by asking why I wrote that. I thought I should explain as it is a comment that two people have already emailed to ask about. Thanks to those who have asked for clarification and expressed concern at my statement. Let me attempt a response.

Perhaps I shouldn't have used the terms 'turned off' or 'overtly Christian' - I was just using Fat Buddha's quote as a basis for what I was saying.

Rather if I was to put it into my own words I would say that I personally find that SOME 'Christian' Blogs a tad dull and one dimensional.

I'll probably get in trouble for saying that but I just don't read many blogs that post only about faith issues these days. Maybe its a stage I'm going through but I guess I get enough 'Christian' input from other mediums and from life in general.

I like to read blogs that are more diverse in their subject matter - that don't just talk about the spiritual life of their owner or issues of theology or spirituality. Its not that I never read such stuff, but rather I like to see what else a blogger is interested in.

In my 32 years of life I've met a lot of Christians whose whole life seems wrapped up in their Christianity. Whilst I see some good in this (who I am is very linked to my faith in Christ) it also worries me. It is possible to go through life without really interacting with the world one lives in and living in something of a holy enclave. I think we're called to engage with our world and not isolate ourselves from it.

Having said this I am not against blogs that choose to only write on Christian issues - I think there is a place for such focused writing on blogs (similarly to the place for 'Christian' books. I respect bloggers who choose to take this approach - however blogging for me is not about this. It is an extension of a variety of areas in my life (including spirituality and my church) and therefore I tend to be drawn to other blogs that are like this. I still read a variety of Christian Blogs on a daily basis but they tend to be one's that pick up a variety of topics and themes such as Tall Skinny Kiwi, Jonny Baker, Bloggedy Blog, Jordon Cooper, Cre8d, Backyard Missionaries, Bene Diction, Neurotribe, Flying Blue Sky and Serenity Dawn (to name just a few).

I hope that clarifies things a little.

Fat Buddha on The Living Room

3 July, 2004 12:44 PM

From The Whole Wide World of Fat Buddha

'I keep finding my way back to The Living Room. Instinctively, I don't like it, because it is so overtly Christian, but bugger me, it has some good stuff on it, especially for bloggers.'

Thanks Fat Buddha - I try and mix it up so that there is something for everyone. To be honest I get a bit turned off by blogs that are 'overtly Christian' too (but don't tell anyone).

Underbloggers: R - T

2 July, 2004 12:32 PM

Here are the nominated Underbloggers starting with letters R to T

Wow - what a response we've had to the Celebrating the Underblogger 2004 project. For those of you who don't know about it yet, last night I invited blog readers and owners to nominate quality blogs that deserved more attention than they get. 12 hours later over 260 blog have already been nominated - eclipsing last year's 100 Underbloggers. This was largely due to one big link up and the ensuing generous links from many other bloggers. Thanks to all who have nominated and linked up so far - it is not too late to participate - nominate your favorite under bloggers here.

(If you are an underblogger you might be interested in these Blog Tips)

Due to the large response I will be breaking down the nominated Underbloggers into alphabetical sections - here are Underbloggers starting with the letters R to T.

Rabe Ramblings | The Rage Diaries: | ralf pergande | Rambling Rhodes | Random Acts of Reality | The Random Muse | Rankin' Rob | Rantburg | Ranting and Roaring | RantingProfs | The Razor | Reality Blogs | Rebecca Writes | Red Wheelbarrow | Reforming Project Management | Relapsed Catholic | Relatively Absolute | Read/Write Web | Redscape | Resplendent Mango | Rev. Dale Owen | Ranting Profs | Respectful of Otters | Responsible Nanotechnology | Roaches of the Intellect | Rhonda Elizabeth | Right Face | Robert Tagorda | Rofters | Rosenblog | The Rostra | The Rough Woodsman | Rox Populi | Rubberhose | The Rude Pundit | Safe Haven | Saintly Salmagundi | The SaltwaterPizza Blog | The Samurai Barber | Sarcasmo's Corner | The Sarcastic Journalist | Save me Now | Scattered Words | A Schoolyard Blog | Science Fiction Twin | Screw Flanders | | Seeking serenity | Serene Chaos | Seth Worley | Seldom Sober | Semantic Compositions | Shanktified! | Shark Blog | Sharleen Mondal | Sharp as a Marble | Shasta MacNasty | Shebmo | Sheila's Redheaded Ramblings | shameless self promotion | "...she's a flight risk." | Shing Blog on the Hill | Shot In The Dark | Showcase | Sibby Online | Side Salad | Simon World | Simple Games | Slaglerock's Slaughterhouse | Slice | Small.To | Smitten | The Smoking Room | Sofia Sideshow | Solomonia | Small Business Trends | Small.To | The Sneeze: | Snippets: Rob Stewarts Blog | Snooze Button Dreams | Sofia Sideshow | Something Old, Nothing New: | SoulSoup | South Dakota Politics | South End Grounds | South Park Pundit | Spark | Spartacus | The Special Project | Spot on | Star Banker | Steel White | Stereo Describes my Scenario | Stone | The Stop Shopping Monitor | The Superficial | Stupid Evil Bastard | Susan Dobscha | Susan Tharp | Sweet Madness II | Swing State Project | Talk Energy | TaoSecurity | TargetBlank | Tasty Manatees | The Tattooed Texan | The Terriorists | Tex the Pontificator | | Thief's Den | Thoughts of a Frumpy Professor | | Th'inkwell | The Talent Show | tequila mockingbird | Terrorism Unveiled | Theif's Den | theosebes | Therapy | Things to Act | A Tiny Revolution | This Liberal | Tild~ | Tomas Kohl | Tornarius | | Trish Wilson's Blog | Truth Be Told | Trudy Wschuett | Trey Givens | True Grit | trying to grok | Two Dolla

See the Complete Collection of Underbloggers: A - C | D - H | I - L | M - Q | R - T | U - Z

The key now is to do some surfing of some of these quality blogs. This project is useless unless we check out some of these bloggers and link up to them ourselves. Lets help some of these underbloggers to get the attention they deserve.

All care has been given to getting above details correct, however due to large numbers of bloggers nominated I have not been able to quality control links yet and have relied on the code submitted by nominators. I'm doing my best to get it right but feel free to email me with corrections.

Underbloggers: M - Q

2 July, 2004 12:26 PM

Here are the nominated Underbloggers starting with letters M to Q

Wow - what a response we've had to the Celebrating the Underblogger 2004 project. For those of you who don't know about it yet, last night I invited blog readers and owners to nominate quality blogs that deserved more attention than they get. 12 hours later over 260 blog have already been nominated - eclipsing last year's 100 Underbloggers. This was largely due to one big link up and the ensuing generous links from many other bloggers. Thanks to all who have nominated and linked up so far - it is not too late to participate - nominate your favorite under bloggers here.

(If you are an underblogger you might be interested in these Blog Tips)

Due to the large response I will be breaking down the nominated Underbloggers into alphabetical sections - here are Underbloggers starting with the letters M to Q. | mad adventures of a straight boy living in a gay world | Maggi Dawn | Making Light | Management by Baseball | Man of Lettuce | Marc Cooper | Marcus Slease: | Marn's Big Adventure | MartiniPundit | Master of None | Matt Presidential Blog | Matt's Internet Extravaganza | Meaty Fly | Medic Mom | Medienkritik | Michael J Totten | Michael Main | the mighty geek | Miniluv | Minipundit | The Moderate Voice | Mommy Lemur | The Monkey Cage | The Mont-Sterreport | Moogaloo | Moore Thoughts | monkeytales in sydney | MrHappySad | Mr. Minority | Mr Pseudopsalms | Ms Musings | MuD and PhuD | The Mulatto Advocate | Murdoc Online | Musings of the Goddess Crow | My Pet Jawa | Mysterium Tremendum | Nancy Nall: | Nattering Nabob | neon article (german) | NeoTheo(b)log | neotope | NeoUltraCentrist | New Blog Showcase | New Covenant | NewsAmuse | Newsfeed | The Nomad Tavern | Nonsensical Musings | A Note To Myself | Nude Highway Driving | The Nudik File | Nykola | Obernews | Oblation | Octopus Dropkick | Olympics Blog | One Good Thing | One Hand Clapping | One Hundred Or So Ways To Get An Ulcer | Open Book | Open Wide | Outside the Beltway | Palace of Regan | Paradox | Pesky Apostrophe | - My Personal Finance Journey | PBG's Path |pause. rewind. erase. | Pen-elayne On The Web (Elayne Riggs) | The People's Republic of Seabrook | Pengwen | Pennmans Lair | Pennywit | | The Pervert Club | Peter Fallow | Phlegma | PhotographyBLOG | Pinko Feminist Hellcat | The Player's Journal | Political Theory Daily Review | poons | Positive Stories | Pranagraphy | Press Action | profundities | Prometheus Unleashed | Protein Wisdom | Psych Watch | Physics... | Polemic Propaganda | Post-Modern Pilgrim | Powerline | Precinct 333 | Procheinamy | Pseudopsalms | pstupidonymous | Pursed Lips | Quibbles 'n Bits | Quiet Reverie | Quiller Thoughts

See the Complete Collection of Underbloggers: A - C | D - H | I - L | M - Q | R - T | U - Z

The key now is to do some surfing of some of these quality blogs. This project is useless unless we check out some of these bloggers and link up to them ourselves. Lets help some of these underbloggers to get the attention they deserve.

All care has been given to getting above details correct, however due to large numbers of bloggers nominated I have not been able to quality control links yet and have relied on the code submitted by nominators. I'm doing my best to get it right but feel free to email me with corrections.

Underbloggers: I - L

2 July, 2004 12:21 PM

Here are the nominated Underbloggers starting with letters I to L

Wow - what a response we've had to the Celebrating the Underblogger 2004 project. For those of you who don't know about it yet, last night I invited blog readers and owners to nominate quality blogs that deserved more attention than they get. 12 hours later over 260 blog have already been nominated - eclipsing last year's 100 Underbloggers. This was largely due to one big link up and the ensuing generous links from many other bloggers. Thanks to all who have nominated and linked up so far - it is not too late to participate - nominate your favorite under bloggers here.

(If you are an underblogger you might be interested in these Blog Tips)

Due to the large response I will be breaking down the nominated Underbloggers into alphabetical sections - here are Underbloggers starting with the letters I to L.

i am what i am">I am What I am | Iddybud | IMAO | Imaginary Conversations | IBOM: The Incoherent Babblings of Me | Incogblogo | Incoming Signals | INDC Journal | Instapunk | Ipecac | Iraq the Model | The Iron Blog | Irreconcileble Musings | In the Fight | Irritation Station | Israellycool | JaBbA's Hut | Jack's Personal Growth Chart | Jay Pinkerton's blog | Joan Jacobs | Jodi | The Joy of Knitting | Joe. My. God. | | Join Cross | Julie Anne Fidler | Just Above Sunset | Karmalised | Kartooner | | The Key Monk | The King Of Fools | The Kirk Report | Kleffmanstyle | Knowledge Problem | Kris Heding | Kudzu | reflections - Just My Opinion | La Shawn Barber's Corner | The Last Man Dancing | La Vita Nuova | Law Meme | Lawrence of Cyberia | Leah Guildenstern | The Legal Reader | Left Coast East | Left Is Right | Lenny the Gardener | Le Sabot Post-Moderne | Lethal Thought | Letters from Babylon | Liberty Blog | Liberty Dad | Life in the Pink | Life Being Beautiful | Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness | Literal-Minded | Law Meme | Life as a Rock and Roll Wife | The Limitless | Lincoln & Liberty | the llamabutchers | The Lonewacko Blog | Losing the Cow | Lucy's Island

See the Complete Collection of Underbloggers: A - C | D - H | I - L | M - Q | R - T | U - Z

The key now is to do some surfing of some of these quality blogs. This project is useless unless we check out some of these bloggers and link up to them ourselves. Lets help some of these underbloggers to get the attention they deserve.

All care has been given to getting above details correct, however due to large numbers of bloggers nominated I have not been able to quality control links yet and have relied on the code submitted by nominators. I'm doing my best to get it right but feel free to email me with corrections.

Underbloggers: D - H

2 July, 2004 12:16 PM

Here are the nominated Underbloggers starting with letters D to H

Wow - what a response we've had to the Celebrating the Underblogger 2004 project. For those of you who don't know about it yet, last night I invited blog readers and owners to nominate quality blogs that deserved more attention than they get. 12 hours later over 260 blog have already been nominated - eclipsing last year's 100 Underbloggers. This was largely due to one big link up and the ensuing generous links from many other bloggers. Thanks to all who have nominated and linked up so far - it is not too late to participate - nominate your favorite under bloggers here.

(If you are an underblogger you might be interested in these Blog Tips)

Due to the large response I will be breaking down the nominated Underbloggers into alphabetical sections - here are Underbloggers starting with the letters D to H.

Daddy make a picture | The Daily Shower | Dakota Feinstein's Blog | Damnum Absuque Injuria | The Dane | DANEgerus Weblog | Davenetics | David Kilpatrick | The Dawn Patrol | Dawn Treader | Day By Day | Deep Soil | Defective Yeti | Desert Light Journal | Desert Pastor | deviant | DFMoore | Diary of the Food Whore | Different, just like everybody else | The Dignified Rant | Dimmy Karras | Diotima | Dispatches From the Culture Wars | DiVERSiONZ | DIYPoliticsBlogdrive | Dizzy Girl | Doc Rampage | Dog Snot Diaries | DON'T BE DUMB! | Donutbuzz | Drunken Monkey Style Blogging | Down to the Piraeus | Duo | Echidne of the Snakes: | Eduwonk | Eidos | Electric Commentary | Emigre with a Digital Cluebat | Ephus | Equivocal Catharsis | esquire article | The Eternal Golden Braid | ESR's Musings | The Evangelical Outpost | Everyday Stranger | Every Day Thoughts Collected | Eve Tushnet | Exit Stage Left | Ex Nihilo | Eternal Recurrence | Exultate Justi | Faith Gambler | Far From Perfect: The Life of a Paramedic | Fark | Farm Accident Digest | fat eye for the skinny guy | Feces Flinging Monkey | Feeding Change | Fifteen Minutes | The Fire Ant Gazette | The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles | Floyd the Chimp | Follow That Hippo | Food Basics | Food for Fish | Fool's Blog | The Forest For The Trees | Forever Geek | Four Corners | Fraters Libertas | Freakgirl: | Freedom Blog | Free Market Fairy Tales | Freespace | Freespeech | Free Thoughts on Iran | Fringe Blog | From the Marble Bar | Fuki Blog | Funkalicious | The Galloping Consumption | Geek Empire | Geek Press | Geek With A .45 | Ghost of a Flea | Gleeful Extremist | The God Blog | Godfollower | Gomi no Sensei | Good Blimey | The Gray Monk | graniteghost | Greater Nomadic Council | The Greatest Jeneration | The Grumpy 'Old' Man | Gulch | Guru's Life Watch | Gwen | Half-Bakered | Hanging Out with the Duchess | A Healthy Fear of Botulism | HipperCritical | The Hobbesian Conservative | Hoffmania | Hoshaw | How Appealing | Hud's Blog-O-Rama:

See the Complete Collection of Underbloggers: A - C | D - H | I - L | M - Q | R - T | U - Z

The key now is to do some surfing of some of these quality blogs. This project is useless unless we check out some of these bloggers and link up to them ourselves. Lets help some of these underbloggers to get the attention they deserve.

All care has been given to getting above details correct, however due to large numbers of bloggers nominated I have not been able to quality control links yet and have relied on the code submitted by nominators. I'm doing my best to get it right but feel free to email me with corrections.

Underbloggers: A - C

2 July, 2004 12:07 PM

Wow - what a response we've had to the Celebrating the Underblogger 2004 project. For those of you who don't know about it yet, last night I invited blog readers and owners to nominate quality blogs that deserved more attention than they get. 12 hours later over 260 blog have already been nominated - eclipsing last year's 100 Underbloggers. This was largely due to one big link up and the ensuing generous links from many other bloggers. Thanks to all who have nominated and linked up so far - it is not too late to participate - nominate your favorite under bloggers here.

(If you are an underblogger you might be interested in these Blog Tips)

Due to the large response I will be breaking down the nominated Underbloggers into alphabetical sections - here are Underbloggers starting with the letters A to C.

The Abyss | Ace of Spades | AckAckAck | Adam Cleaveland | Adiemantus | Ad Limina Apostolorum | Adventures in Troubleshooting | After Abortion | Against The Grain | Agnosticism/Atheism | Alice In Texas | A Little Ardvark Never Hurt Anyone | Allah | All Things | All things Jennifer | Almanac of the Mundane | The Alternative Hymnal | Amaravati: Abode of Amritas: | An American in China | Andrew Chen | Ang's Weird Ideas | Anonymoses | Anne Cunningham | Anticlown | Anti Pixel | AntiWar.Com Blog | Airborne Combat Engineer | Apothecary's Drawer | | Articulatory Loop | Ashy to Classy | As I Please | As Seen From Just Above Sunset | Astonished Head | Athens Olympics Blog | Athletics Nation | A Time for Choosing | Atlantic Blog | Average Bear | Babalublog | Back of the Envelope | Backup Brain | Back of the Envelope | Back to the Kitchen: | Backwards City: | The Bad Hair Blog | Banana Oil! | BaySense | The Belgravia Dispatch | The Bellman | Belmont Club | Below Street Level | Berkeley Square Blog | Betsy's Page | Between A Rock and a Hard Place | Big Gold Dog | Bill Coughlan | Binza | Bitchalicious | Black Flag | Blackfive | The Black Saint | Blaster's Blog | The Bleat | Blitzed | blogdaddy | bloggg | Blogging Poet | Blog of Death | Blondsense | The Blue Sloth | Board of Pomposity | Boker Tov, Boulder | Booker Rising | Boiler Yard | The Bottle Shop | Bound By Gravity | | | Breathing Space | Brian Noggle | Brian Scott | Broad at Bat | Broken Quanta | Bronx Banter | Brothers Judd | Brenda Stardom | Bunker Mulligan | Business Blog Consulting | | Caerdroia | Captain's Quarters | Cafe Hayek | California Republic | The Capitalist Lion | Carlybish's Jeffersonair | Carpundit | Catholic Kerry Watch | Celibate in the City | Challies | The Cheese Stands Alone | Chris Curtis | Chris is Hardcore | Christian Conservative | Clarified | Classical Education | Cockeyed Absurdist | Code is Mandatory | Comments from the Left Field | The Commons | The Common Virtue | Confessions of an Indie Filmmaker | The Conservative Zone | Consistently Chili | Cortland | The Countertop-Chronicles | C-POL | The Crease | Cronaca| Crossfiah | The Crusty Curmudgeon | Curmudgeonly and Skeptical | cutest. baby. ever. | Cyborg Democracy | Cynical Nation

See the Complete Collection of Underbloggers: A - C | D - H | I - L | M - Q | R - T | U - Z

The key now is to do some surfing of some of these quality blogs. This project is useless unless we check out some of these bloggers and link up to them ourselves. Lets help some of these underbloggers to get the attention they deserve.

All care has been given to getting above details correct, however due to large numbers of bloggers nominated I have not been able to quality control links yet and have relied on the code submitted by nominators. I'm doing my best to get it right but feel free to email me with corrections.

Celebrating the Underblog - 2004

1 July, 2004 11:16 PM

Do you know of (or run) a quality blog that deserves a bit of extra attention? What blog/s do you read that you wish others knew about?

Last July I ran a Celebrating the Underblogger series. The reason for this series was that whilst there are plenty of blog awards that identify the most popular bloggers, best designed blogs, best photobloggers etc. - unfortunately only a few select blogs tend to win these competitions whilst thousands of excellent blogs go unnoticed and uncelebrated. 'Celebrating the Underblogger' seeks to identify and promote these bloggers - the Underbloggers.

Last year we uncovered over 100 Underbloggers - the response was quite overwhelming. I myself found some excellent blogs through the process - many of whom I continue to visit to this day.

So we're going to do it all over again. Here is how you can participate:

  • Leave up to 5 blogs that you wish more people knew about in the comments section below. Please include the name and URL of each. (hyperlink them if you know how)

  • cover
  • Leave a short reason why you like the blog

  • You can leave a link to your own blog if you think it fits the category of 'underblog' - if you do please consider linking to at least one other blog also - lets share the blogging love!

Over the next couple of weeks I will collate your nominations and put them on a central prominent page on this blog for the rest of us to view and visit. Hopefully we'll all find a new quality blog or two to visit and make some new blogging buddies.

Update - Thank you to all who have linked up and nominated Underbloggers. The response has been fantastic so far (you can still nominate).

Here are the Pages with those blogs that have been nominated as Underbloggers (collated by Alphabetical Order) - A - C | D - H | I - L | M - Q | R - T | U - Z

Update 2 - thank you to all who have nominated. I'm now closing nominations as its been three weeks now. We have an amazing list of underbloggers in the above links and I encourage you to visit as many as possible. You can still leave your suggestions below but unfortunately I will not be updating any more to the lists above.

Introducing the Athens Olympic Games Blog

27 June, 2004 9:51 PM

Do you love the Olympics? Are you passionate about your country's team or an Olympic Sport? Want to contribute to a fast growing Blog?

This past week a couple of us have been working on a new blog focusing on the up and coming Athens Olympics. I've always been a huge Olympics fan so we thought it might be a fun thing to do. It still has a fair bit of work to go into it, but so far we've added 100 pages of latest news and have plans for heaps more.

In the lead up to the Olympic Games in August it will no doubt grow in size of content and visitors which will be fun. If anyone out there wants to be a contributor we'd love to have a some people passionate about sport join in. In particularly if you have an interest in one of the sports or a country we'd love to have you come on board as a category coordinator. We can't pay you - but will give you links back to your blog on every post that you contribute.

Let me know if you'd like to play with us for the next couple of months - Otherwise, feel free to stop by and catch up on the latest Athens Olympics News.

Blogging On

14 June, 2004 5:11 PM

I'd like to thank Warren from Warren's World for his apology to me for some of the remarks he made on his and my blog. I appreciate his words and hope that we can be 'blogging buddies'. Once again, I am sorry if any of the ads on this site have or do offend any of my readers - I work hard to keep them relevant and as helpful as possible to the content of this site.

Whilst I was a little offended at the time of reading his comments in question it was never my intention in posting about it to cause a big stir in the blogosphere or to cause Warren any grief from me or my readers. I appreciate those who've made comments in my 'defense' whilst I've been away the past few days but think perhaps we could all move on from it now.

Warren was and still is entitled to his remarks about me, my blog or anything else he sees fit to comment on. I'm totally open to being criticized about anything appearing on this blog, but in future I'd ask that if possible that people give me the benefit of the doubt and shoot me an email to clarify my intentions behind dubious links in future. I genuinely appreciate the emails I regularly get from readers who give me heads up about dead links, ask questions of clarification etc and will always attempt to respond constructively where ever possible. Anyway - as my great blogging friend Bene so often says - lets 'Blog on'.

Blog Survey Results

22 May, 2004 8:07 AM

Blogads just released the results of their survey of over 17,000 blog readers. The results are interesting showing 'that blog readers are older and more affluent than most optimistic guestimates: 61% of blog readers responding to the survey are over 30, and 75% make more than $45,000 a year.' Also 79% were male.

This surprises me a little as previous studies have found that the largest group of people blogging is teenagers - one would think that if this is the case that it would be mainly other teens reading the majority of blogs. There could be a few explanations for this result:

1. Teens have stopped blogging (and therefore reading blogs). Perhaps keeping a blog is not the cool thing to do any more - maybe they've moved on to the next greatest thing.

2. The survey attracted an older and wealthier respondent. I'm not sure how many teens would be running blog ads on their blog and therefore would have known to post about the survey. In fact now I think about it the only people that I saw advertising the survey were what could be termed as 'A-list' bloggers (like Buzz Machine) who blog mainly about politics and very 'grown up' subjects. I could be wrong here (I don't read many teen blogs myself) but I suspect the results would show a more accurate description of the readers of A-list bloggers than they would of the majority of bloggers with smaller readerships.

Actually this weakness of the survey is admitted to on the results page - 'To be clear, the survey's responses are a fragment of a sample of a subset. There are millions of bloggers. On Monday morning, I e-mailed roughly 50 of them -- some of the biggest bloggers, many of whom focus on politics and/or sell blogads -- suggesting they link to they survey. '

Still they are interesting results and worth a read.

Official Officiator of the Internet

2 May, 2004 11:32 AM

A while back Pentax announced that they were the Official Digital Camera of the Internet, Stevo announced that he was the Official Blog of the Internet ....Jeremy also makes the claim. Also these guys have the Official T-shirt of the Internet....the list goes on.

The question is how should one decide who is official and who is not?

Well luckily the Ink Stained Banana has just been accredited as the Official Officiator of the Internet.

I'm working on a few proposals....I think I could be the official Darren of the Internet (although I have competition from Darren Hayes and Darren Barefoot on Google).

I also think I have a claim on the official Livingroom of the internet and perhaps the official Digital Photography Blog of the Internet. Hmmm...I wonder what else...

'Holy Huddle' Blogging II

14 April, 2004 11:24 AM

Michelle at Dialog: Breaking the Bubble has done a survey of Christian Bloggers and is publishing her insightful results. Her latest post is on the mix of 'Christian' and 'Non Christian (I'm not sure I like those terms - still can't think of any better ones though) readers that the average Christian blogger gets. The stats are all at her post for you to read, but the one that caught my attention is that only 3 out of 115 respondents said that the majority of their readers were 'non Christian'. 35% of respondents have 1-2...

I have mixed reactions to the finding. Let me attempt to explain:

On one hand I can understand it. If we were to do a survey of 'model train enthusiasts' we'd be likely to find that the vast majority of their readers were model train enthusiasts. People attract others like themselves with similar world views. I have no problems with this on many level....but

On the other hand I strongly believe that our 'calling' (another word I'm not too crash hot about) as 'Christians' is to engage with our world. Stats like these make me wonder how insular we are becoming in the wider blogging world.

Another one of Michelle's findings (6th April 2004 - permalinks not working) finds that 17% of Christian bloggers never read 'Non Christian's' blogs - 29% do read them but never link to them. That's 46% of Christian bloggers who don't meaningfully interact with the vast majority of the Blogosphere. Michelle writes - 'A large majority of those who "regularly read the blogs of non-Christians" read only 1 or 2 of such blogs.'

Another post (also 6th April) found that only 29% of Christian bloggers had any kind of personal relationship (either in 'real life' or over the net) with a non Christian blogger. That is 71% of Christian bloggers who don't interact relationally with the vast majority of bloggers.

On 27th March Michelle writes - '41% of all Christian bloggers surveyed linked exclusively to other Christians' (in their blogrolls). A further 19% said that 'Non Christians' made up less than 10% of their blogroll.

I'm uncomfortable with these statistics - they back up what I've been feeling for a while now.

Why are we so insular? Why are so few of us finding creative ways of interacting with this emerging subculture in meaningful ways? Is blogging a legitimate way to respond to the 'calls' of Jesus to interact with our world? Do these stats reflect the way we live in 'real life' also?

I don't have all the answers on this one - but I fear if we don't talk about it - if we don't respond to it - we are missing the boat. Lets talk about it.

Track Livingroom on MyYahoo

1 April, 2004 4:50 PM

I've just added a feature to this site that enables you to track our headlines via RSS on your 'MyYahoo' personalized page. To use it click on the button below (if you have a MyYahoo account) which is also found on the left hand sidebar. Hopefully it will make reading this blog a little easier for some.

Also don't forget our RSS/XML feed for those of you who use News Aggregators.

Both options are also available over at my Digital Photography Blog where I'd love you to stop by.

New Look Digital Photography Blog

14 March, 2004 1:36 PM

Well on this Sunny Sunday afternoon it is exciting to be able to announce the launch of a new look Digital Photography Blog. As per usual Cre8d Design has done a great job of getting a site up and running that I think looks excellent despite it incorporating some quite complex behind the scenes stuff. There are still a few things for us to tweak but its there to be used.

The purposes of the blog are twofold - Firstly I love photography and its a hobby. But secondly I'm exploring making the site a commercial one that will help fund the work I do with Living Room.

If you'd like to support me in this venture and therefore indirectly help me in my Living Room work there are a couple of opportunities to do so. The main one is to simply link up to the Digital Photography Blog which will help with Google rankings. Its already doing pretty well, but every link helps. Secondly there is opportunity for people to advertise on the blog. Its getting a fair bit of attention at the moment and provides a great opportunity to get your product, service or site some exposure - especially if you're into techie or photographic stuff.

Anyway - hope you enjoy it - let me know what you think and if you can think of any extra features you'd like to see incorporated into it.

Nokia Lifeblog

13 March, 2004 4:35 PM

Next week Nokia will release their Lifeblog software which is an interesting development in both the blogging and mobile phone industries.

Here is an excerpt from a Guardian article about Lifeblogs:

'Nokia Lifeblog is designed to be a repository for the photographs you take, send and are sent on your mobile phone (although it will also import snaps taken with your digital camera). The interface, as previewed in Online this week, looks slick and carefully designed, avoiding what Lindholm refers to as "geeky" clutter.

The application's single window holds text messages and video clips, already labelled by compatible Nokia phones, with information on who sent what and when (using the mobile cell information). The software will acquire the messages either when you dock your phone via a cable with your PC, or when you connect PC and phone via Bluetooth.

What happens next is perhaps the most appealing feature of Lifeblog. The software gathers the various bits of media and arranges them in chronological order: picture messages, SMS texts, video clips and annotations (added later), just like Lindholm's friend's lifebook.

Unlike a physical book, however, the Lifeblog can be searched - Lindholm calls it "Googling your life" - using the information attached to each item. You can also move through the collection, by clicking on a weblog-like calendar or by scrolling horizontally. You can deposit "favourites" back on the mobile phone to carry with you. And picture message by picture message, text by text, a record is built up, the phone moving from being a communication device to what Lindholm calls a "life recorder".'

For more news and opinion on Nokia Lifeblogs check out:
- See what the BBC has to say about Nokia Lifeblogs
- DM Europe announces Lifeblgos and also says Lifeblogs are not real blogs
- Nokia Phones to Log your Life
- Nokia Lifeblog - a Diary for the Digital Age
- Nokia Lifeblog Press Release
- Phone Content - Nokia Lifeblog
- Removable Media For Our Minds

I'm Pro SPAM

5 March, 2004 2:08 PM

Spam gets a lot of attention. Not a day goes by when I don't read a blog entry complaining about it or announcing some new way to stop those unwanted messages ending up in our Inbox or blog comments. Everyone is ANTI SPAM - me included.

However today I got to wondering what life would be like if I was PRO SPAM? If instead of filtering out and deleting those annoying emails I actually followed their recommendations what would my life be like?

In looking at the last two days emails I've begun to get a picture of the answer to that question.

Finances I would be RICH! Firstly if I had any debt - my friendly 'Christian Debt Relief Company' would help me out. Once that is sorted I'd have no end of ways of making millions of dollars in 'no risk investments'. Share trading online could make me millions, so could learning the skill of illustration for Children's Books for which I would enroll in a course for.

I could also invest my money in timeshare in Hawaii, buy real estate online, share in a $500,000 giveaway at an online casino or I could sell fossils in my own online auction business.

Of course investing is not the easiest way to make money because today i received an email from a nice Nigerian Barrister (who was recently converted by Benny Hinn) who has $10,000,000.00 (US) to donate to a Christian Ministry willing to give him all their contact and banking details. Strangely enough I got almost a word for word email from a very nice Kuwaiti woman yesterday.

Oh and of course if I sent a kind gentleman $25 I would soon have thousands of other people sending me $25 from all over the world also - its guaranteed to earn me $71,000 in just five years.

Not only would I be rich but I'd be able to get my hands on some bargains. I would have a life time's supply of Viagra, diet pills and other miscellaneous pharmaceutical supplies.

I'd own a brand new laptop (with 1995 specifications), I would have free cable television I would be buying Mini Remote Control Cars & Boats for all my family and friends for Christmas, I would own a brand new Transcendent and funk-filled Zen Bhuddist CD and I would have a great collection of Hustler magazines including all the back issues I don't already have in my collection.

My life would be hassle free and exciting! What an amazing array of experiences and services spam offers. One of the biggest changes in my life would be that I would have a three foot long penis! (after the 12 or so procedures I'd have to follow) Not only that but my orgasms would be enhanced and my Libido would be elevated.

I'd have no more spam (the irony), I would be on a new dietguaranteed to make me loose weight, my children would be protected from bad language sex and violence on TV, my car's fuel economy would be boosted by 27% and I would have some very reasonably priced toner for my printer.

I'd have a brand new 'Christian T-shirt' and could win $1000 for my youth group, I could get a Bachelor degree, Masters or PhD without attending any classes or doing any exams, I would be in a 'prayer relationship' with a Kenyan man who will only charge me $100US for the privilege and I could get my colon cleaned.

Lastly I would be friends with some very nice young ladies including Candy, Bindy, Sandy, Randy, Lindy, Barbie, Shelly and Matilda who are all keen for me to have a look at some of their photos. Must be some holiday snaps.

All in all my life would be so great if I was Pro Spam. Come to think of it I'm not sure why anyone would be Anti Spam!?

Spencer Burke Blogs

4 March, 2004 10:59 PM

Spencer Burke of The Ooze fame has started Blogging. Should be interesting.

Hypothetically Speaking about Spanish Porn

3 March, 2004 10:26 PM

Hypothetically speaking - if a Spanish Porn site was to link up to one of your posts and sent thousands of visitors to your blog - what would you do?

A. Ignore it and enjoy the hits
B. Delete the post
C. Add a link to XXX Church - No. 1 Christian Porn Site on the Web
D. None of the Above - Something else? Leave your suggestions in comments.

Blogger Con

2 March, 2004 8:39 AM

Well I've just got my invitation to go to Blogger Con.

'The format of the conference is four concurrent tracks of 1.5 hour sessions, moderated by a discussion leader. There are no panels. Each room will have experts and leaders, most of whom would be excellent panelists. The job of the moderator is to assemble a story by calling on the people at his or her disposal. They're like reporters putting together a story, but you get to hear, first hand what the experts are saying, in their own voices. Think of Dan Gillmor's adage that the people who read his weblog are much smarter than he is -- that's also the philosophy of BloggerCon.'

What a great experience it would be to attend and meet some of my favorite bloggers. Unfortunately its not that accessible for some of us internationals - its a long way to go (and a lot in airfares) for four 1.5 hour sessions. Unless someone out there wants to meet me so much they're willing to pay! Hmmm, didn't think so. Oh well, I'll be following the 'Con' via the blogosphere!

Blogging Survey

27 February, 2004 9:22 AM

Michelle from Mikao's World is doing a blogging survey and would love to hear from you if you're a Christian blogger. I just did it and it only took 10 or so minutes. She's doing it for a research project. I suspect the topic (she's keeping the specifics of it a secret) will be an interesting one judging from the questions.

Anyway, head on over to Mikao's World and help her out.

Wanted: Blog Tool Ideas

25 February, 2004 11:34 AM

Dave Winer is asking the general blogging public for ideas on what features they'd like to see incorporated into future blogging tools.

He's right in saying that blogging tools have stagnated somewhat recently. This is an opportunity to get your blog desires out in front of some blog tool developers. Have your say here. I have.

New Menu

11 February, 2004 3:57 PM

Do you like the look of my new menu? Still interested in feedback on the site redesign - I'm happy with it except that I haven't had time to update my blogroll...sorry to those who are waiting for me to do that....will get there as soon as possible. Thanks again to Rachel for her design work.

Controversial Blogging

6 February, 2004 9:30 PM

The last few days and weeks there have been a number of interesting discussions going on in a variety of blog posts.

- Dan at Signposts came out of the closet this week and is getting a variety of responses in comments of the post.

- Rachel's oldish post, Spam I Am, has also had some renewed interest in it with some of those mentioned in the post taking issue with the critique.

- Backyard Missionary - Hamo is reconsidering his blogging approach after unintentionally hurting a reader.

- There has also been quite a bit of recent discussion on one of my old Hillsong posts.

Blogging often takes some interesting twists and turns. It can be an incredibly rich experience of 'meeting' and connecting with some amazing people from around the globe. However in the midst of this is are also those moments when expressing you ideas, opinions and experiences opens a can of worms - touching on peoples hurts, challenging values and creating sometimes heated discussion and debate.

Blog Advertising

4 February, 2004 4:53 PM

Does anyone have any idea on how much one should charge for advertising on a blog? I'm talking about my Digital Camera one. Any ideas? Average unique hits per day are around 600 - and increasing.

Any thoughts?

Local Feeds

4 February, 2004 12:05 PM

Just stumbled upon Local Feeds which is an interesting tool that might interest some who are interested in reading what people are blogging about in your local area. Here is the description of the service from the front page:

'Welcome to Localfeeds! Localfeeds is an entirely new kind of wire service-- if a publisher supports certain standards for syndication and geographic identification, they can be part of Localfeeds without any further work.

For each city you will find:
The Latest Headlines: What are people in your neighborhood writing about?
A list of contributing sites: Weblogs and other news sources in your town.
An RSS feed: Read your Localfeed how and where you want.'

Australian Weblog Awards - 2004

31 January, 2004 12:33 AM

Congratulations to the Australian Weblog Awards winners as just announced by vlado. Well done to Vlado for all the hard work of getting the awards together. The overall winner was Looblu who has an exceptional blog that has also been nominated for best Aus/NZ blog at the Bloggies.

Paid Content and the Lazy Web Reader

30 January, 2004 10:53 AM

Blogopoly asks the age old question of can Bloggers charge for content?

I tend to agree with his argument that its highly unlikely. I think there are other ways that are more likely to earn a blogger some dollars from their blog (although I don't think many of us will get rich doing it).

Personally speaking I rarely read any blog (or online newspaper for that matter) that even asks me to subscribe (for free) before reading the content - let alone anything that will charge me for the privilege. There are just too many other free options and it is too much hassle to go through the rigmarole of having to sign up, risk being spammed etc. It isn't that I'm cheap - rather I'm just a lazy web user.

Take out the barriers to me reading your content and I will - make it slightly hard to access the content and I will avoid your blog unless the content is staggeringly good or interesting to me. That is part of the reason that I struggle to interact with LiveJournal bloggers - to leave a comment (that isn't anonamous) on their blog is just too much hassle.

I suspect that I'm not alone in my lazy approach to reading online. It is strange though - because if I hear of a good book or even article in a magazine or paper I will go out of my way to purchase and read it. But online I have never paid for content. Why is that?

Blogging Applications

30 January, 2004 12:19 AM

Tonight was fun, we had friends over for dinner. Among other things we talked about blogging - a completely new concept to them. They were really interested, he might even get into it himself! It is the first dinner party I've ever been to where I've been asked to get my laptop out to explain blogging for the guests.

I've been thinking a lot about the different applications for blogging lately. There is quite a bit of talk about 'business blogging' and a few people writing about 'educational blogging' - oh and of course some politicians are using blogs for their campaigning. People are blogging for all kinds of reasons - some purely personal, others commercial... I'm wondering what other applications people have seen it used for - or think it will end up being used for? Would love to hear your thoughts below.


27 January, 2004 1:43 PM

Blorgy is a newish blog venture that aims to rate individual blog entries. Here is how they describe it from their FAQ:

What is Blorgy?
Blorgy is a post rating system for weblogs.

How does it work?
Blorgy relies on its viewers to read posts, and vote on them. By doing this, we can rank the posts so that other readers will know what the best sites to read are.

Nice idea, although for it to work it will probably need quite a few people contributing posts and voting. So far its small - but it is an interesting attempt to help identify quality blog posts.

BTW thanks to whoever nominated the Blogger Idol Posts.

Redecorating the LivingRoom

25 January, 2004 9:39 PM

Welcome to the new look Living Room. You might say we've redecorated the room. Firstly let me say a bit thank you to Rachel the best web designer I know. She's exceptional.

Secondly I'd like your feedback on its design and useability. The brief I gave Rachel was for a warm and inviting look which will make people feel welcome, comfortable and want to pull up a chair, grab a coffee or wine and stay for a while.

What you see is Version 1.0 of the new design, there are a few new things in my mind that will come soon and a few things that we need to tweak — but what do you think so far? What works well, what doesn't? What are your first gut reactions? How do you find navigating around?

I'd love to hear your constructive criticism, thoughts and ideas in comments below. What do you think?

Blogger Idol Update

14 January, 2004 9:26 AM

Week 1 of Blogger Idol is approaching. I wasn't sure if anyone would want to participate when I first wrote about it - but so far we have 35 45 55 75 blogger idols. Every time I check my email there is another one or two - thank you to everyone for pitching in.

Before we kick off with the first theme on Sunday can I ask for people's opinion on two things.

1. Fat Guy Little Coat has generously designed 5 'Blogger Idol' buttons. These can be used by participants on their 'entries' each week to identify them as blogger idol participants. They will have a link back to a central blogger idol page to explain what it is and encourage more people to participate. Which design do you like best? Vote by going over to Fat Guy Little Coat and leaving a comment.

2. I'd like to hear some suggestions for weekly themes in comments below. Themes should be general enough to give people scope to be individuals but tight enough that they are distinct. Any ideas?

Lastly its never too late to join the project. You can join in or opt out any time so feel free to sign up in comments below simply by saying 'email me' and I'll add you to the list.

What is your chance of winning a Bloggie?

14 January, 2004 9:00 AM

There's a 35% chance that I'll win a Bloggie™.
What's Your Chance to Win a Bloggie™?


Blogger Idol

12 January, 2004 2:23 PM

Want to be a Blogger Idol? Showcase your blog alongside hundreds of other blogger idols by all writing on the same them at once. Sign up here!

With the start of American Idol on 19th January (in the US - 25th Jan here in Australia) I thought it might be fun to have a 'Blogger Idol' series.

I don't believe in competitive blogging so we won't eliminate people each week or declare someone an outright 'winner' in the end - but we'll have a bit of fun with it and hopefully get people reading some new blogs and making connections with previously unknown people. Are you in?

How will it work?

1. Each Sunday (Australian time) I will nominate a theme for the week. I will endeavor to nominate a variety of themes (feel free to submit your own suggestions below). Over the month or so there will be serious, fun, personal, creative etc themes.

2. During the following 3 days participants should submit an 'entry' on the given topic. To submit the entry they should post it in full on their own blog and then leave a link to their entry in the comments under the theme announcement on this blog. Entries can be rants, stories, photographs, art, poems - anything goes.

3. After 3 days (I'll do it Wednesdays Aussie time) I will post a complete list of entries on my blog.

4. There won't be any formal or central 'judging' process. What you do from this point is up to each person. You may just wish to read each entry or you might want to nominate your favorite post/s on your own blog. There is no overall winner, but instead its about finding and showcasing new blogs, swapping ideas on a common theme and getting your own voice heard by a few new people.

People are welcome to join or leave the series at any point.

Is anyone interested? Leave your thoughts, ideas and willingness to participate in comments below and we'll start up next week with the first theme posted this coming Sunday.

If you'd like to receive the themes via email leave a comment below with the words 'email me'.

update wow - so far we've got almost 30 75 people signed up to participate, this could be fun. More info here


11 January, 2004 11:05 PM

The inaugural Australian Weblog awards are happening. Voting is on now via email. Thanks to who ever nominated me - Livingroom is listed in three categories (not quite sure I fit into the 'technical weblog' one though!). Check out the list - there are some fantastic Aussie blogs there.

Also The Bloggies are on again. You've got til 16th January to get your nominations in.

Last year there were some quality blogs given awards It will be interesting to see how it unfolds this year.

So Called Blog

11 January, 2004 3:43 PM

Just read a great little article from the NY Times where the author is attempting to understand the fascination of teenagers with blogging.

But his obsessive online habits are hardly exceptional; he is one of a generation of compulsive self-chroniclers, a fleet of juvenile Marcel Prousts gone wild. When he meets new friends in real life, M. offers them access to his online world. ''That's how you introduce yourself,'' he said. ''It's like, here's my cellphone number, my e-mail, my screen name, oh, and -- here's my LiveJournal. Personally, I'd go to that person's LJ before I'd call them or e-mail them or contact them on AIM'' -- AOL Instant Messenger -- ''because I would know them better that way.'' ...But for a significant number, they become a way of life, a daily record of a community's private thoughts -- a kind of invisible high school that floats above the daily life of teenagers....

Blogging is a replication of real life: each pool of blogs is its own ecosystem, with only occasional links to other worlds. As I surfed from site to site, it became apparent that as much as journals can break stereotypes, some patterns are crushingly predictable: the cheerleaders post screen grabs of the Fox TV show ''The O.C.''; kids who identify with ''ghetto'' culture use hip-hop slang; the geeks gush over Japanese anime. And while there are exceptions, many journal writers exhibit a surprising lack of curiosity about the journals of true strangers. They're too busy writing posts to browse.

Fluid Faith

10 January, 2004 11:31 AM

Fluid Faith has been doing some great blogging of late. I love the introductory paragraph to the blog:

'Welcome, Friends. Help me, please. I'm in a mood to re-discover, unLearn, and reframe everything I know about faith and the practice of spiritual living in the emerging reality growing around us. � So, jump in! Grab your morning coffee, share your thoughts, check out the links, read a new book. Let's talk about this new way of thinking about our faith.'

Through fluid faith I also just found Be Church which also looks like a good read.

Blogging in the Press

29 December, 2003 1:05 PM

Blogging is getting more press.

The Sarg Moves On

21 December, 2003 9:06 AM

It is always sad to see a fellow blogger decide to end their blogging journey. Actually its more mixed feelings that sad. Often they move onto bigger and better things.

One of my favorite bloggers - Josh Sargent has decided to move on to new things. I'll miss his blog on my daily rounds. All the best Josh.

Where Personal and Business Blogs Collide?

19 December, 2003 10:26 AM

What's Your Brand Mantra? is an interesting blog that I've been following recently. It's focus may not appeal to everyone - its about 'Branding' and 'Marketing'.

I come from a Marketing background and I try to keep up with some reading in this area so Jennifer's writing interests me.

Yesterday's post, Shining through, got my attention. In it Jennifer shares how she was recently challenged by another Marketing Blogger to reveal more of her personality on my blog.

Its an interesting comment. Brand Mantra is a business blog and therefore has quite different goals to most of the blogs on my blogroll which are personal in nature. I've read a lot of business blogs lately and to be honest I find many of them to be quite boring and sterile. I often come away from them wondering who the person behind them is and if they have a sense of humor.

Many people keep business blogs and personal blogs at arms length - I know people who have one of each. There is good reason for this - you don't want post about 'what I did last night' or 'what my kid said to me over breakfast' plastered through your corporate blog. However I wonder if there is opportunity for some overlap. I think a business blog that used humor and was written by someone that readers could relate to on a personal level would do quite well. Perhaps personal bloggers could be teaching and modeling personable and engaging blogging to business bloggers?

On the flip side perhaps there might be some lessons to be learnt from bloggers like Jennifer's and other marketing bloggers who might teach us a thing or two about presentation, promotion and finding readers.

These thoughts are works in progress. Feel free to add yours.

Secret Santa Introduces Rodney

18 December, 2003 11:14 PM

The following is a post from Rodney's Secret Santa. To keep it anonymous I'm posting it here on their behalf.

Introducing Rodney!
I'd like to draw your attention to a new blog The Journey - Taking the road less travelled written by a guy called Rodney.

My name is Rodney and I live in Perth, Western Australia. The loves of my life are God, my gorgeous wife, my adorable kids and cycling

It doesn't take long to work out that he loves his time on the bike - he recently rode across Australia: I cycled in a team from Perth, Western Australia, to Hobart, Tasmania. 4233.77km in 32 days.You did what?!

He also has some things to say about taking the church outside the usual four walls, and is reading The Shaping of Things to Come - Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch like everyone else I seem to read. He has been listening to Abba - but I think we can overlook that.

So as your Christmas present to Rodney - stop by his blog and make a comment - and add him to your blogroll (list under "Down Under").

Secret Santa Strikes

16 December, 2003 8:26 AM

I'll post any happenings in Secret Santa Blogger land here - let me know when/if your SS strikes.

Irene's Secret Santa struck. - 'I discovered I have a very efficient secret santa; have already gotten an email message, an e-card, and an Amazon gift certificate! The e-card made my day. Thank you!'

phew - it works....

Just realized I forgot to include myself in the mix....doh!

upate: Thanks for the person who decided to be my secret santa - your email was much appreciated.

Secret Santa is Go Go Go

15 December, 2003 8:06 PM

gift.jpgWell its 10 days til Christmas (here in Australia it is anyway) and that means the Secret Santa Blogger cut off date has come and gone.

I just sent out 23 emails notifying our Secret Santas of the blogger they need to give some sort of gift to. It is going to be interesting to see how and if this works. Perhaps people can blog about what they receive - might be fun?

If you signed up but didn't get an email from me please let me know - I hope I got it all right. Enjoy and give, give, give.

Emerging Ecclesiology

12 December, 2003 11:02 PM

Emerging Ecclesiology (previously called 'What is the the Emerging Church' ) is a blog I just stumbled over again. I've been there before but spent a bit more time there today. Its worth a look.

Its written by Anna Aven who describes herself as follows:

'I am a follower of the Man who walked the shores of Galilee and called ordinary people to come, follow him. I walk the shores of Los Angeles and reflect on what that call means in my context. I am the director of the junior high ministry at a non-denominational church in Los Angeles. I recently graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with a MA in Youth, Family and Culture.'

Blogging Definitions

12 December, 2003 7:30 AM

Don't you dread the 'so what do you do' question sometimes?

Try explaining planting a new form of church like Living Room and working for a mission training network to people. Its hard enough with Christians, let alone non churched people (although I think some of them get it a lot better than my church buddies).

Then when you've weirded them out with that they try to get on 'safe' ground and ask what you do in your spare time. Introducing and trying to explain the concept of blogging at this point has the potential to totally kill the conversation and ostracize you from the person and their friends.

Luckily someone has written the helpful 20 Definitions of Blogging article. Surely there is a definition there that won't weird people out too much.

I like number 13 - 'A way to think and write in short paragraphs instead of a long essay'

How would you define it?

'Holy Huddle' Blogging

11 December, 2003 11:09 AM

Bene has just posted the last post in a series on god-blog demographics.

The latest post was on blog rolls.

Bene did some specific study into how males and females linked. After studying 100 blogrolls these are some of the findings:

- Technically oriented bloggers and US male pundit blogs were least likely to - link up outside their immediate sphere of interest.
- Linking outside their faith group: 100% of females, 65% of males
- Linking to international blogs: 90% of females, 55% of males
- Linking to the opposite sex: 100% of females, 64% of males

I find some of those results quite interesting. Especially that so many males have no links to female, international or secular bloggers at all - that is quite staggering. To me that seems a very insular and closed off way to go about blogging! I know that in the god blogosphere that its a fact that US males make up most of the numbers (and therefore are likely to be on more blogrolls - for eg on mine 63% are male, 24% female and 13% are group/unknown) but Bene's figures are quite staggering in that such a large percentage have no links to non US, Christian, Males. Here are some initial reactions/challenges:

1. We're living in a 'global village' - if you only link to bloggers from your own country you're missing so much of the bigger picture. Enrich your experience of life by finding out what life is like on the other side of the globe somewhere! Get with the times.

2. Jesus called us to engage with our world in mission. Ok - most of this probably should happen in the 'real world' in our daily face to face interactions with those we meet - but I would love to see it extend to our online interactions with people. If all we do is hang out in our 'holy huddles' do we run the risk of isolating ourselves from those we are actually called to draw to God. I don't have heaps of secular blogs in my blogroll - but have been intentional lately with changing this and have found myself with some great emerging relationships with some great people around the globe from different backgrounds. It also helps to give me a more well rounded world view.

3. 26% of 'god-blogs' are (or were) written by females. I would have hoped this would be reflected in our blog rolls. Once again I challenge my fellow god bloggers to get with the times and link up. There are some incredibly talented female bloggers out there. Don't link to them just to be politically correct - but to learn from, build relationship and interact with them just like you would any other blogger.

Ok - so I'm a bit fired up about this one. The reason I feel passionately about it is that I feel that we limit our potential as bloggers if we remain closed off, inwardly focused and don't acknowledge all of our community.

Interested in what others think...

The Boy is Back in Town

11 December, 2003 10:31 AM

He's Back!


8 December, 2003 10:46 PM

Martin Roth emailed me this afternoon to let me know he'd written something about me so I went on over there. I almost fell off my chair when I got to the second last paragraph!

I've never thought about myself or my blogging in those terms before - I'm not quite sure how to take the compliment except to say thanks Martin. I'm not sure I live up to such a title but it has me wondering...

Who would you nominate as a cybermonk? (as distinct from a r cyber monkEY). Maybe we could compile a list?

By the Way - we're up to 23 Secret Santas so far - does anyone else want to sign up? Please let others that you think might enjoy being involved know. The cut off date is 15th December.

Blogging in person

7 December, 2003 11:03 AM

I had a similar experience to Signposts this week. It was filled with face to face encounters with Bloggers (of the New Zealand kind). As I previously posted we had Rachel and Regan stay with us most of the week (hence Rachel's now empty front page of her blog - ie she's on holidays) and then on Friday I caught up with Steve Taylor and his family for a beer down Brunswick St.

The week was filled with Kiwi accents, seeing my city through the eyes of a tourist, conversations about church and blogging and the furthering of friendships. It was a fun week.

Secret Santa Blogger

5 December, 2003 12:14 PM

gift.jpgDo you ever participate in the secret exchange of gifts at Christmas time where everyone has to get something for someone else but no one knows who is buying for who? Here in Australia we call it Criscringle in other places its called 'Secret Santa'.

I was wondering if any bloggers want to do one this year? Of course it would be 'virtual presents' and we'll set some ground rules - but it could be fun and you might 'meet' a blogger you've never met before.

There are similar things out there but most of them require you to purchase a present and send it physically.

Anyone interested? I'll coordinate it. Here is how it will work.

* Sign Up - Bloggers wanting to participate will leave a comment or shoot me an email saying they are willing to participate by a set date - they need to submit their email and blog address.

* Notification - At that date I will send everyone an email notifying them of the person they are to give a 'virtual gift' to. There will be a time limit (ie should happen before Christmas). Each participant will be a gift giver and a gift receiver.

* Give a gift/s - Gifts should be anonymous. Its not about promoting your blog but about the other blogger.

* Gifts might include:
- anonymous encouraging comments/emails to the blogger.
- sending virtual cards or flowers
- making a donation to charity in the persons name
- writing a blog review/link/poem etc about their blog and ask another blogger to publish it on your behalf (ie to keep it anonymous)
- contribute to their paypal (or some other way of giving a small physical gift).

* Be Creative - The presents are limited only by your imagination. Be as creative as you like, but keep it anonymous if you can. Enlist the help of other bloggers in your giving if you'd like. Give more than one gift if you have the time and creativity - but do at least something and sign it from their 'secret santa'.

Anyone want to do it? Please indicate if you want to be included clearly in comments below (and leave your email and blog address!) or via email. Feel free to make suggestions on gifts also. We'll make the cut off date 10 days before Christmas (December 15th) if we get enough responses. All are welcome to participate - Please spread the news because the more who do this the more fun its going to be!

Blog of the Week - Stranger in a Strange Land

5 December, 2003 9:15 AM

I'm not going to make a habit of having a 'blog of the week' - but I have been really appreciating Stranger in a Strange Land lately.

It is written by Ellen who lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She grew up in Ohio but has lived in many places and speaks a number of languages.

This is how she describes herself:

'I am on staff with InterVarsity, seconded to the Bosnian evangelical student ministry EUS, which is affiliated with the IFES.

I teach English, run a library, speak Bosnian, observe culture, participate in culture, think theologically, lead worship, serve the nationals, and drink coffee (but only socially).

I am passionate about lots of things: books, music, God, reconciliation, peace, languages, spiritual formation, liturgy...

Ellen has been blogging at 'Strangers' since April 2002 and blogs about everything from Bosnian culture, to Movies, to Faith to general Life stuff.

Ellen recently blogged about being robbed and is currently doing some Advent Reflections (which she is willing to send out via email).

Can I encourage you to stop by Ellens blog and check it out - its well worth the read and. Also keep her in your prayers.

Blog Ranking

4 December, 2003 12:38 PM

Bene has a good post into blog ranking systems - especially in GodBlog circles. The comments section is a wonderful collection of thoughts and ideas on the topic. Check it out.

Blog Suvey Results

4 December, 2003 12:00 PM

Blog Search Engine have some interesting Blog Survey Results here.

Here is a few of their stats:

- 52.8% of those surveyed post every day. With a further 33.6% updating 2-4 times a week.
- 47% blog from home only where as 48.2% blog at both home and work.
- 13.4% of bloggers run paid advertising on their blog
- 52.3% of those surveyed use Google's Blogger platform to run their blog

There is much more at Blog Search Engine have some interesting the results page.

The results are interesting - although we need to keep in mind the type of person that would be willing to fill in such a survey. You're probably more likely to get your hardcore blogger (hence the updating daily result) than your occasional blogger to respond to a survey on blogging. Having said that its a useful and interesting study.

Sorry - We've been having hosting issues.

4 December, 2003 10:39 AM

Sorry to those who have had trouble accessing this site lately during the wee hours of the morning (Australian time) but our host has been having some issues every night or two. Hang in there with us - we're working on it. It seems to only go down for two hours at a time so keep trying.

Christian Computing

4 December, 2003 10:38 AM

Just found a new blog - Christian Computing which has been kind enough to link up to some of the things I've written of late. It looks interesting - check it out.

Join me in my Quest II

3 December, 2003 9:38 AM

After announcing my Quest to get Tall Skinny Kiwi and GinkWorld to change my domain in their blog rolls I was inundated with fellow bloggers happy to join my merry band of revolutionaries.

Jon Reid and Alan Creech especially caught a hold of the vision for updated blogrolls by leaving comments here at Andrew's blog. Thanks guys - it seems you've succeeded as Andrew (a blogging and EC legend) yesterday graciously updated the link!

So we are halfway to fulfilling the quest at hand. Now we just need to focus our energies on GinkWorld. Lucas of 'My Four Walls Fame (great blog worth checking out!) has started a spam campaign to get the link changed (he also needs his link changed there...the quest grows) - Kevin from Sakamuyo (another brilliant blog) hosts Ginkworld and is threatening to shut it down - but perhaps we need a three pronged attack!

Anyone got any ideas?

UPDATE: Ginkworld kindly changed the link - thanks to all who participated in 'the quest'. That was fun.

Open Mike - Blogger Technical Difficulties

2 December, 2003 11:01 PM

It looks like Blogger is having technical difficulties today as many of my favorite blogs seem to be out of action. I know this can be frustrating so if you are one of these bloggers feel free to post something here on my blog in comments. You can copy and paste it into your own later if you want.

Others are welcome to post also on any topic that takes your fancy.


30 November, 2003 10:20 PM

I'd like to inform readers that this blog contains a number of advertisements that generate a small amount of income to go towards running costs of this blog. I am also an Amazon Associate. Items purchased after clicking a link on this site generate a small commission to go towards the running costs of this blog. Thank you for your readership and support.

Join me in my Quest!!!

30 November, 2003 2:53 PM

I would like to share with you a personal hurt that has caused me much pain and yet which spurs me on in a fight for truth, justice and the blogging way! I want to invite you to journey with me in my quest.

Nine months ago I changed the domain of this blog. Since that time many fellow bloggers have changed their blogroll listing to reflect this change.

Two have resisted the change. Perhaps it is because they prefer the blogger that I once was - I do not know. I've emailed both and left comments where possible on their sites to no avail - still my old blogspot address remains!

After many nights of tossing and turning due to the stress of this I feel it is time to step things up and begin a campaign to get them to change their links!

I will not rest until it is done - I shall leave no stone unturned in my quest. I'd like to call together a small band of faithful blog purists to join me in my pursuit. Be warned it may not be easy - these two against whom we toil do not seem to respond to the normal methods of persuasion - they stand firm in these times of change. It may take time, unconventional methods and even personal sacrifice to meet our goal to get Tall Skinny Kiwi and GinkWorld to change their links?

Will you join me my friends? Only the strongest and bravest need apply.

Update: SUCCESS...well in part. Tall Skinny Kiwi kindly changed his link after Alan Creech threatened him with an Aussie invasion in comments. Thanks Alan. Just one to go now.

Posting Blog Stats

28 November, 2003 11:26 PM

Richard Hall is wondering about why people post about their blog statistics. It seems it was my 1st blog day post that got him wondering. I've questioned the same thing too over the last 12 months and ummed and ahhhed over if I should do it....

I left my comments on why I did at his blog - Interested in your thoughts. Leave them over at Richard's place.

1st Blog Day

27 November, 2003 10:21 AM

Today is the anniversary of my first post at the Living Room blog.

My first words were 'The Living Room lives!'

Since that time I've posted 795 reflections and had 3106 comments.

Posts have covered everything from Living Room Developments to the War in Iraq to the Moon Walk being a fake to Beer to our overseas trip to ancient forms of prayer likeExamen and Lectio to my visit to a local Mosque to Blog Stats to stories about exclusion in church to Underbloggers to Mudcake Spirituality to Fart and Toilet humor to Models of Holistic Spirituality to Blog Tips to Emerging Church to blog crushes to a virtual tour of Melbourne.

In that time I've also start a second blog on Digital Photography and have begun planning a third - stay tuned for more info.

LRsts.gifFor some reason despite the variety in my posting readership has steadily climbed (and recently ballooned) over the past 12 months. I'm really enjoying the process of 'meeting' more people. I feel like I've gotten to know a number of those who come here really well lately and value the friendships that are emerging. Thank you to everyone who stops by here from time to time - I value the time you take to take a peek at my world and love the way we are able to interact with one another in this format.

Blogging for me is many things. It started off as an outlet for me to think out loud about my hopes and dreams for the birthing of a little community of faith. Since then it has become many other things. It is a hobby, its a way of connecting with others on similar journeys, it is a way of learning about the world I live in, it has been a spiritual discipline, it gives me a place to get feedback on my ideas, it is a creative outlet, it is a record keeping devise for ideas and experiences and it has been a way to keep my supporters informed of what's happening for me.

It has been a fun 12 months - I'm looking forward to reaching 24!

King of the Blogs

27 November, 2003 9:38 AM

I've noticed this King of the Blogs competition was going on a little while back but didn't really look at the competitors too carefully. Today Adrian emailed to let me know about the comp and I realized I knew most of the six competitors blogs already.

Its an interesting idea. I'd been toying with the idea of a 'Blogger Idol' Competition at some stage (like the TV show but with bloggers) but have never gotten around to it yet. Could be fun.

Anyway, check out the competition at King of the Blogs.

Google Experts

26 November, 2003 4:45 PM

A decade or two ago it could take years of hard work, research, building up of credibility, networking and a bit of luck to rise to the top of your field as an 'expert'. Things are changing.

This month I became an expert in two completely different fields by simply writing a few hundred words on a couple of topics and being clever about how I packaged them.

The topics I'm now an 'expert' on do not really matter in the scheme of things, in fact they are quite unimportant, however it has got me really wondering.

Why am I an expert? Is it because of my wealth of knowledge and years of experience? No. Is it because I am respected in the field and have a proven track record in research and writing about the topics at hand? No.

It is none of these things at all - I am an expert because Google says that I am. Not only that, but it is sending literally thousands of people over to this blog so that they can benefit from my 'expert' opinion.

The more I think about this the more freaked out I am. Let me share why.

One of the things that I became an 'expert in' is The Matrix. A while back I posted a list of links talking about the Matrix from a Religions perspective. I figured it might be helpful for some of us 'spiritual' types as we think about the movie.

A few others linked to it and it climbed the rankings in Google until the day before the Matrix Revolutions was released it was the number one ranking for a number of search terms. The day of the movies release I checked my blog stats to find I'd had a record number of hits. Suddenly I was receiving comments and emails from Matrix diehards asking me questions, sending me 3000 word essays for my critique and asking me if I speak at conferences on the topic. Matrix fan sites were linking to my post and critiquing it, one person even wrote an email to me today asking me if I was considering making a fourth film in the series!

Google made me a 'Matrix Revolutions Expert'. The disturbing thing is that weeks later I'm yet to see the movie.

I chuckle a little about this, but it also raises some questions for me. How many other such 'experts' are out there? Is there (or should there be) a way of filtering out the 'Google experts' and finding the real ones?

What are you a Google Expert in?

Comments Closed

25 November, 2003 4:10 PM

I just did something I didn't think I'd ever have to do - I closed down/disabled comments on a couple of posts on this blog. Things were getting out of hand. Firstly people were getting rather aggressive to one another and the subjects of my posts and secondly the vast volume of comments was beginning to take a toll on the amount of bandwidth this blog is eating up. I think I'm going to have to upgrade my hosting package as we're likely to exceed what I'm allowed this month. Sorry to those who were genuinely and positively commenting on those threads, feel free to continue the conversation with me via email.


21 November, 2003 9:10 PM

Thanks to Ganns from Super Blessed for my first ever blog award in the category of Most Enjoyable Male Christian Blog. Thanks Ganns for your kind words - thanks to the academy....sorry blogosphere.... for your votes - thanks to my parents who were responsible for making me a Male and therefore not up against Sue and Irene in the female category - and thank you to whoever invented this blogging thing in the first place - its a real hoot and I'm enjoying the journey immensely.

Blog Wiki

17 November, 2003 3:48 PM

Richard Hall has started a Blog Wiki. No its nothing to do with Wicca....its a Wiki!

What's a Wiki? I'll let Richard describe it:

A Wiki is a collaboratively-edited website which many people also view as an anarchistic publishing tool. The distinguishing feature of wikis is that they typically allow really all users to edit any page, with full freedom to edit,change and delete the work of previous authors.

This Wiki is dedicated to discussing the topic of blogging - so check it out and contribute.

Blogging Course

16 November, 2003 10:29 AM

The University of Wisconsin is running a Course on Blogging next year. Check out the open source syllabus and add your own thoughts. There are some great links there already.


15 November, 2003 8:52 AM

Spam gets a lot of attention. Not a day goes by when I don't read a blog entry complaining about it or announcing some new way to stop those unwanted messages ending up in our Inbox or blog comments. Everyone is ANTI SPAM - me included.

However today I got to wondering what life would be like if I was PRO SPAM? If instead of filtering out and deleting those annoying emails I actually followed their recommendations what would my life be like?

In looking at the last two days emails I've begun to get a picture of the answer to that question.

I would be RICH! Firstly if I had any debt - my friendly 'Christian Debt Relief Company' would help me out. Once that is sorted I'd have no end of ways of making millions of dollars in 'no risk investments'. Share trading online could make me millions, so could learning the skill of illustration for Children's Books for which I would enroll in a course for.

I could also invest my money in timeshare in Hawaii, buy real estate online, share in a $500,000 giveaway at an online casino or I could sell fossils in my own online auction business.

Of course investing is not the easiest way to make money because today i received an email from a nice Nigerian Barrister (who was recently converted by Benny Hinn) who has $10,000,000.00 (US) to donate to a Christian Ministry willing to give him all their contact and banking details. Strangely enough I got almost a word for word email from a very nice Kuwaiti woman yesterday.

Oh and of course if I sent a kind gentleman $25 I would soon have thousands of other people sending me $25 from all over the world also - its guaranteed to earn me $71,000 in just five years.

Possessions Not only would I be rich but I'd be able to get my hands on some bargains. I would have a life time's supply of Viagra, diet pills and other miscellaneous pharmaceutical supplies.

I'd own a brand new laptop (with 1995 specifications), I would have free cable television I would be buying Mini Remote Control Cars & Boats for all my family and friends for Christmas, I would own a brand new Transcendent and funk-filled Zen Bhuddist CD and I would have a great collection of Hustler magazines including all the back issues I don't already have in my collection.

My life would be hassle free and exciting! What an amazing array of experiences and services spam offers. One of the biggest changes in my life would be that I would have a three foot long penis! (after the 12 or so procedures I'd have to follow) Not only that but my orgasms would be enhanced and my Libido would be elevated.

I'd have no more spam (the irony), I would be on a new dietguaranteed to make me loose weight, my children would be protected from bad language sex and violence on TV, my car's fuel economy would be boosted by 27% and I would have some very reasonably priced toner for my printer.

I'd have a brand new 'Christian T-shirt' and could win $1000 for my youth group, I could get a Bachelor degree, Masters or PhD without attending any classes or doing any exams, I would be in a 'prayer relationship' with a Kenyan man who will only charge me $100US for the privilege and I could get my colon cleaned.

Lastly I would be friends with some very nice young ladies including Candy, Bindy, Sandy, Randy, Lindy, Barbie, Shelly and Matilda who are all keen for me to have a look at some of their photos. Must be some holiday snaps.

All in all my life would be so great if I was Pro Spam. Come to think of it I'm not sure why anyone would be Anti Spam!?

Help Bene Blog On

14 November, 2003 3:07 PM

Can I encourage those of you who read Bene Decition Blogs On to consider heading over and making a donation to keep Bene's blog alive.

I personally have come to call Bene a mate over the past 11 months and appreciate the vast variety of useful information that is presented there.

Bene has faithfully served the Godblog community for a long time now and deserves our support. If you can afford to give a few dollars I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated.

Wanted: Blog Translators

12 November, 2003 9:15 PM

The past few weeks I've had a lot of new and interesting blog referrals. Of particular interest are some of the non english blogging blogs. Most of them I can get a feel for what they're blogging about because of the posts they link to - but the specifics are fuzzy. Can anyone translate them for me?

Die Content Schmiede || Handakte WebLAW Blog || Der Schockwellenreiter || CNET Japan - Lessig Blog || MediaTic || CNBlog:Blog On Blog || Generation neXt || Kyyninen Paska

Update: And another - eCuanderno || Metablog

Blogging - The New Voyeurism?

11 November, 2003 4:59 PM

Every morning over coffee I take a peak into the lives of 100 or so total strangers. The windows that I peep through are their blogs. Through them I see all kinds of things.

Most of these strangers only let me glimpse a small part of their life. For some they share their political views, others talk about work, faith, relationships, culture or technology.

Others on the other hand bare all! Its like they are doing a nudie run from the shower to the bedroom as I peep through their window.

Just this morning in the time it took to drink a coffee I read one person tell of the heart break of their marriage breaking down, another shared the more intimate details of last nights date a third shared of a faith crisis and another posted a digital photo of a rash that had been bothering them in hope of an online diagnosis.

Sometimes I wonder what makes people share such intimate details about their lives - I worry about the impact it might have to share such personal details in such a public way.

Then other times, like this morning, I wonder what makes people (me to be more specific) want to read about the marital problems, sex lives, questioning faith and rashes of complete strangers? What does that say about my own sanity? Why do I do it? What impact might it have upon me?

Perhaps the thing that worries me most is that I'm becoming numb to it all. Despite the nature of what I read this morning I barely raised an eyebrow.

Every day we're bombarded by people baring their all. Blogging is just part of the mix of reality TV, celebrity expos�s and live news being beamed into our living-rooms round the clock. We have become a voyeuristic society - we clamor for the inside word, to see the real lives of others, yet at the same time are becoming more and more numb to it all.

In our obsession to see into the lives of others do we somehow run the risk of disengaging from our own? Share your thoughts in comments.

Blog Ads

11 November, 2003 3:20 PM

Do you want to advertise your blog, business, favorite charity...or perhaps to proclaim your undying love for that special someone....anything at all - on this blog?

You might have noticed I've added a 'Living Room Sponsors' table in my side bar. This is one way you can support my work with Living Room and help to keep this blog on the air at the same time.

If you'd like to place a small advertisement just click on the Sponsor the Living Room here link and you'll be taken to a page where you can place your advertisement. There is the facility to upload a small logo, text and a link to whatever site you choose. (I reserve the right to refuse ads that are not appropriate of course).

You have the option to advertise for anywhere from 1 week to 1 year. I recommend you choose a month at the most to start with to see how it goes. The costs vary depending upon how long you want to advertise but in comparison to what others are charging for ads on their blogs my charges are virtually nothing!

On the first ad to my other blog Visually Speaking there is a click through rate of around 2 to 3% (ie today 25 people were referred over there through the ad). This will depend upon how enticing your ad is of course.

Anyway, I thought this might be fun and give those who've been asking a way to support what I'm doing here - feel free to have a go or to ignore it.

Microsoft Blogging

4 November, 2003 10:48 PM

Microsoft is entering into the blogging fray with the blog tool Wallop which it is currently beta testing. (currently invitation only - to be released mid 2004) This is sure to have an impact on the world of blogging.

Another Blog Study

31 October, 2003 8:45 AM

Another blog study. It samples only 400 English written blogs, interesting results.

The starting point was a this hypothesis based on the media and observing A-list blogs:

1. Blog content tends to be external to the author ie not personal.
2. Blog authors are typically well-educated adult males
3. Blogs are interactive, attracting multiple comments
4. Blogs are heavily interlinked

They found that each of the above was largely untrue. Their findings include the following:

- 54 % written by males
- Gender of blog author varies according to blog content - eg Personal Journals tend to be written by females (60%) while Filters, Knowledge-logs etc were more likely to be written by males (85%).

- 59% written by people over 20 years old (many adult bloggers appear to be in their early 20's)
- Age of blog author varies according to blog content - eg Personal journals are more likely to be written by teens (60%) while Filters and knowledge-logs are almost always written by Adults (95%).

- 43% allowed comments
- Mean number of comments: .3. ie most entries receive no comments.

- 69.5% of blogs link to external sites (excluding badges/buttons). ie this means 30% have no external links!
- 8.2% of entries link to news items
- 6.7% of entries link to other blogs
- Therefore most entries contain no links.

- 70% are personal journals
- 70% written within the USA
- 91% are single author blogs

I gleaned these stats from here and here. The results are also here in the form of a powerpoint.

Godblog Stats

30 October, 2003 8:53 AM

Bene Diction has been going nuts looking at 'GodBlogs'. The stats are quite interesting and confirm some of the suspicions that a number of us have voiced previously.

1. 'Godblogs' are more often written by males than females. At JesusJournal 75% of the individual non anonamous blogs listed are written by males. (that includes both live and dead links). This is very similar to my own mini survey of 600 blogs at B4G.

This piece of information on its own is not overly amazing until you compare it with the stats of the 'blogosphere' in general which seems to indicate that in the 'real world' of blogging the split between genders is pretty even if not slightly in favor of females.

2. God Blogs are more often written by people from the US. Over 90% of blogs surveyed were from the US.

Of course these pieces of information are just statistics. They will probably be used by some to support arguments or make points about who is dominating who etc.

For me I guess they are just handy pieces of information to keep in the back of my mind as I surf the blogosphere. Its good to consider who you are listening to in life and to seek to allow the information you ingest to be balanced. I personally read a lot of male American bloggers, but information like this also challenges me to continue to find and interact with bloggers from other perspectives.

Thanks Bene for the stats - looking forward to the next installment.

Why Do I Read the Blogs I Read?

28 October, 2003 4:42 PM

Brian got me thinking a little by asking the question:

'Why Do I Read the Blogs I Read?'

Its a question worth asking - both as a blog reader and writer. I left my comments there - leave yours too.

Serenity Now!

27 October, 2003 4:56 PM

Can I suggest you check out this excellent brand new blog called Serenity Dawn. It is written by Michelle who has been commenting on my blog for a while now. She describes herself as a:

South African single mom
Christian worship musician
Seeker of many things on a long journey

I've only been in conversation with her a couple of weeks but I suspect there will be some good stuff coming out of her blog. Head over and make her feel welcome to the neighborhood.

Blog Roll Poll

26 October, 2003 12:22 PM

In the past month a number of people have mentioned to me (via email, msn and in person) that one of the things that annoys them about my blog is that the blog roll links open in a new window. One has refrains from reading my blog because of it!

I'd not considered that this might irritate some. I originally set it up that way because I personally found it easier to surf my blog roll that way. Since I've started using tabbed browsing with Safari it doesn't whether I have it or not personally.

Interested in what others think about it? Does it annoy you?

Lets take a poll in comments - should I change it or keep it - or don't you care? Feel free to be brutally honest - I'd rather know if people are annoyed by something in my blog than to find out later - or never know.

The decision is in your hands.

Thank you

25 October, 2003 4:01 PM

This is just a quick post to say thanks to those sites that generously linked to my post on length of stay at blogs. Thanks a lot.

Where are the Blog Designers?

23 October, 2003 4:23 PM

Over the past week I've had a number of people ask me how to start a blog.

One of the frustrations that those starting blogs face is how to get it looking right. Most blog services come with a limited number of free templates (just surf blogs for 15 minutes and you'll see most of them) but to get something that looks unique means you have to know some html and have some web design skills. When I started I had neither - today I know enough to know I know nothing.

As a result I've ended up with a blog that has evolved over the past year. Slowly I've added to it bit by bit. My coding is messy. I'm sure it could load a lot faster if I knew how to streamline it. When I look at my templates I'm sure they are held together with 'virtual string and chewing gum'. I'm too scared to change it now, although it desperately needs updating, for fear of ruining it all.

There are a few sites out there that help people design their own templates - but the more I search the more I realize just how few options there are for the novice blogger. There is a big opportunity for some blog designers to provide some services for the blogger just starting out.

If I knew what I now know when I first started this blog I'd get it designed professionally. The outlay of a couple of hundred dollars would have been well worth it.

But where are the blog designers? I've seen a few around - one of the best is Cre8d Design. She's a specialist blog designer who runs her own blog and knows what she's doing - but I haven't seen too many others.

Perseus estimates there are 4.2 million blogs in existence already and that by the end of next year there will be over 10.2 million - surely the market is big enough for people to be coming up with some affordable yet flexible designs for the novice.

Is blog design something that will remain a 'do it yourself' domain? Is it not profitable enough to specialize in? Where are the blog designers?

The 96 second window of opportunity

23 October, 2003 10:30 AM

We've established that the average Joe spends about 96 seconds at your blog. Its not long in the scheme of things - but when you think about it its actually a real opportunity.

- The average TV commercial is 15-30 seconds long. (you could fit four in that time!)
- You can learn the Tango in 60 seconds
- You can Learn to be more creative in 60 seconds
- All it takes is 60 seconds to change the world
- All it takes is 30 seconds to become Famous
- It only takes 30 Seconds to make half a gallon of ice-cream
- The world record for speed reading is 1347.81 wpm. (she could read 2156.496 words in 96 seconds!)

Get the picture - 96 seconds is actually a real window of opportunity! So how do we make the most of it as bloggers? Leave your tips in comments - and stay tuned for some of my ideas - hopefully we'll all learn something in the process.

Blog Tip 1 - Get to the Point
Blog Tip 2 - Keep it Simple...Stupid

Blog Statistics - Length of Stay

22 October, 2003 10:56 AM

How long does the average blog reader stay on a blog on any given visit?

I searched for the statistic on Google but couldn't find it so I decided to do some of my own investigations.

I headed over to The Truth Laid Bear: Traffic Ranking Page. It lists blogs in order of how much traffic they attract. It is limited to blogs using the Site Meter stats package that have made their statistic public.

I surveyed 350 blogs - 25% of the blogs listed (it took me a few days on my dial up connection) and found the following results.

According to Site Meter stats the average reader spends 96 seconds reading the average blog.

The blogs surveyed came from across the board in terms of their traffic levels. (ie I took results from everything from Instapundit (who reportedly has 80768 visits a day) through to The Trouble with the Baby (who has 1 visit per day).

Other findings

- The top ten blogs on the list had an average of only 37 seconds where as the bottom ten averaged 83 seconds.

- Apart from the 'top ten' there was not a huge difference between blogs receiving high and low traffic. For example - blogs receiving 60 visits per day had an average visit length of 100 seconds which was almost the same as blogs averaging 2000 visits a day (ave 97 seconds).

- Blogs with comments scored a higher average than those without. (this might partly explain the 'top ten' scoring lower as most of them do not have comments) I did not collect data on this, but it became very clear anecdotally.


96 seconds is not a very long time. It is quite disillusioning to realize that after slaving over a post for hours (or days as this one has taken me) that it is likely to be skimmed over in less than two minutes)

The average blogger would desire to lengthen the stay of their reader. This motivation might be that they are trying to create community and build relationships with their readers. It might be that they have advertising on their site (the longer the stay the more chance of a click through) or it might be that they are wanting to have some sort of a lasting impact on their reader through their writing - the longer the stay the higher chance of this.

Is interaction the key?

My study is by no means conclusive in terms of comments adding to length of stay on blogs - however it does indicate that if bloggers allow for their readers to respond and interact with the writer and each other that they will stay longer. Therefore an interactive approach might be a wise move for bloggers desiring lengthy visits.

Questions and areas for further research

- Does blog design/loading time impact the the length of stay?
- Does blog topic impact the length of stay?
- Do bloggers from certain countries (with high local readership) have different lengths of stay?
- Does posting length have an impact?
- How are News Aggregators impacting length of stay?

This brief survey is limited by the accuracy of Site Meters measuring of length of stay The way they do this is by measuring the difference in time between page views on a site. Accuracy is a problems as some readers will only view the one page on a site - thus registering a time of 0 seconds for their length of stay. Once again this may partly explain how the 'top ten' have low averages as I guess that they would have more readers surfing in throughout the day to check for updates and not surfing through links. As a result of this my 'study' is not something to base life an death blogging decisions on - but is something I'm posting more out of interest than anything else.

I would love to hear your opinions on these results - ideas for further research and ways that you try to lengthen the stay of your readers.

So grab a coffee, put your feet up click on comments below and stay a while!

UPDATE: Rachel from Cre8d Design has just posted a great post tell us Why Visit Length Statistics are Meaningless which explains my above concerns with my 'study' a lot better than I can.

Also in this series of posts How long is 96 seconds? -- Blog Tip 1 - Get to the Point -- Blog Tip 2 - Keep it Simple...Stupid.

Also out my mini study into Gender and Blogging in the 'God-blogosphere.

The Perfect Blog Post?

20 October, 2003 8:00 PM

Saw a post over at The Lingering Lemon of Death that totally captivated me by incorporating three of my greatest loves.

Coffee - Photography - Philosophical Thought

GodBlog Awards

18 October, 2003 11:38 AM

Superblessed is holding his annual Christian Blogger awards and has been kind enough to include Living Room in his list. Thanks Ganns. If only he'd have a category for 'ability to post on topics ranging from farting to spiritual formation in the space of an hour'. I think I'd be competitive in that one!

His list is packed with quality links - a lot that I've never heard of before - which says to me that the 'GodBlog' Community is getting bigger and bigger. Check some of them out - there is enough to keep you going for quite some time.

It Works

16 October, 2003 9:34 PM

He Noticed.

Thanks all for the comments and emails letting me know you're thinking about my family at the moment - it means a lot to know people are praying for us - please pray for my parents and their siblings especially as they are going through what I went through yesterday on a daily basis.

Blogging Crushes Revealed

16 October, 2003 12:24 PM

Thanks for the overwhelming response to my call for your 'Blogging Crushes'. It reminds me of July's Underblog Campaign.

Ok here are the results. I should have asked for URLs as well as names of blogs - some I've tracked down, others I havn't. If you could leave URLs in comments I'll add them to make them live links.

Remember what we're doing here is trying make connections with people. Its not about climbing the blog ladder, but introducing people to bloggers they admire the work of. If you know one of the people who is admired - be a go between between the crushee and the crusher (hmm...bad terminology). Help make some connections.

Bene started the ball rolling by revealing an admiration for Real Live Preacher

Beth likes Wendy Cooper.

Phil has a crush on Leslie Harpold, The Happy Tutor and Rageboy.

Barry likes James Lileks.

David Trigueros likes LivingRoom...awww shucks....Rudy and Josh.

Christop had one on Broken Hammock and was successful in making the connection. There is hope!!

Irene (who I think is a mighty fine blogger) admires some of the pomo bloggers including Jordon Cooper, Ballad of a Thin Man/Tall Skinny Kiwi and Signposts

Josh talked about Jordon Cooper too.

Denise thinks Josh is pretty good (he just keeps coming up) and also mentions Parading His Greatness and 7 Day Holy which both look like quality blogs.

Missy likes anyone who responds and interacts with her (this was a very common theme) and mentioned some examples of people who have as being Bene Jon, Kevin, Jen, Rachel

Stacy also likes interactive bloggers who take notice of their readers and mentions Clarity amidst Chaos and Josh special.

Clarence is smitten with Real Live Preacher and The World According to Chuck.

Alice (who I've been reading a lot lately) thinks Richard is great and also likes Rachel, and Bene and yours truly.

Luke is looking for someone to have a crush on him. I sort of do, but then he doesn't quite fit the criteria as we know each other quite well! But if you're looking for someone to have a blog crush on I'd recommend him and will do the introductions!

Mike just loves it when someone goes to the effort of leaving a comment on his blog.

Rich likes Gavin Again and Tall Skinny Kiwi.

So there you have it - installment one of blog crushes. Hope you have some fun clicking through some of those. If nothing else I've found a few new blogs through the process - there is some real quality in the list, including those who have crushes.

I'm happy to do a second installment if you want to leave more crushes here (please leave URLs as well as names of blogs).

Remember - can you help connections for people????

Blogging Crushes

14 October, 2003 9:00 AM

Have you ever had a 'crush' on another blogger? I don't mean a romantic crush where you feel butterflies every time your news aggregator tells you they've posted and where you dream of walking into cyber sunsets holding their virtual hands.

I mean has there ever been a blogger that you've admired from a far (purely as a blogger), that you'd like to get into dialogue with - perhaps even get on their blog roll? You love their style of writing, their witty off the cuff remarks, their blog design or their ability to influence so many readers. What ever it is, you like their style and you think you could be good blogging buddies, yet that you don't know how to approach them?

You've thought about strategies to get them to notice you but so far no good. You've tried leaving comments on their site or have sent them an email or two - but nothing. You've referred to them incessantly on your blog hoping they check their Technorati referrers or will notice your referrals in their stats but it all seem to no avail. You've posted on topics that you think will interest them but THEY JUST DON'T SEEM TO CARE!!!

Errr.... ok.... you know this is all just a hypothetical post.... I'm not talking out of personal experience here or anything....really I'm not.

I just thought it might be fun to share our blogging crushes - get them out of our systems - it might be theraputic. Maybe we could even help each other out in making contact with the ones we admire from a far!?

When we were kids and we had a crush our approach was often to ask our best friend, to ask someone else, to ask someone else to ask the person we had the crush on if they liked us. (Well thats the way if worked at my primary school)

I wonder if it would work if we adopt a similar strategy here?

Post in comments the blog or blogs (up to three) that you have or have had a blogging crush on. Give us a reason if you'd like. I'll post your comments in the main blog in a day or two. If you know the person on the receiving end of the crush (or even if you don't) perhaps you could let them know that you know someone who 'has a crush on them' and arrange a virtual introduction. I'm not proposing a way to climb the 'blogging ladder' here - but rather its about making connections.

You never know - we might see some new blogging buddies emerge...or at the very least we might find some good new blogs.

Or maybe I've had one too many coffees this morning.

Let me start by revealing one of my crushes - for a long time I've been reading They Blinked. I don't exactly know why, I just feel at home there on my morning blog rounds. There is a certain gritty, earthy, humorous quality to it all and I guess I often feel I come away from it feeling a little different to when I started reading. (Dan is currently drawing attention to the predicament of his brothers fiancee who is struggling to be with his brother at present.

Ok, I've bared all - your turn.

Open Mike

13 October, 2003 10:33 AM

mike.jpgOne of my favorite blogs has an Open Mike most Thursdays when his normal posting is light. Today I'm trying to get my head into the books for some study so thought I'd let you do the posting.

Leave a comment on any topic. Introduce yourself, tell us what you're posting on today (free plug), what you're reading, what you think about some world event, what you had for breakfast, tell your favorite joke, gloat about your football teams win (no all blacks comments please :-) )share a poem, do a jig ...whatever you want. Enjoy - but be good!

Rugby World Cup Blogs

13 October, 2003 10:30 AM

Here is an interesting blog for those of us following the Rugby World Cup complete with reviews from most of the games and a whole heap of interesting links.

Martin Roth also is posting about it - although I'm not sure I can trust him now I've found out he's got a dual New Zealand and Australian passport!

Also check out Rugby Blog and

If you find more - let me know and I'll add them.

Added Ads

8 October, 2003 12:18 PM

Some of you will have noticed that I've added some text advertisements to this blog today. To be honest its purely to help supplement the cost of running the blog and to help develop a proper Living Room info site.

If you'd like to support me in this way and you see an ad that interests you just click on it. If you're dead against the idea feel free to ignore them and to voice your opinion here.

I'll attempt to make them a little more subtle and unobtrusive in the next few days. Suggestions, comments and critiques welcome.

More Blog Stats

6 October, 2003 6:42 PM

Another Blogging Survey's results are in. Some of the findings include:

* 4.12 million blogs in existence using the following blog clients: Blog-City, BlogSpot, Diaryland, LiveJournal, Pitas, TypePad, Weblogger and Xanga.

* 66.0% of blogs haven't been updated for at least 2 months. (thats 2.72 million abandoned blogs out of the above total)

* 1.09 million were one day blogs only with only posts on their first day

* Males are more likely to abandon blogs. Those writing long posts (on average) were less likely to abandon their blogs.

* The average active blog is updated once every 14 days.

* 92.4% of blogs were created by those under 30 years of age.

* 56% of blogs were created by females.

* Projected estimates see 5 million blogs by the end of 2003 and 10 million by the end of 2004.

Hmmm - so the average blog was started by a teenage girl, its likely to have been abandoned, probably only ever written in once. If she updates it, its probably only once a fortnight. But have no fear, there will be twice as many of them in just 15 months time.


Church Blogs

6 October, 2003 12:34 PM

At Bloggercon Buzz Machine comments briefly on the benefits of Church Blogs. He talks about how one benefit is that it will get the church listed on Google which is good for publicity. I have to admit that we've had a number of church hunters find us through search engines but I'm wondering if there are other benefits also of a Church operating a blog.

I've looked at quite a few such blogs over the past 6 months - some are communal blogs where Ministry Teams do the blogging, others are open for all church members to participate in, others are run by just one minister/leader/member.

I guess the benefits will vary between churches - for some they are about building community, for others its about teaching, others seem to be more focused upon promoting upcoming events or programs, some seem to be more interested in connecting with other like-minded churches around the globe and for others its about thinking through issues of theology, ecclesiology, doctrine or faith in an open discussion kind of way.

Of course with all good things there are usually flip sides. As I peruse some church blogs I sometimes wonder if they are more about grandstanding than they are about genuine community. Some seem to promote individuals more than they do God or the Church itself. Other dangers include miscommunication (which is so often a part of communication online) and gossip.

What benefits and dangers do you see in Churches having blogs?

iblog, ublog weallblog

30 September, 2003 3:24 PM

I wonder what the future of blogging is now that really big boys and girls are entering the blog service provider market. With Google taking over Blogger, Apple releasing iblog and Microsoft reportedly getting ready to release one too. Imagine if they start bundling blog applications with new PCs and Macs - the mind boggles (see I resisted saying 'bloggles'!) at the potential size of the blogging community. I wonder if its rise in popularlity will actually be responsible for it choking to death?

Are You a Blogaholic?

30 September, 2003 9:18 AM

Take the quiz (there had to be one!)

I got a score of 56 out of 100. (phew)

You are a dedicated weblogger. You post frequently because you enjoy weblogging a lot, yet you still manage to have a social life. You're the best kind of weblogger. Way to go!

Statistically Speaking

29 September, 2003 1:57 PM

Occasionally when I've got a spare bit of time on my hand I like to enter into my web-hosting statistics package to see what is happening behind my blog. I've always been a bit of a sucker for stats and research and am always interested to see which posts people are reading and how they end up at LivingRoom.

Its been a while since I've checked - there are a few new patterns emerging since January.

Firstly I've noticed that more and more people are surfing in from search engines than previously. I guess the longer your blog is around the higher its ranking on the engines. Of course Google is the highest referrer with 57% of the total, followed by Yahoo.

Secondly I've noticed that a lot more people seem to be using news aggregators, around 40% of total referrals (not including search engines) are coming from aggregators with the biggest by far being Radio. I guess its worth having xml and rss feeds after all. (not that I completely understand it still!)

Popular Posts: I also was a little discouraged by the posts that seem to be being hit the most by search engines. You spend all this time focussing your energies on writing articles about ways forward for the Church, issues of faith etc and then you look at your top ten entry pages:

1. Gary Kotter and the Theologians Drone
2. Hillsong (lately there has been a lot!)
3. Ethos, Pathos, Logos....Blogos
4. Flatulence Tax
5. The day my face stopped working
6. America's Best Christian Paintball Park
7. Moon Walk a FAKE?
8. Inflatable Church
9. Watch me Grow my Beard
10. Brennan Manning Interview

(closely followed by - Examen Explained, Gender Blogging and Lectio Divina)

I guess it could have been worse - I guess thats what happens when you get flashes of hyperactivity.

Search Engine Key words/phrases: In addition to searches on the above I continue to get daily hits from people searching for 'living room designs', also a considerable amount looking for 'punk hairstyles' (I have no idea why), quite a few people looking for information on 'bells palsy' and my fair share of people looking for 'Melbourne Nudie Bars'.

Country of origin of readers: 1. Australia, 2. US, 3. New Zealand, 4. Canada, 5. United Kingdom, 6. Belgium, 7. Malaysia, 8. Netherlands, 9. South Africa and 10. Philippines.

On average Thursdays and Fridays see more traffic than other days and between 2-4pm and 2-3am (Aussie time) seems to be when most people log in.

So after all the analysis is done I'm none the wiser really. None of it really matters - I guess I'll just keep on keeping on.

Attention Grabbers

26 September, 2003 9:54 AM

Two posts caught my attention yesterday in others blogs.

Firstly Steve Taylor asks the question. Can Christians be too biblical?

To use the Bible all the time is, ironically, not Biblical. Not fully following in the way of Jesus.

Secondly Mike Bishop talks about the question....How Big Is Your Church?.

i hate that question too....its like when we were kids....mines bigger than yours....hmmm.....I'm talking hamburgers of course.

seriously I guess we need to find another method of measuring 'success' - numbers still seems to be what it all comes back to...


24 September, 2003 9:42 AM

I want to thank you my readers for your wonderful support of me, this blog and my ministry. Some days I get a little overwhelmed by life - today is one of them. However to log into the blog this morning and to see a couple of really worthwhile discussions happening in recent posts means a lot to me.

Some days I feel I have more questions than I do answers - I love that I have found a place to ask them and find others going out of their way to join with me in my discovery and learning. Not only that, your wisdom and experience is teaching me heaps.

Thanks for your comments - and a special congratulations to Jer Olson for leaving the 1400th to comment here since I switched over to MT! I really should think of a prize for such momentous achievements!

BlogRoll Updates

22 September, 2003 5:06 PM

I just updated my blogroll. I'm a little unsure how to keep it under control. (how do others make their mind up who to link to?) I took a few off that havn't been updating or that have dropped off the blogosphere and added a few new ones too including:

Home South :: Mootblog :: Stinky Convoluted Past (the boys have been updating again...occassionally) :: Le Sabot Post-Moderne (who I've been reading for a while now) :: Ballad of a Thin Man (Tall Skinny Kiwi's new blog).

I realise there are alot more blogs out there that have been kind enough to link to me and whom I reguarly read - however if I included everyone it would be completely out of control - maybe I need to find another way to acknowledge everyone that I read. Has anyone seen a better way to do this?

Divorce, email and blogging

11 August, 2003 4:49 PM

The last day or so there have been a few technical difficulties with this blog - sorry for that - it was server problems. I havn't been able to blog and others havn't been able to comment, hopefully we're straight again. Its quite a strange not being able to blog when its normally just at your fingertips.

I wonder what a week without blogging would be like!? I just read this article about how a recent survey has found that 'A week without e-mail is more traumatic than moving house or getting divorced' for many techies! I don't think I'm that bad - but I guess we'll see while I'm travelling next week and blogging is likely to be a little more scarce!

Update: some problems are still persisting with the blog - sorry about the lack of commenting facilities at the moment...working on it.

Emerging Church: Common Threads?

7 August, 2003 11:43 PM

I'm a little confused and perplexed.

'Emerging Church' is something that an increasing amount of people are talking about here in Melbourne and around the globe. I've heard it referred to in countless seminars, a myriad of blogs, many books and in conversation after conversation. However the more I talk and listen to people around the globe on the topic the more I wonder if we're all talking about the same thing?

Over the past few months I'd communicated with people claiming to be part of ECs that are doing such diverse stuff! WARNING - the next paragraph is VERY MESSY!

There are those who focus heavily upon Alt Worship, others who sing Hillsong, some are 'house churches' of hundreds of people who meet in local schools whilst others are 'house churches' of a handful of people that meet in...well...houses. Some use liturgy, others focus upon ancient worship ritual, others explore the creative arts and/or multimedia. Some teach through group discussions and active group learning whilst others retain the traditional sermon. Some have blogs and websites where as others reject cyberspace as a valid or valuable medium. Some meet in pubs and cafes, others in parks, some operate out of guitar schools or micro businesses, some in century old church buildings. Some are formally linked to mainstream denominations, others are part of loosely networked EC movements while others remain completely independent from all other communities of faith. Some are very focused upon issues of justice and mission whilst others see prayer as their central calling. Some look very post-modern whilst others remain quite 'modern' in appearance. Some are multicultural, others remain intentionally monocultural or focus on particular subcultures. Some emerging churches have taken a multi congregational approach, others are experimenting with cell church, others are interested in planting small multiplying independent communities and then there are others who are congregations operating within larger mainline churches. Some are very small and intend to stay so while others have thousands of members.

The diversity of what happens in the Emerging Church both excites me (the more variety the better in my mind as it will open up more opportunities to connect with our world) - yet it also leaves me a little concerned and perplexed.

On one hand I'm happy to live in the above mixed up messy looking Global movement. Yet part of me sometimes wonders if there is a place to try to make some sense of it and identify the patterns.

For instance when it comes to training leaders - do we need to identify some common themes in what is emerging in order to equip those who will facilitate the movement?

What are the common threads that link us as 'Emerging Churches'?


7 August, 2003 8:51 AM

Le Sabot Post-Moderne has moved domains unexpectedly.

Blogger Chat Session.

31 July, 2003 9:06 PM

Tomorrow morning (8.30am Melbourne time - see here for international times) is our next blogger chat. If you want to be a part of it message me ( - msn ID) and I'll invite you to the group.

Last time we had around 12 people involved - its fun, hope to see you there.

Temporary Blogging Disruptions

31 July, 2003 9:19 AM

Just a quick post before I leave for the day to say sorry to those of you who have had comments from 'Greg' left on your blog overnight.

'Greg' has a habbit of getting out and spreading the word for me. I'm not sure what the issue really is. If there are things about my approach that are 'unbiblical' I'm more than willing to be confronted on them and to rectify the situation. I don't really see myself as a 'liberal' or 'lefty' - I'm not sure why I keep getting this label apart from the fact that I tend to take seriously Jesus command to love others as myself. Anyway, I'm open to talking about any issue, just shoot me some mail or leave a comment (with valid email) and I'll dialogue about anything!

And Greg - sigh - buddy, I know you have some issues with the approach we're taking - I'd love to chat with you someday about them to find out if we could find some common ground. I know you are from Australia, so if you're ever up for a coffee, or would like to come to Living Room to see first hand what we do, just shoot me an email.

I'm afraid that every time you leave comments on other people's sites telling them to boycott my blog that all you do is send more people to it, like last time you did this campaign today I've had higher than normal hits - so I guess I should thankyou.

sorry to leave such a long comment, but I've no other way of getting messages to Greg.

This is the last time that I will mention you on this blog Greg - I'll be deleting any comments you might leave, unless you show you are serious about dialogue and discussing the issues you raise by leaving a valid email address. As I said, I'm more than willing to be confronted and challenged, but not by an anonamous stranger who is not willing to have a true interaction.

Anyway, lets get on with life and not get too worked up by this. Now, lets all head over to Rachel's and lend a hand by buying a great CD at a cheap rate! (free links here to anyone who does!!!)


Ethos, Pathos, Logos....Blogos

27 July, 2003 11:46 PM

Look here for more helpful articles on Ethos, Logos and Pathos

I have been thinking today about rhetoric. Aristotle described it as "the ability, in each particular case, to see the available means of persuasion." He talked about three main arts of rhetoric as being Ethos, Pathos and Logos.

Ethos is persuasion based on the character and/or credentials of the communicator. If the communicator is trustworthy, has their listener's best interests at heart, knows what they are talking about, practices what they preach and has integrity they are more likely to be persuasive.

Pathos is persuasion based on emotion. When people have a strong connection with the communicator on a 'feeling' level their argument can become all the more powerful. Engage the heart and you'll be all the more likely to convince one's audience.

Logos is persuasion based on logic or reason. If a communicator makes sense and their argument is presented in an ordered and conclusive manner they are likely to convince the listener well.

I've found these three arts as being useful in thinking about speaking/preaching. Most good speakers that I've heard have had the ability to draw on each of these in their speaking. They also weave them together at the appropriate time. Alone each are important tools but when you bring them together they can be quite powerful.

Similarly, in the last few months I've noticed that many good bloggers (or at least the ones I like) are also able to draw on each of these three 'arts' in their blogging. Different bloggers will be stronger in different ways, but I suspect that many top bloggers will be able to bring each to their blogging.

An interesting book on this topic and Paul's writing is Paul's Use of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in 2 Corinthians 10-13.

Look here for more helpful articles on Ethos, Logos and Pathos

Tea for Two

27 July, 2003 3:38 PM

Had Tea with Jenn from Sunburned on Friday morning. I always enjoy the exeperience of meeting bloggers in real life. Its amazing how similar people can be in person.

Jenn and I chatted alot about emerging church here in Melbourne and around the world. Its great to hear that alot of what is happening here is representative of what is happening in other parts of the globe.

Jenn's story is pretty interesting - I'm looking forward to seeing how and where God leads her next!

Last week I also caught up with fellow Melbournian bloggers Eddie and Phil. Again - it was great to catch up and hear the stories of these two EC practitioners here in our local context. Very encouraging times.

Celebrating the Underblog - Final Entry

27 July, 2003 1:21 PM

Well I've enjoyed this mini campaign to uncover 100 underblogs. I think we've met the target with exactly 100 blogs nominated. Here are the full set for your reading pleasure. I thought I'd post them all here in one post for our surfing convenience. You can continue to nominate blogs here in comments, but note that I won't be posting any more on the main page until next time we do it. (maybe at the end of the year we'll have another week long campaign)

Thanks everyone who has nominated blogs and also those who've surfed and linked them. I've noticed quite a few people have mentioned on their blogs that they've found a new interesting blog or two through the process - so I guess its had some positive effect.

A special thankyou to Irene who has really gotten into the idea and has nominated quite a few blogs over the week!

Anyway - keep enjoying the Smorgasbord (or should that be blogesborg?) above and pay it forward by linking your favs.

Beth :: Traces :: servant-striving :: After Abortion Blog :: Sunburned :: Le Sabot Post-Moderne :: Pooing in the Woods :: Carrie Church :: mute TROUBADOUR :: A minor :: Something Understood :: The Thinkers Blog :: Odd Socks :: dydimustk :: Jax :: Passion and Reason :: K.I.S.S :: The Unnecessary Pastor :: Food for Fish :: Hot Buttered Death :: Pursuit :: The Narrow Way :: Fallible :: In That Number :: Sam's Worship Thoughts :: the John Heron Project :: Bipolar Support :: Spudlets :: The Brog Blog :: Bad Attitudes :: Xoverboard :: Not Geniuses :: Batemania :: A Copernican Revolution :: Easily Distracted :: Cronaca :: Ideo Fact :: le sofa blogger :: The Cave :: Jay :: Dann :: Jazzdaddy's Journal :: Drawn by still waters :: Live the life :: Life Being Beautiful :: Aarondot :: Simple Green :: The Red Door :: Crimson Light :: Sisters' Weblog :: Big Simon :: Jake Rinard :: Newsrack :: ExGayWatch :: All Facts and Opinons :: Franklin's Findings :: Buzzing Bye :: Leaving Munster :: Organic Church :: Paradosis :: Doxos :: A New Kind of Christian :: The Found Sheep :: Crystals blog :: Mark's blog :: the worrywort and the trickster :: j. klaszus' domain :: Tune Out TV :: The Starloft :: Joe's journal :: Waiken's Soap Box :: Clarity Amidst Chaos :: Future Margins :: The Thinklings :: Jen Speaks :: Only Connect :: Citizen of the State :: Soft Edges :: Tim's Journal :: Lifelines? :: Brainwaves :: Theopany :: Galvin :: Holly :: Daily Drivel :: Insights :: Words of Wisdom :: Danger! Falling Brainwaves :: Petals Art Journal :: A Blog Apart :: Lordside :: Country Keepers :: I Was Thinking :: Jagged Mind :: The Evangelical Hermit :: Adam Feldman :: Doc Misterio :: Mindless Musings of a Roach :: Miriam's Journal

Celebrating the Underblog VII

25 July, 2003 5:07 PM

I've received a few nominations via email in this batch. We're getting to the end of the week. I'll post any last minute nominations tomorrow to close off our Week of the Underblog.

Le Sabot Post-Moderne :: Pooing in the Woods :: Carrie Church :: mute TROUBADOUR :: A minor :: Something Understood :: The Thinkers Blog :: Odd Socks :: dydimustk :: Jax :: Passion and Reason :: K.I.S.S :: The Unnecessary Pastor :: Food for Fish :: Hot Buttered Death :: Pursuit :: The Narrow Way :: Fallible :: In That Number :: Sam's Worship Thoughts :: the John Heron Project :: Bipolar Support :: Spudlets

That takes us to 94 Underblogs identified and surfed. 6 more in just these last few hours and we'll reach the 100 mark! Who's got some to nominate!?!

Nominate, surf and link - keep paying it forward.

Cut and Pasting Steve

25 July, 2003 12:08 PM

Steve gets blunt on 'pomo blogging'.

If I can be a little blunt, most of the Christian blogs that I read are not about experiences of people engaging in first world mission. They seem by and large to be the collective "cuttings and pastings" of people with little or no practical experience in post modern mission. Any kind of original thinking is simply cut from one site and pasted to the other until a small circle of bloggers are talking second and third hand about someone elses experiences, living vicariously though others (the few) mission experience, simply feeding our "blind to our own eyes" consumerism.

Is there really any benefit from blogging?

I thought that quote was worth Cutting and Pasting!

Leave comments here

Celebrating the Underblog VI

24 July, 2003 5:08 PM

And still the nominations roll in for Underblogs. I've found some great blogs in this process so far. Its interesting to see that a growing number of nominations are coming from outside the 'God-Blogosphere' (if there is such a thing) - many of which I am really enjoying.

This latest batch will take us up to 70 Underblogs identified so far. I'm going to draw nominations to a close on Saturday (that will have been a week since I put the call out - lets go for 100!)

The Brog Blog :: Bad Attitudes :: Xoverboard :: Not Geniuses :: Batemania :: A Copernican Revolution :: Easily Distracted :: Cronaca :: Ideo Fact :: le sofa blogger

Remember to surf some of the above and pick one or two to link to to pay it (great blogging times) forward!

Sunburned in Melbourne

23 July, 2003 5:03 PM

I've been following Jenn's great blog over the past month as she's prepared to come to and has more recently arrived in Melbourne from the US to be involved with UNOH here.

Her observations and experiences are well worth the read as she adjusts to life downunder! Her latest entry on Reasons why Australia is a land that captivates me is a ripper. (That's Aussie for unreal!)

Looking forward to a coffee with Jenn on Friday morning.

Celebrating the Underblog V

23 July, 2003 1:07 PM

A few more underblog nominations have been dribbling in. Check them out.

The Cave :: Jay :: Dann :: Jazzdaddy's Journal :: Drawn by still waters :: Live the life :: Life Being Beautiful :: Aarondot :: Simple Green :: The Red Door

Nominate, Surf and Link.

An Underblogger Responds

22 July, 2003 4:04 PM

I just received an email from one of the underblogs listed early. They wish to remain anonymous but write:

Hi Darren. Thankyou so much for your latest series of posts on 'Celebrating the Underblog'. I have been blogging for a number of months now and have been getting very disillusioned with the exercise. I am sick of looking at my statistics counter and realising that I am almost the only person that reads what I write. The only comments I've had in the past have been from people trawling for hits on their own site. I sometimes get angry that only some blogs seem to get noticed when I think I have something to say also.

Last night I checked my counter and almost fainted when I saw 12 hits all linking from your blog. There was also three comments from people I've never heard of before. This morning I had also been linked by another blog who had found me through your campaign.

I know 12 hits and 3 comments are not much in comparison to most blogs, but to me that meant the world. To my knowledge I've never been linked to before, yet today there are two. Thankyou to you and your readers. I hope that this shows us all how just a little encouragement can inject hope into a discouraged person's life.

Nominate, surf, link and Celebrate

Celebrating the Underblog IV

22 July, 2003 3:19 PM

And still the underblog nominations roll in - we've had some doubleups, so I won't post repeat nominations. Feel free to keep submitting your favs - but above all take some time out to surf and link up to some of these gems.

Crimson Light :: Sisters' Weblog :: Big Simon :: Jake Rinard :: Newsrack :: ExGayWatch :: All Facts and Opinons :: Franklin's Findings :: Buzzing Bye :: Leaving Munster :: Organic Church :: Paradosis :: Doxos :: A New Kind of Christian :: The Found Sheep :: Crystals blog :: Mark's blog :: the worrywort and the trickster :: j. klaszus' domain

Celebrating the Underblog III

21 July, 2003 2:14 PM

The nominations for great Underblogs continue to roll in. Thanks for those who've spread the word on their own blogs. Here are the next 16 nominations.

Tune Out TV :: The Starloft :: Joe's journal :: Waiken's Soap Box :: Clarity Amidst Chaos :: Future Margins :: The Thinklings :: Jen Speaks :: Only Connect :: Citizen of the State :: Soft Edges :: Tim's Journal :: Lifelines? :: Brainwaves :: Theopany :: Galvin

Now this campaign is useless unless we surf, encourage and celebrate some of these blogs.

Here is my idea - lets do a 'Pay it Forward' type thing here. Click on some of the above (and below) links - find one that you like - and then link to it on your own blog too. If we all do that we might just make a difference in the blogosphere - one link at a time.

Keep leaving your nominations - I'll post every one of them. (famous last words)

Celebrating the Underblog II

21 July, 2003 1:02 PM

Thanks for the great response so far to my call for quality underblogs. So far the caliber of blogs submitted are excellent - some have even been mentioned a couple of times. Here is the first 16 links. (see previous comments for expanded comments on each.)

Holly :: Daily Drivel :: Insights :: Words of Wisdom :: Danger! Falling Brainwaves :: Petals Art Journal :: A Blog Apart :: Lordside :: Country Keepers :: I Was Thinking :: Jagged Mind :: The Evangelical Hermit :: Adam Feldman :: Doc Misterio :: Mindless Musings of a Roach :: Miriam's Journal

Check out some of the above blogs - you won't be disappointed. Keep the nominations coming. I'll post the next batch shortly.

Celebrating the Underblog

20 July, 2003 9:20 AM

What blog/s do you read that you wish others knew about? Leave your nominations here.

I sometimes look for new blogs (to me) at Who links Who (for GodBlogs) and The Blogosphere Ecosystem (drawing on blogs from the whole blogosphere). Today I popped into both and decided to work through some of the blogs at the bottom of the lists (blogs that haven't attracted many links). I had an hour or so and I got through quite a few and was really impressed with the quality of blogging going on in both the Christian blogging world and the blogosphere at large.

It got me thinking though - so many of the blogs on the lists I've never seen or heard of. Many of them don't attract a whole heap of links - yet many of them are posting great material.

So I thought I'd start a campaign to unearth some of these 'underblogs'.

- Leave up to 5 blogs that you wish more people knew about in the comments section below. Please include the name and its address. (hyperlink them if you know how)

- Leave a short reason why you like the blog.

- You can leave a link to your own blog if you think it fits the category of 'underblog'.

- I will publish all the collected underblogs that you mention in a few days time in the main section of this blog in a 'Celebration of the Underblog' post.

Gospel Blogging

19 July, 2003 10:40 AM

How would blogging look if we applied gospel principles to it?

I was reading an article a few weeks ago that talked about promoting your blog. It was about 'getting hits' and being linked to by the Alist blogs. One of the key strategies was to target two or three 'big bloggers'. To do it you need to link to them lots, leave comments on their pages, send them emails notifying them of your best posts etc.

The Blogsperts tell us that to have a great blog its all about climbing the blogging tree - looking at the blogs 'ahead' of us and using them to drag us up to the next level. Its about ego, building little empires, power and inluence.

That same day I found myself in the gospels reading verses that talked about denying oneself, serving others, aiming to be last rather than first, focusing our attention on the 'least of these' and humility.

My question of US as Christian bloggers is this: does blogging according to the 'blogsperts' advice fit with the gospel message? Do we buy into the 'climbing the blogging tree'? What would blogging from a gospel perspective looks like?

Fred Peatross words have been ringing in my ears this past week:

'So if blogging is an emerging 21st century Christian discipline (as I have recently read) someone please model the act of death and humility through their weblog journaling. There's a robust blogging community out there who needs you to help those of us who are still trying to see ourselves.'

How do we do this? What does it look like in practice? Your thoughts, ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE Irene and Martin (22nd July) have picked up the topic and done it much greater justice than I have here.

On Safari

16 July, 2003 9:30 AM

A couple of days ago I downloaded Safari 1.0 to test as a browser. Its still got a few little things that I don't like, but it has revolutionised my time online.

I'm in love with its tabbed browsing. It has cut surfing my blogroll down to about a third of what I used to take to do the whole thing.

Its layout is clean.

It is easy to use - even for a techie illiterate like me.

Its bookmarking system is the best I've seen.

Top stuff from Apple again.

Quilting Nets

15 July, 2003 11:21 PM

I've been thinking alot about what my square contribution will be to Rachel's digital quilt. I haven't fully decided but spent a little bit of time tonight thinking about it. Here is my first idea (not final).

100pixels is pretty small so I'm not sure if you can make out the pic, but its of two boys fishing with a net. One of them has just thrown the net out and it is fanned out wide in the air. There is a number of reasons that this image has captured my imagination. There isn't a whole heap of logic or connection between them, but I like them all.

1. We are called to be 'fishers of people'. My time in the blogisphere is helping me to become a better fisherman as I interact with others who are thinking about how to 'fish' in the crazy world we live in.

2. A net is made up of lots of individual strands of twine. As I look down my blog roll I see a hundred or so relationships (all in different stages) which perhaps make up a larger net. The strands are not only between me and each person behind those blogs, but also between many of those bloggers and each other. The global net work that is emerging in the blogisphere is intricate and growing stronger.

3. Each morning as I launch into the blogisphere I feel like I'm throwing out a 'net'. I make a post and wonder what it will 'catch' as others interact with it. Sometimes it doesn't connect and the net comes back empty. Other times one or two others relate in comments or their own posts and the net comes back with a small catch, and other times the catch is overflowing with flapping fish as a tidal wave of comments and posts is released into the blogisphere. Likewise in the morning when I begin to trawl through my blog roll I love the feeling of not knowing what I'll come across (catch...or be caught by) as I surf.

4. Lastly - the Kingdom of God is described as being like a net that is drawn through the ocean drawing all kinds of fish to shore where they will be sorted. I love that imagery of God drawing us to himself in all our splendid variety. This is the sense I sometimes get of what is happening in the blogisphere. There have been numerous times when I've felt drawn closer to God through reading someone's blog or comments left on mine. We are all so different, but hopefully as we bounce off one another as we read and write, we are being drawn to him.

Maybe I'm overdoing the metaphors tonight - but its what I'm thinking about on this rainy, cold, Melbourne's eve.

Digital Quilt

14 July, 2003 10:52 AM

Rachel is making a digital quilt and asks that we all contribute a sqare. What a great idea - check out her requirements and get busy being creative.

I'm glad I don't have to sew it all together.

Why is better than JohnCampea.Com and therefore JordonCooper.Com!

13 July, 2003 12:07 AM

John Campea has posted on why his blog is better than Jordon Cooper's blog.

Well John's assessments are good - however would like to add a few points on why is better than JohnCampea.Com!

1) John's posts are a lot better written than mine. His posts are insightful, use big words and leave his readers feeling challenged, motivated and inspired. Whilst this at first seems ideal, regular readers of his blog could be intimidated by the quality. I, on the other hand, am aiming to make my readers feel good about themselves as they see my poor grammar, spelling and choice of subject matter.

2) John only has 16 links in his blogroll in comparison to my 125 (not including those on my quality links page). Whilst this might seem a little excessive it gives you the reader 109 extra options when I don't post anything exciting, or worse still forget to post at all!

3) John lives in the northern hemisphere. That's at the top of the globe. Everyone knows that going down is much easier than going up and therefore data flow to is much faster, thus saving you the reader a lot of time and energy.

4) John has worked in churches for at least 12 years. I have only done such work for 10 years. I will therefore be a lot less battered and bruised.

5) John also has experience working in the computer industry - I don't have a technical bone in my body (see point 3 for how this should help my readers feel a lot better about themselves and their ability to develop great blogs.)

6) John lives in Canada - I live in Australia....need I elaborate???

7) To my knowledge John is yet to post on the topics of farting, toilets, vomit or spitting. I make a point of posting on topics that the general public will be able to relate to.

8) John 'cheers' for something or someone called the 'Maple Leafs'. I'm not sure what that means....but I'm sure my beloved Navy Blues could whip their butts!

9) John may only have one eye. The photo on his site cuts off half his face. This either means he is:

- attempting to be 'rock starish'
- missing an eye
- unable to operate a camera to get a centred shot

The pic also seems to indicate that he has an earring! (and he said Jordon was Satanic!)

10) John is obviously only blogging in an attempt to get hits. You can tell this by his domain name. You may think he chose it because its his name - but no its because his name contains some of the most searched words in search engines. (oh, camp, am, amp, pea)

So there you have it. 10 reasons why is much better than JohnCampea.Com and therefore better than JordonCooper.Com


11 July, 2003 10:59 AM

I'm officially a Recommended Blog!

Blog Personality vs Real Life Personality

10 July, 2003 6:27 PM

Have you ever wondered if a persons blog personality matches with their real life one?

I've often wondered what perception my blog readers have of me purely from what and how I write.

Last week I had dinner with Phil, Dan and Hamo.

Hamo just posted his impressions of us. Before you go read it, leave a comment below on how you perceive me to be...then go read it and compare. I'm interested to see if others see me similarly to Hamo!

AOL Journalling

7 July, 2003 11:58 PM

AOL is getting ready to release its blogging tool, AOL Journal, to its 35million (give or take a couple of hundred thousand!) members.

I get the feeling that this blogging thing is going to explode....even more!

Tipping Point - Blogging Style

7 July, 2003 1:31 PM

I've previously posted about Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point here and here. I've often wondered how it might apply to blogging.

Here is one blogger trying to make sense of it. Here is another, another good one and another great one.

Here is an article written on the topic by Gladwell himself. Its a little dated, but it will give you the idea if you havn't read the book.

Hot Discussion

6 July, 2003 9:18 PM

There is a great discussion happening over in the Hot Topic about whether working in a church a hindrance to spiritual development?

Dinner with Hamo, Phil, Dan and Kouta

3 July, 2003 9:04 AM

Last night Hamo, Phil, Dan and I had dinner together. I know Phil and Dan pretty well but meeting Hamo was a first for us all.

I really enjoyed the conversation which spanned, blogging (of course!!), Emerging Church (Hamo is planting and Phil and Dan are doing some very innovative and new stuff) and other miscellaneous topics.

I had chicken risotto - yum - and of course the highlight of the night for us all was to be seated next to a table with Anthony Koutoufides (Kouta) who is one of Aussie Rules Football's most famous players from the best team in the league. Phil and Dan tried to hide their excitement but I could tell they were impressed.

I can jump blogs

1 July, 2003 11:56 PM

Spent some time tonight looking at some newish blogs (to me). I thought I'd share some of what I found.

Steve reflects on a life of coloring 'within the lines'.

Pooing in the Woods reflects on the Hulk.

Martens is writing some good stuff on a variety of topics.

Le Sabot Post-Moderne has been talking about Metrosexuality.

The Virtual Doug talks about Web Based Learning.

A Budding Pastor has a series of posts on an Anger Resolution Seminar that they attended.

Andy posts about Sexy Ministries.

oh - by the way - my High Score is now 6042!!! I could do no wrong....until it got boring and I had to blink!

Are you going to Heaven?

27 June, 2003 12:04 AM

Are You Going To Heaven?

'This game is a fun, and private way for you to compare your beliefs to what the Holy Bible teaches on what is needed to go to heaven.'

According to this I'm somewhere in the 'Maybe' to 'Allowed in' range of going to heaven. (65%) Maybe I really am a liberal! What about you? Source

Blog Stats

26 June, 2003 3:58 PM

Blogcount's estimate on the current size of the Blogisphere is 2.4 to 2.9 million active blogs. (his stats indicate there is probably twice as many inactive ones!)

I suddenly feel very small!

Blog Research Request

24 June, 2003 5:21 PM

Just received an email from someone doing research into blogging. He's interested in the 'God Blog' scene and asks a couple of questions which I'd love to get your feedback on so I can pass it onto him.

His questions are:

- Do you think blogging about religion is an English language thing?
- Is it a tool for parish work? For personal discovery? For evangelism? For academic research?

He (and I) would appreciate your feedback in comments.

Wackiness, Urinals and Loneliness

21 June, 2003 2:25 PM

I woke up this morning and logged onto this site and read through the last two entries and comments.....hmmmm

I would like to state for the record that I was not drinking (heavily) yesterday at the time when I wrote either post. A better explanation was that both posts were me letting off a bit of steam that I'd worked up during the week on my previous series on Holistic Spirituality which in hindsight took a lot of energy to pull together.

Anyway - hope I wasn't too wacky yesterday - but ....seeing as we're in the toilet.... I might as well link to this article about a video game for guys while they stand at the urinal. There are plenty of lines I could say about this one but I think I'll leave it at that.

On another more serious note - I'm staggered by the continued interest in the Emerging Loneliness post . It seems to have connected with where a lot of people are at. The private emails I've had have also been interesting. Thankyou for your responses....if you've got time take a surf through the full list of comments there - there is loads of great stuff.

How to Write Gooder

12 June, 2003 4:18 PM

10 Tips on Writing Online.

1. Write for a reason
2. Write often
3. Write tight
4. Make good friends
5. Find good enemies
6. Let the story unfold
7. Stand up, speak out
8. Be sexy
9. Use your archives
10. Relax!

There is heaps more detail in the article.

I'm interested if anyone has any feedback on my writing...whether it be using the above criteria or not. I'm so aware that I could improve, but wondering how!? Feel free to comment or email your thoughts.


Pledge Week

11 June, 2003 11:57 AM

Andrew Sullivan is having his second pledge week where he hopes that in one week he's hoping to get 7000 readers to sign up and contribute $20 each (less than a nickel a day).

Wow - if he meets the target (and they are up to 5000 members) that's a total of $140,000....US dollars! Hopefully that's enough to 'assure the site's survival'!

Maybe I need a pledge week too!!! If every reader of this blog was to sign up as a member and donate a one off donation of 5 cents ( 2.5cents US) we'd be rolling in it (5 cent pieces that is....maybe about 100 of them....) with a grand total of $5! Ok so it won't completely cover my blogging costs... in fact at 5 cents a pop we'll probably need 12,000 members, which is quite ambitious, but I'm up for the challenge!

Or maybe we should all just take our 5 cents over to Jordon's site who is selling space on his site in return for donations to some worthy causes!

The Death of Email

11 June, 2003 10:02 AM

BuzzMachine has an interesting post on the death of email - it seems that Instant Messaging and ...yes, you guessed it...blogging is having an impact on spam ridden email.

Blog Stats

11 June, 2003 12:21 AM

Have you ever wondered how far this blogging thing has extended? How many bloggers are there? Where are they from?

Blogcount attempts to answer some of these questions and more. The results are's a taste.

Blogger alone has 1.5million registered users. Their number of users grew 14% in the 60 days after 11 March!

Blogstreet's list of blogs grew 27% in a similar period and Technorati tripled the number of blogs it watched in a recent two month period.

Live Journal has 1,090,084 total accounts, with over half of them presently active. Of these 62.2% are Female users and 37.4% are male! (which is pretty different to the God Blog Gender Survey that I did where I found that at least 54% of Christian bloggers were Male!)

18 year olds are the biggest users at Live Journal, most seem to fall between the age of 15 and 25 years old.

The median update rate of pingers is every three days.

Poland now has 100,000 blogs, again 62% are written by women, 75% are under 20 years old.

Iran has 12,000 blogs, but here 76% are male.

During the recent War, 4% of Americans got their war coverage from Weblogs.

This Site has crawled 437,986 blogs. In that list 205,898 are written in English. After that the most popular languages were Portuguese, Polish, Farsi, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Icelandic(in that order). 101,831 are hosted with Blogspot, 14,841 are with MT, 14,172 are with Pitas and 13,106 are with Blogger

Wow - those are some amazing statistics....the amount of data that is flying around the net purely from blogs is massive. You've got to wonder how useful alot of the data is, and what impact so many people putting their ideas, dreams, feelings etc out into the datasphere is having on our crazy little world!?

Blog Changes

8 June, 2003 9:32 PM

There is change happening in two of the blogs that first got me into blogging.

After two amazing years of blogging Tall Skinny Kiwi is going through some blog changes at the moment. There is talk of new blogs and the old one becoming a museum. I can't wait to see what will emerge happen for him next - Andrew is one of the most amazing bloggers out there - he's hugely popular yet remains down to earth and happy to keep in touch with the ordinary folk via email.

The other changes are happening over at Urban Onramps where the blog has gone altogether for the time being. Instead Rudy has put up a great collection of articles and links.

Also the Gospel According to Mark has moved to a new home with a new look. Great to see him blogging again!

Christian Paintball Park - Revisited

4 June, 2003 12:39 AM

My longer term readers might remember a post I did in January entitled America's Best Christian Paintball Park I critiqued how it (and other businesses) put the word 'Christian' in their name and asked the question why? The comments left at the time were pretty interesting I lost them in the move over to the new domain so you wont see them on the link above, but can see them here...leave your new comments on the post (hope that makes some sense)

Anyway today I noticed a little traffic coming onto my blog from the CPPA (Christian Paintball Players Association) discussion group who have some opinions on my previous post. Check it out, you'll have to register to leave a message like I did.

UPDATE - Winn (28th May - perm link not working) writes on a similar theme. (thanks Mike for the link.)

Amazing Design

4 June, 2003 12:06 AM

This must be the most amazingly designed blog I've ever seen....looks somehow famililar though....hmmmm

Update: They've graciously changed it after a quiet email.

By the way if you want to have an amazingly designed blog or web site I'd suggest you talk to Cre8d Design

Gender Blogging

28 May, 2003 1:06 PM

Rachel has 30 or so pictures of bloggers that most of us would know the names of! Can you guess who is who?

My initial reaction to the pics was that there were alot more males blogging than females. It seems I'm not the only one to come to that conclusion. Bene observes most pictured bloggers are 'young, male and white'.

This has got me wondering why!? Are there more males pictured because that is a true representative of all blogs? Is it a 'God blog' thing? Or does Rachel just read more guy bloggers than girl bloggers?

So I've done a bit of a survey:

My Blog - Links I started by examining the make up of my links page. On my own page I have 120 or so blogs listed. (no wonder I'm spending so much time on line lately) Of the 120 worldwide blogs only 30 have female contributors. (25%) Interestingly the percentage of Aussie female blogs is higher at 39% of 33 links.

My Blog - Comments I then went through every comment I've had since moving to the new domain. Since that time I've had 85 different people comment, 33 (39%)are female. Interestingly,out of the ten most regular commenters on my blog, 8 (80%) are female — so while more men leave comments they tend to be less likely to be 'repeat commenters' whereas my female readers tend to be more committed to ongoing dialogue.

God Blogs I decided my sample wasn't big enough and was probably pretty skewed so i decided to head over to B4G to sample some of their 600 plus 'God blogs'. I spent an hour or so surfing and sampled 345 of their blogs. (I've got a headache now)

I found that 54% were written by males, 26% were written by females, 9% were group blogs and in 11% of cases I could not work out the gender of the author.

Non God Blogs - It's a bit harder to get stats on non 'God blogs' (if there is such a thing. O2r lists 128 of their blogs, of which 55% are from female bloggers. Comments (22)

Gender Blogging

28 May, 2003 1:06 PM

Rachel has 30 or so pictures of bloggers that most of us would know the names of! Can you guess who is who?

My initial reaction to the pics was that there were alot more males blogging than females. It seems I'm not the only one to come to that conclusion. Bene observes most pictured bloggers are 'young, male and white'.

This has got me wondering why!? Are there more males pictured because that is a true representative of all blogs? Is it a 'God blog' thing? Or does Rachel just read more guy bloggers than girl bloggers?

So I've done a bit of a survey:

My Blog - Links I started by examining the make up of my links page. On my own page I have 120 or so blogs listed. (no wonder I'm spending so much time on line lately) Of the 120 worldwide blogs only 30 have female contributors. (25%) Interestingly the percentage of Aussie female blogs is higher at 39% of 33 links.

My Blog - Comments I then went through every comment I've had since moving to the new domain. Since that time I've had 85 different people comment, 33 (39%)are female. Interestingly,out of the ten most regular commenters on my blog, 8 (80%) are female — so while more men leave comments they tend to be less likely to be 'repeat commenters' whereas my female readers tend to be more committed to ongoing dialogue.

God Blogs I decided my sample wasn't big enough and was probably pretty skewed so i decided to head over to B4G to sample some of their 600 plus 'God blogs'. I spent an hour or so surfing and sampled 345 of their blogs. (I've got a headache now)

I found that 54% were written by males, 26% were written by females, 9% were group blogs and in 11% of cases I could not work out the gender of the author.

Non God Blogs - It's a bit harder to get stats on non 'God blogs' (if there is such a thing. O2r lists 128 of their blogs, of which 55% are from female bloggers. Comments (22)

'New' Blogs

28 May, 2003 11:23 AM

Just found some great new blogs (to me).

Future Margins is one: Here Fred asks why we blog? He gives four suggested reasons that he see's Christians blogging for and asks for our ideas. See my reasons for blogging there in the comments. (update Leighton posts on a similar theme.)

Wade Hodges has a great array of posts including reviews on Matrix and Bruce Almighty and comments on how English teachers can help us read the bible.

Also - after a great chat session last Friday, the next Blogger Chat session is happening Friday 6 June. The details are here.

update Also stumbled upon Jeremy Olson's and Randall Friesen's blogs today which I'll be watching with interest as they are asking some interesting questions.

Working For God @ Eurovision

27 May, 2003 9:15 AM

Luke has an interesting post about 'working for God in a secular environment'.

His post on Eurovision made me laugh too!

Introducing The Green Man

26 May, 2003 8:58 AM

Welcome a new blogger from a familiar face. Chris has been a regular reader and commenter here on my blog and has finally given into the blogging pull to his own blog - The Green Man

If its half as good as his commens around the blogisphere it'll be one to keep an eye on.

Around the 'Traps'

21 May, 2003 10:22 AM

On my morning round of the blogs I found some gems.

Leighton comments insightfully on the "Church leavers debate". Laura has a beautiful post about 'time healing all wounds'. Andrew comments on Christians on Survivor - something I'd been watching with interest. Rachel has finally gone nuts and is willing to answer any question (virtually) that we ask her! Thomas talks about leaving for South Africa in the next week. Andrew must have taken some 'funny pills' this he talks about the prayer of Jael, Jesus action figures etc. Bryan asks if all this authenticity talk is the 'real deal'. Matt takes a look at Brian McLaren's A New Kind of Christian. Rob has started writing a book, In Search of Thin Ice and has posted the intro for our comments.

Comments (1)


20 May, 2003 11:13 PM

here is my BlogStreet Neighborhood

IRC Chat

20 May, 2003 4:38 PM

(This post is also found at Signposts)

Some of us chatted away on msn last week. It was quite an experience chatting online to people who you felt you knew really well. How? Well, by reading their blogs. Unfortunately Msn limits us to five people chatting at the same time in a group.

So, we have set up an IRC channel and are planning a scheduled chat. Depending on how it goes we may even invite certain authors and guests and explore issues with them online.

Date - Friday, 23rd May 2003
Time - 8.30am EST (Australian Eastern Time)
server -
Channel - #whattheblog

If you dont have access to a irc client you may want to check out:

Windows -

Mac - fire client

If you are unsure of how to use a irc client or want a web based solution then go to here and use signposts web interface.

I am looking forward to chatting on Friday.

update - note the change of time - also Bene has the North American times listed

Jan's Story

17 May, 2003 12:17 PM

Jan (16.05.03) has posted her powerful story in response to the conversation at Rachel's which by the way has been commented upon widely through the blogisphere. I recommend you read through her posts and related links - its an amazing collection of thoughts for those of us thinking through what church should/might/could look like!


15 May, 2003 9:27 PM

Chuck Olsen is making a independent documentary about blogs! Should be interesting.

Good Blogging 101

15 May, 2003 11:54 AM

Susan (permalinks not working) has a great list of 'what makes a good blog'. Her main headings are:

1. Updated frequently
2. Content
3. Design
4. Navigation
5. Author Information
6. Commenting
7. Music

Check out her post to see what she says under each one.

What makes a good blog for you?? Leave your comments and I'll collate them all if there is enough response.

Comments (9)

Instant Bloggering

14 May, 2003 9:31 AM

Since my call for other bloggers to have a chat on MSN Messenger I've been fortunate enough to have 'conversations' with some of my favorite bloggers (its like meeting blogging celebrities!

So far I've chatted with:

Luke >> Phil and Dan >> Rachel C >> Rachel F >> Bene Diction >> Eliancin >> John >> Macker >> Blake >> Richard >>

I've also got Paul, Richard >> and Mike's ID's and am am eagerly awaiting them being online for a chat.

Its interesting to communicate with each other via another medium than blogging. It does add another dimension.

As I said last time, if you want to chat my MSN Messenger ID is NB, this is not an email address I check so use my other one for email communication! See you online soon.

Comments (4)

Crowning King Gibber Bob

10 May, 2003 11:29 AM

Check our Rob's (the guy who blog sitted Living Room while I was away) new blog at King Gibber Bob. He's currently in the UK at a global mission conference and will then be travelling in Vietnam.

Update: Read all his entries (there is only 7 or so so far), his reflections upon theconference he's at are worth the read!

To Delist or not to Delist?

10 May, 2003 9:31 AM

What the blog ettiquette is in delisting people from your blog?

I ask because of late I've had a number of emails from people letting me know that they are delisting me because they don't agree with some of the 'multi faith' postings I've been doing lately.

Not sure how to feel about another one this morning.

Oh well - I guess my self esteem and self worth shouldn't come from my blog so I shouldn't take it personally.

Update: It does make me a little concerned that the way people deal with reading something they disagree with is to 'delist' or turn ones back on that person. Generally when I disagree with another person I would leave a comment and try to engage them in a conversation to explore the tension. In fact I find that when I do its something that helps me to grow and develop. If we only interact with and support those who we agree with do we run the risk of limiting our own experience of life, faith and personal development?

I like what Jan writes in comments fact it deserves to see the light of day here on the main page!

She writes: "What's the point anyway? I would be the poorer if I read only blogs by those who shared the same viewpoint as I have. I also link to blogs occasionally where I have little in common with the author. I'm not afraid of looking beyond the comfort zone or of hearing something which might challenge the holy huddle viewpoint."

Comments (10)

When Blogging goes to another level!

6 May, 2003 3:36 PM

Have you ever wondered what impact blogging might be having on your life?

Scenario 1 - You are at a party where you see a friend you haven't seen for a few weeks. You engage them in conversation. You ask the 'what have you been up to?' question. They tell you their latest news and do the polite thing and ask you, 'what about you, what have you been doing?' You try to list off your latest news only to be cut off mid sentence each time you tell a story with the words....'Yeah, I read about that on your blog.' They jokingly say 'I don't need to catch up with you in person any more, I'll just read your blog!' You both chuckle but know deep down that in some respects they may be right.

Scenario 2 - You and your wife are catching up with friends together. Mid way through the conversation it becomes obvious that the one of your friends that reads your blog knows more about some of the things you've been thinking about during the day than your wife does.

Scenario 3 - You meet an old ministry associate at a conference. He seems slightly more 'distant' than normal and less willing to engage in conversation than he has been on previous encounters. You think he might just be having a bad day until you later hear he thinks you've joined the 'liberal faction' of the denomination after someone forwarded him your blog address and he read a one off post out of the context of an ongoing conversation with a group of other bloggers.

Scenario 4 - You are the guest speaker at a church. After your sermon you are approached by someone who you've never met before who procedes to tell you your life story and interact with you as if they're life long and intimate friends because they feel like they know you so well after having read your inner thoughts on the net.

Comments (10)

Quality Links

5 May, 2003 10:43 AM

I've finally added some new 'Quality Links'. I've been visiting most of them for ages and am embarrassed to only be updating my links now. So when you've got some time for some good quality blogging check out:

David Hopkins>>Faith Walkin>>Grow Project>>Incident Report>>Lebs Rant>>Matt Glock>>McBlog>>Small Ritual>>They blinked

Also check out recently added Aussie Blogger wwWestlake


2 May, 2003 9:05 AM

The past day or so I've been Lusting. Wander-Lusting that is.

Click the left hand side of this button and you'll be taken to a random blog linked to Wander never quite know where you'll end up, some destinations will leave you amazed, others confused and others disappointed. I have been amazed by the vast quantity of blogs that are out there - and the amazing creativity of the Blogisphere. Sometimes its easy just to stay in your own little only surf Christian blogs or even just the 'Post-modern' Christian blogs.... maybe its time we widened our horizons a little.

Comments (3)

Bubble Popping adiction?

30 April, 2003 1:10 PM

Do you like to pop the bubbles on bubble wrap? Virtual Bubblewrap and Perpetual Bubblewrap will fulfill all your desires!

Thanks to Lady Dusk for the links.

Comments (3)


26 April, 2003 10:16 PM

Just Toilet Paper Maybe the marketing department of the church I just blogged about could try THIS new form of advertising!!!!

Thanks to Presurfer for the link.

Comments (2)

Watch out what you say...

15 April, 2003 5:21 PM

A word of warning to those of you who have MSN conversations with other certain bloggers... your words may end up of their page!!! I might have to stick a Creative Commons licence on my MSN outgoing messages! :-)

Nice one Rachel

Emerging Blog

11 April, 2003 9:15 AM

Just got an email from Greg, an emerging minister. Check out his blog....very....'emerging'...

Comments (1)

Blog Taster

10 April, 2003 6:13 PM

Rachel is a complete star. She just added some very nice code to my blog to enable you my readers to get a taste of what four of my four favorite bloggers are saying right here on my blog. (its over there on the right under the 'search' option and above the other links) At this stage its just four blogs featured and its limited to those bloggers using Moveable Type.

The purpose is to get us all talking and interacting more - I hope it draws you over to these blogs - I'll add more as I can and perhaps rotate featured blogs as I find more MT based ones!

If you'd like to add this feature to your MT blog let us know and we'll get you the code! Thanks Rachel!!

UPDATE Also to acknowledge that the original code (before Rachel adapted it) came from Trommetter

Comments (4)

Muslim Blogisphere

7 April, 2003 1:49 PM

I just spent a most interesting morning surfing a new (for me) part of the blogisphere that I'd never experienced before, blogs written by Muslims.

What a fascinating time I've just had! I feel like I've learnt so much.

There is probably a lot I could write about in response to what I read but the following are some of the observations that I made as I surfed. I've written them as comparisons to the Christian blogs that I read daily.

(please note that I am an outsider to the Muslim community and therefore do not presume to fully understand or comprehend everything I've read - I also surfed well over 100 blogs so what I am not writing is a gross generalisation....I hope I do not offend anyone in my observations.)

1. The first thing I immediately noted as I surfed was that many of these blogs use the same templates that you would find surfing any collection of Christian blogs! Blogger crosses all boundaries in its reach!

2. The topics of general postings were remarkably similar to that in the Christian blogs that I surf. Postings ranged in topic from Iraq, SARS, international politics right through to issues of faith and Scripture and through to personal observations of life and story telling of those quirky happenings that happen to all of us. This was reflected in the variety of types of blogs that I saw. As in the 'Christian blogisphere' there are blogs representing all streams of Christian thought, denominations, theologies and ways of life.

3. Related to this was a huge array of opinions and stances on the 'issues' of today. In particularly I observed a large range of opinion on the Iraq conflict. Just as many Christians take opposing views so do the Muslim bloggers I visited. Another similarity is the obvious pain that the current conflict is causing bloggers on both ends of the political spectrum - posts on the topic obviously come out of deep emotions and feelings.

4. I was impressed by the depth and genuine grappling I observed in many of the blogs on issues of faith. Some of what I read corresponded with some of the issues I've been reading on my blogroll. Many of the blogs were grappling with the question 'what does it mean to be a Muslim in the time and place where we live?' As a result there was conversation about how to be more relevant with expressing faith today in this fragmented world we live in. Again - this corresponding conversation is happening in many of the 'emerging church' blogs I'm interacting with.

5. Lastly I was very disappointed to observe on a number of blogs comments from readers that were inflammatory, racist and aimed at provoking some of the bloggers as they grappled with tough issues. My visit was fleeting so I cannot really comment on who was at fault - however in most situations the Muslim bloggers responded to these hurtful comments with real grace and the majority of the 'heat' seemed to come from those leaving the comments - often quoting the bible to make their points.

On the whole I feel my morning of surfing has been really worthwhile. I'm learning alot. I hope my observations have not come across as condescending in any way - they are basic ones, however I guess I was struck by some of the similarities in what I read. Thank you to those bloggers who have enlightened me no end today!

I am a little hesitant to point you to the blogs where I surfed — only because there is a minority in visitors to this site (perhaps even just 1) who have been quite abusive when I've talked on this topic before. However I'll give you a starting blog which has literally hundreds of Muslim bloggers for you to visit if you are interested. (I figure it doesn't take much to find such blogs if you put your mind to it, so I might as well give you one that has a wide spectrum of links) It is called Interview with Bilal - 1
Interview with Bilal - 2
Interview with Bilal - 3
A Muslim's Reflection on Easter
Last Sunday I visited the local Mosque

Comments (7)


6 April, 2003 11:56 AM

Signposts have found a new home. Help them out by changing your links.

Added Rick to my quality links page.

The Psychology of Weblogs

3 April, 2003 4:40 PM

Well they've started writing about the Psychology of Weblogs at last. I havn't read this series of articles yet but I'm sure they'll be enlightening. Check them out here. Thanks again PreSurfer for the link.

Comments (1)

Something smells Fishy

2 April, 2003 9:49 PM

Has anyone else noticed that there are some strange goings on in the blogisphere of late? Maxspeak has had his site mirrored in a few remote locations. Signposts seemed to get hacked yesterday and Boynton has also had her template, blogroll...everything stolen.

Smells it a conspiracy???

eliacinandricci has also got salmon like smells eminating from his site. If you take the 's' out of the blogspot in his URL you'll end up on a mega Christian prophecy site.

Roy worked it out - someones registered the domain 'blogpot' 's' in it and its siphering any such mispelling of blogspot off to the Christian Prophecy site. Main thing is to spell your domain right and it won't effect you - it still does peeve me off a little - not sure about the ethics of this as a hit getting strategy!

Hmmm....maybe we could cash in on this.....I might go out and register some domains....''....'tallskinykiwi'....''.....''....hmmm

Comments (12)


30 March, 2003 10:06 PM

In the last week or so I've added a number of great new blogs (well they were new to me) to my Quality Links page. Some of them are great quality - have a look and see what you think! Here they are:

Andy and Bea's World of Roman Umbrellas >> Charlie Wear's Notes >> DMash >> Matt Glock >> M Squared T >> Organic Church >> SteveSpot >>

Muslim Lover

27 March, 2003 8:02 AM

Well its been an interesting morning. I wasn't able to access the net last night due to running out of hours with my ISP (had to upgrade my plan) so I was expecting a few emails this morning....however as I watched them come into my inbox I realised that something 'strange' was going on! 100 emails later my suspicions were confirmed.

The bulk of these emails came from the one address - most just had the words 'Muslim Lover' in the subject. All I want to say to the writer of these emails (unsigned but presumably from our friend Greg) is thankyou for the reminder. I actually hadn't forgotten the call of Jesus to love my neighbour as myself - but its always good to be reminded. I DO appreciate your concern for me - however perhaps in future just one email reminder would suffice.

Another 20 or so emails came from a variety of bloggers. They are too many to name here - however most of them you'll find in my blog roll. All wrote to let me know of comments on their blogs reminding my blogging buddies to 'love Muslims' too. (this time they were signed by Greg) Again - we got the message Greg - we love Muslims - and most of those bloggers that you've left comments on also seem to love YOU too Greg in the gracious way they've responded to you.

Sorry to my fellow bloggers who've put up with this - I hope Greg is able to let go of his angst and put his energies into more positive endeavours in future.

Comments (16)


23 March, 2003 7:39 AM

I havnt done much surfing this week - so my Sunday morning meta blog really has nothing meta about it. Rather I've got one site for you to take a look at.

Check out my mates brand new blog. Luke is from Melbourne like me and he's put his blog together himself from scratch - looks good mate!!! Luke: food for thought

Also was impressed with this post entitled THREE QUESTIONS ABOUT WAR WITH IRAQ that I found on Jordon's blog.


21 March, 2003 2:14 PM

A Huge Thank You to Rich! He'll know why - all I can say is he's been most supporting and generous to Living Room - what a guy! Visit him every day like I do!

Comments (4)

Where were you?

20 March, 2003 1:52 PM

Yes it has begun. The question that is always asked about these occassions is 'where were you when you heard the news?'

I spent this morning in a Hindu Temple here in Melbourne and that is where I heard the news. I am currently doing a subject on major religions which involves visiting different places of worship.

It was quite a surreal moment after seeing the peaceful nature of these devout people and the serentity of their compound to get in my car and hear George Bush announcing the beginning of such a major conflict.

Comments (1)

Village Space

20 March, 2003 8:49 AM

Village Space is a site I've headed you to before - but the site has been redesigned and moved to a new domain.

I really like the way fellow Aussie Mark seems to be thinking about this new church. He's opened a guitar school which gives an income stream but also puts him into direct contact with young people in his community. Check out his thinking on the blog/site.

Advice to New Bloggers

19 March, 2003 1:44 PM

Was chatting to a new blogger yesterday via email - what advice to give?

I'll make it brief - go here and here. Read their advice. Lastly go here every day and add this to your links list!

Comments (2)

New blogger?!?

17 March, 2003 10:22 PM - >>> the Missional Position

Congratulations to fellow Aussie blogger Malcolm who's just become the father of MICAH!!! I wonder how young the worlds youngest blogger is? Maybe you could get him to post for you Malcolm!?

Comments (1)


16 March, 2003 8:22 AM

I've been considering coming up with some way of acknowledgeing the blogs that have made the biggest impression on me. I've decided that on a semi regularly basis (maybe weekly on a Sunday) that I will post a meta-blog posting giving the high lights of the past weeks blogging from my perspective. From time to time it will include the serious, the bizarre, the new and the old. Its not a competition, they will not be ranked in any order - just a way for me to let you know what's caught my attention, got me thinking, made me laugh (or cry) or provided a space for a good discussion. This weeks observations include:

Jason has been blogging on the Kingdom of God and how it should impact the way we operate as church - especially in relation to our mission-ality here and here. Its a similar journey to what I've been on the past year in my thinking. Great quality blogging.

Welcome to my quality blogs list The Crucible of My heart and Eliacin's Blog. (who is from Puerto Rico)

Alan (see 10th March post) shares of his Dads confession of faith. Excellent news!

cre8d : journal posts on monologue/dialogue in blogging.

Paul shares of some ideas about using movies in church (15th March post). Great ideas which i'm sure I'll borrow!

Bene comments on some of the trends in blogging - particularly focusing upon what types of Christian blogs are getting most links.

John Campea links to a great article about A Practical Christian Pacifism - good article and very topical.

Rachel from Life Being Beautiful risks never being linked on this page again with an 'Australian Joke'! Three strikes and you're out Rachel....thats ONE!

Mark Riddle announces that 2nd April is 'National Tell the Truth Day'

New Anonymous Blogger

14 March, 2003 10:33 AM

Just to let you know of a new blogger on the scene that has cause a bit of a blogging frenzy in their few days of blogging so far! Everyone meet No Eye Deer.

Unfortunately B4G have decided not to list No Eye Deer as a result of their new policy to not allow anonymous bloggers. An interesting discussion has since been happening at Cre8d over the sense of such a policy.

Anyway - as B4G won't do the introductions to you I thought I would...

No Eye Deer has since posted on their feelings on the saga too with what I feel are some wise words here.

Reminds me of a post I did a few months back entitled Who's In?

Comments (2)

Sunday morning Blogservations

9 March, 2003 9:17 AM

Observations of my Sunday morning Blogisphere rounds.

Stumbled upon a new blog (to me) Marcs Messages at Kingdom Space, it looks really good. Bene - well he just blogs on! (he's a machine!)

Laura is talking about one of her (and my) favourite bands — Coldplay. Steve's church Grace way have started a lent blog which is a fantastic idea. I'll be checking it out heaps as its such stimulating stuff. (try saying that first thing on a Sunday morning!)

Friday6pm's temperature is rising over a new HOT television show. Paul and Mark are hot under the collar too as a result of blogger type frustrations.

Tall Skinny Kiwi's site is looking great — I like all the little pics — concise posts etc. I wish I could be a little more pointed in my writing. Alysha Jane may just be loosing her marbles after some heavy study. The evidence is in her star trekking post — poor girl!

Malcolm tells of an interesting chat with a pastor doing some interesting thinking on church size. Mark has discovered that church is actually a soccer game with 50 kids! He's a braver man than I.

Stay clear of Gannes site — you might catch what he's got! Leave him an encouraging comment though....I hate being sick. IreneQ is talking death — interesting stuff. Berlin Rocks has finally updated!!!! Woohooo!!! I love her reflections.

Comments (3)

Vote for a top blog

7 March, 2003 7:51 AM

Vote for Rachel in the best design catagory in the dilly award. Congratulations Rachel!

Also just a reminder for people to change their bookmarks on this site. Thanks.

Fat Blue Address change

4 March, 2003 3:24 PM

FatBlueMan John Janzen has changed his domain address.

Categorised Archives

1 March, 2003 8:30 PM

filing.jpgHave changed my Archives over to a Categorised format - hope its easier to use than what I had.

Observations....or should that be Blogservations

20 February, 2003 1:15 PM

Thanks for Jonny (check out his book on Alt Worship - looks great!) and Thomas for links to various recent posts.

Check out Rachel's brand new design - it looks fantastic, very fresh, clean and simple yet also functional. I can only dream of having something like that for my blog and will have to enlist her brilliant design skills to manage it.

Pray for John, Real Live Preacher and Darren as they and their families each face pretty big stuff at the moment.

Comments are back

19 February, 2003 12:01 PM

Looking forward to your thoughts on the last couple of days posting.

Comments (2)

Comments on Comments

14 February, 2003 2:50 PM

Sorry to those who've had trouble with my comments today - Haloscan have been driving me nuts of late - time for a change soon....

Tried to post a comment two posts back in reaction to the conversation going on there. It wouldnt let me post a comment so I'll do it for all to see...

Sorry that you seem to have been hurt in this conversation Laura - I suspect a number of people have been and I would encourage us all to attempt to continue the conversation going with Graceful dialogue as our intention.

I've appreciated most of the comments made on this topic have been made in that vain - however worry when we write one anothers comments and opinions off as invalid without trying to see the others point of view.

Yes - do hold an opinion - argue it - tell us all your point of view but don't write others off or make accusations or assumptions about what they think or believe without a little grace. Rather ask them a question, make a suggestion and encourage them to think about something.

As far as I know none of us are experts in international relations, none of us have had conversations with our worlds leaders on the topic and all of us are trying to work through this international conflict from our own perspective's, through our own pain, from our own viewpoint in the world and in our own time. I know this is where I'm coming from and this is the type of atmosphere I'm trying to create on this blog. The day I realise this blog is not about bringing life to its readers and the world is the day I'm out.

Please continue to discuss the issue, I'm happy to provide a space for us to work through this, to learn from and understand one another and to pray about this.

Sorry - feel strongly that we maybe need to refocus at tad... and by 'we' I mean me on

Comments (5)

Fellow Aussie blogger

10 February, 2003 2:05 PM

Malcolm has succumbed to the blogging pressure and has started what promises to be a fine blog. He's another Aussie - a good thinker - a church planter...but then...I'll let him do the talking. Welcome to the blogisphere mate. Go check him out at the Missional Position

Blogeagram Update 3 - Reflections

10 February, 2003 1:57 PM

Its been 6 days since I first posted about the Enneagram test. Since that time I've had 41 or so people send me their results of the same test - their results were posted here.

A few people have asked when I'm going to do a follow up post on my reflections upon these results. I'm a little hesitant to spend too much time on it because I'm always a bit dubious about such surveys accuracy and value - however let me share briefly my reactions. I'll do so by going through the list in order of how they were ranked.
Please forgive me for my gross generalizations, assumptions etc - I do not intend to cause offense....and I'm no expert in this....

TYPE 4 - INDIVIDUALIST - 9 BLOGGERS - I was interested to find that there seem to be alot of people out there with similar personalities to me! (this of course might be explained in a variety of maybe all your other Individualists seem to be attracted to other likeminded people. (although it sort of goes against the grain of our personality type!)) Maybe blogging is attractive to us because it brings us the attention and feelings of uniqueness that we desire, gives us an avenue to express our creativity and individualness - or maybe its that we tend to be a little introspective at times and find it difficult to relate to people in 'real life'.....its got me thinking I admit.

TYPE 7 - ENTHUSIAST - 7 BLOGGERS - I guess this makes some sense - to be a regular good blogger does mean some dedication and enthusiasm. Also the hyperactivity mentioned in the profile could be a good thing! At least some of the bloggers listed in this section seem to fit the bill of being highly productive, with lots of energy and very enthusiastic about their blogs and their lives!

TYPE 1 - REFORMER - 6 BLOGGERS - This makes sense to me as well because Reformers tend to have strongly held ideas and blogging is the ideal place for them to be expressed. I've noticed that many blogs that I read are rational, well thought out and well argued (something I find I cannot do) - this fits with this personality type.

TYPE 5 - INVESTIGATOR - 6 BLOGGERS - Blogging is obviously an outlet for this type of personality. So much of blogging is about researching what others are saying - finding that insightful article - analyzing it and then responding. A good blogger has the knack of knowing where to find that statistic and has the ability to keep their eye on many blogs and other sources at once and still keep some perspective.

TYPE 2 - HELPER - 5 BLOGGERS - I don't need to say much more than go look at the description of this one and you'll see this evident in the bloggers listed underneath it. I've found the blogging community to be filled with such people, more than willing to help me out as I've started blogging and as I enter into the Living Room project. The support has been marvelous. I would have predicted that this personality type would have been more highly represented - perhaps it was the 2nd highest for many of you. I guess blogging gives an outlet for such people to make a difference in other peoples lives!

TYPE 9 - PEACEMAKERS - 5 BLOGGERS - Again I've noticed this trait in many other bloggers. In the midst of some of the heavy discussions of late there have been a number of bloggers that have stood in 'no mans land' and have attempted to bring reason and grace to the debate. Thank goodness this group is well represented - I can't imagine blogging sustaining any sense of community without them.

TYPE 6 - LOYALIST - 3 BLOGGERS - It surprised me a little about this group having less than 10% representation as I've felt a number of bloggers reaching out for relationship and connection. However I wonder whether MAYBE as blogging can be at times a bit of an impersonal thing (not fact to face) whether such people are actually more out in the 'real world' (don't like that term) building relationships more so with people face to face. I don't know...interested in peoples perspective.

TYPE 8 - CHALLENGER - 2 BLOGGERS - Again surprised by this ones small representation. I look at the two people who are listed in this section as fitting the bill quite nicely. (hope that doesn't offend you Bene or Phil) I think the church needs this type of person to stir the pot and make us think about how we do things. Often we ostracize such people rather than appreciate them (sometimes their views are too hard to hear...but necessary) - if we push them to the outer too much we may never address some of the issues that we face and this will be to our detriment.

TYPE 3 - ACHIEVER - 2 BLOGGERS - Why are there only two? Strange - maybe some of us have it as a 2nd or 3rd preference (this is the weakness of my analysis - too complicated to take it all into account accurately). Or maybe, just maybe, the achievers are too busy achieving to be blogging much about it. I guess at times blogging can be a very reflective process, sometimes passive even and the achiever may be frustrated by such practices...

We have every personality type covered in this sample of the blogging community. Obvious I know - but I guess I find this some what satisfying and reassuring that bloggers are not all just the same type of people feeding off one another in some sicko sort of fashion. Phew... It also backs up the experience I've had the past few months of blogging - as I get to know this virtual community I've been stunned by the variety of people that make it up. Diversity of opinion, interests, ideas, style, skills and now...personality types. To me it tells me something about our God who reflects all these things also.

so there are some of my thoughts on it (interested in yours...) - again, let not take it too seriously - in many ways its a bit of fun and shouldn't distract us from the tasks at hand. As Alan once said on someone's comments page...."Oh well, let's go change the world!!!"

UPDATE - people keep sending me their type - so I'll keep updating the stats/ranking as they come in. For a full breakdown of who says they are what see this previous post

dropping like flies

10 February, 2003 7:55 AM

Sadly another quality blogger has hung up his keyboard - thanks for sharing your journey Josh.

Blogging News

8 February, 2003 2:12 PM

Check out this brand new blog!!! Its called Signposts and its written by two good friends - Phil and Dan. They are from Melbourne and are also leading a new form of church at Northern Community Church of Christ. They are really good value and I'm sure there will be some good blogging coming out of SIGNPOSTS! (can you tell I'm excited?)

Great South Blog Hunt Continued

7 February, 2003 8:15 PM

Another Christian blogger from Australia is Dave .

Blogeagram Update 2

7 February, 2003 10:53 AM

Things were getting messy down there in the previous post - so I thought I'd repost the results so we can keep track of who we all are a little more easily. You will notice besides some peoples names are '?' - this is for those who are borderline between two or more types. (or they might be just plain confused!!)

REFORMERS - TYPE 1 - The potential for moderation, conscience, maturity, self-discipline, and delayed gratification. Negatively, the potential for rigid self-control, impersonal perfectionism, judgmentalism, and self-righteousness.
Avoiding Evil

HELPERS - TYPE 2 - The potential for other-directedness, thoughtfulness for others, genuine self-sacrifice, generosity, and nurturance. Negatively, the potential for intrusiveness, possessiveness, manipulation, and self-deception.

ACHIEVERS - TYPE 3 - The potential for ambition, self-improvement, personal excellence, professional competence, self-assurance, and social self-distinction. Negatively, the potential for pragmatic calculation, arrogant narcissism, the exploitation of others, and hostility.

INDIVIDUALISTS - TYPE 4 - The potential for intuition, artistic creativity, sensitivity, individualism, self-expression, and self-revelation. Negatively, the potential for self-absorption, self-consciousness, self-doubt, self-inhibition, and depression.
Darren - me
I took the Red Pill

INVESTIGATORS - TYPE 5 - The potential for curiosity, perceptiveness, the acquisition of knowledge, inventive originality, and technical expertise. Negatively, the potential for speculative theorizing, emotional detachment, eccentricity, social isolation, and mental projections.
The Barrister

LOYALISTS - TYPE 6 - The potential for emotional bonding with others, group identification, sociability, industriousness, loyalty to others, and commitment to larger efforts. Negatively, the potential for dependency, ambivalence, rebelliousness, anxiety, and inferiority feelings.

ENTHUSIASTS - TYPE 7 - The potential for enthusiasm, productivity, achievement, skill acquisition, and the desire for change and variety. Negatively, the potential for hyperactivity, superficiality, impulsiveness, excessiveness, and escapism.

CHALLENGERS - TYPE 8 - The potential for self-confidence, self-determination, self-reliance, magnanimity, and the ability to take personal initiative. Negatively, the potential for domination of others, crude insensitivity, combativeness, and ruthlessness.

PEACEMAKERS - TYPE 9 - The potential for emotional stability, acceptance, unself-consciousness, emotional and physical endurance, and creating harmony with others. Negatively, the potential for passivity, disengaged emotions and attention, neglectfulness, and mental dissociation.

To be included in these results (of this cutting edge research!!!!) do the free short test here and let me know how you came out in my comments (which seem to be sort of working again....or email me your results to make sure I get them.

Small Ritual

6 February, 2003 3:00 PM

Steve at Small Ritual has started blogging here.


6 February, 2003 8:00 AM

It seems most of my comments disappeared last night. Two implications of this
1. If you left a comment in the past 24 hours on any topic you may want to post it again
2. Does anyone have any ideas on a more reliable comment service?

Blogeagram Update

5 February, 2003 4:02 PM

Some of you have done the Enneagram Personality Test (see post a couple below) - thought it might be interested to post the results so far - I was wondering if bloggers were a predominate far its spread alittle, although the INVESTIGATORS and REFORMERS are in the lead.

Mike is an INVESTIGATOR (type 5), so is Jadan and Laura, Paul is a PEACEMAKER (type 9), SedNobis is a REFORMER (type 1) as is Avoiding Evil, Beth came out as an ENTHUSIAST (type 7) and I was an INDIVIDUALIST (type 4). We are missing some for a full set - do the test here, let me know what you came out as...Do the free short test here.

UPDATE exciting newsBoynton is also an INDIVIDUALIST. Phew, I'm not alone. Bene is a CHALLENGER (type 8). Michael might be a PEACEMAKER (9) but then again maybe he's a HELPER (2). Richard was very helpful in providing us with his results - a HELPER (2). Ian is an Enthusiast (7). I took the Red Pill is an INDIVIDUALIST (4).

UPDATE 2 Tony is a HELPER (2), Jan is anothere INVESTIGATOR (common theme emerging) (5) although she was a REFORMER (1) the other day.....and Rich is another INDIVIDUALIST (4), Jen is a LOYALIST (6) and Rachel came out as a borderline INDIVIDUALIST (4). Christopher is a borderline ACHIEVER (3), LOYALIST (6) and PEACEMAKER (9)

I'm going to have to collate all these....


4 February, 2003 10:40 AM

I keep bumping into people who've been doing some study on the Enneagram personality type indicator. I've always been facinated with it and have done a couple of the tests and even read a book or two on it. Every time I look into it I've come out with the same result. I"m a type 4 "Individualist" some call it - others call it the "Artist". Here's a free short test if you want to work out what type you might be...

free enneagram test

The thing I like the Enneagram over others is that it gives you areas to work on. It tells you how you are at your best and at your worst - but also gives hints at the types of people you should try to be around and how they will influence you. I've found it to be a very helpful tool. They say if as you read the descriptions of the different types that if you cringe at one - there's a good chance it could be yours....the following makes me literally squirm....

Here is the first paragraph description of my Type -

The introspective, romantic type. Fours are self-aware, sensitive, and reserved. They are emotionally honest, creative, and personal, but can also be moody and self-conscious. Withholding themselves from others due to feeling vulnerable and defective, they can also feel disdainful and exempt from ordinary ways of living. They typically have problems with melancholy, self-indulgence, and self-pity. At their Best: Profoundly creative, expressing the personal and the universal, possibly in a work of art. Inspired, self-renewing and regenerating: able to transform all their experiences into something valuable: self-creative.

At their worst....well I'll let you read the description at the site....I'd squirm too much...What type are you??? I wonder if us bloggers all are a certain type of person??? Would be interesting to do some analysis of the type of person bloggers are - and what type of blogs the different bloggers produce!

Catch you soon Jordon

3 February, 2003 4:52 PM

Jordon Cooper looks like he's reinventing. Good luck with it mate.

UPDATE - and he's back with a more refined and refocused version. Glad to have you back Jordon!


31 January, 2003 8:25 AM

Well with a couple of hours to spare I've managed to get most of my images safely hosted with a new host. Thanks so much Cameron for your generosity!!! I've now got to work back through my archives and get all the links updated which will be a bit of a process. The main page is updated I think so hardly anyone will notice...unless you like to delve into my historical records.


27 January, 2003 8:29 AM

Just found out yesterday that my blog is about to be without IMAGES! As you can probably tell - they are a fairly essential part of my site - but my free image host just told me they are going to a paid service.

Question - does anyone have any ideas on what one should do? Are there any free image hosting services out there that let you post the images on another site for free? Most won't allow this. If you have any ideals let me know asap as I only have a couple of days maximum to arrange it. Thanks

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great southern blog hunt

21 January, 2003 11:23 AM

Found another one - this time from way out west in Perth - its called Another Brazilian in Oz - not alot of English, but we don't discriminate against that!

UPDATE - another Aussie (Sydney) blogger that I've stumbled upon is Cade. Check him out.

African Reflections

21 January, 2003 9:34 AM

Jason is home after a trip to Africa and his first blog reflecting on it from home is a great one.

He writes "those of us that call ourselves "Christian" must turn our eyes toward heaven and beg His forgiveness. I have looked into the eyes of the have-nots and have seen the souls of our very own brothers and sisters in Christ neglected while you benefit from the wealth of a human nation. And while we have been "blessed" by this nation the Kingdom blesses them, not you, with great treasures. Their smiles, their laughter carry more joy than most of you have ever known... maybe it is we, after all, who are the have-nots." Read the rest

Also I responded to a great post by Mike Todd over at the Stinky blog.

Hanoi Blogging

17 January, 2003 11:36 AM

Steve is blogging from Hanoi about his meeting with a senior exec of the World Bank here.

Great South Blog Hunt Update

13 January, 2003 8:35 AM

Two more Southern blogs to add to the list previously published. Firstly is Dave's Revenge of Mr Dumpling. Dave is a 20Something ( remember when I was one of them....) from Horsham Victoria - Australia. The second is another New Zealand blogger Life is Beautiful.

The Great South Blog Hunt - Round 1

12 January, 2003 9:48 AM

The challenge was simple: to find as many Christian bloggers South of the equator as possible. Blogs4God issued me with the challenge so I put the call out and the hunt began. What followed was a frenzy of surfing, searching, emails and sorting. The first round of results in the �Great Southern Blog Hunt� are in. (Results also found at Blogs4God)

Australia has some great quality bogging happening in Melbourne with Stinky Convoluted Past, Flutterings of a flutterby kel, Breathing Space, Martin Roth Christian Commentary, Philbo Baggins Blogger, Anthony Rae and Living Room.

Ballarat is well represented by Christops.

Sydney and its surrounds has a growing clan of bloggers including, Shalom, Village Space, AlyshaJane, HippoCampusExtensions, Thinking out Loud, Web Therapy,
Doreen Downunder
and Toongabbie Anglican.

Down South in Tasmania Mike's Journal is holding the fort for the state.

Across the Tasman in New Zealand some fine blogging specimens which are making a name for themselves globally. In Auckland cre8d :: journal, Chicafa and Emergent Downunder are the pioneers and in Cambridge a new cluster is forming with Prodigal, The Beach and Bridges.

To this point I've not seen a lot of action in Brazil with only Random Variables being located. Likewise in South Africa we were only able to track down one Christian blog in Page Count. I am sure there are more in these parts of the world and look forward to listing them in round two of the hunt.(just let me know of them)

Others bloggers are busily at work just north of the equator and deserve a mention. In Japan Fat Blue Man and Emeth Hesed Smith are hard at work. Malaysia is represented by Tube Screamer and Musings and Misadventures of IreneQ. Also in SE Asia in the Philippines is Mere Madness and How Now Brown Pau. Lastly in Bangkok Thialand is Tishbyte.

Blogging is growing in the Christian community Down Under. Please check out and support some of these excellent blogs and begin to stretch your networks in a southerly direction. Some of these blogs are very new, others are put together by young Christians - all could do with some support and knowledge that they are not alone in their part of the world.

I am keen to make contact with any other southern hemisphere Christian blogs so if you own or know of one get in touch through his blog LivingRoom . Apologies to anyone who was missed in this first list (another will follow in time) and for any mistakes in location and poor geography. Again � notify me if any of your details are listed wrongly!

Let the hunt continue.

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Bits and Pieces

9 January, 2003 1:04 PM

Refined the Southern Blogisphere list of bloggers today. It will be posted on the weekend. Managed to find 32 blogs so with a couple more possibly to add between now and then. Let me know if you know any more!

Doing alot of admin at the moment. Finishing up in my role here at DCCC means having to get alot of things planned for the rest of the year. Taking over some of my role is a new youth minister who will be great value. The rest of the role is to be taken on by volunteers which means I have to get alot of the year ahead planned so they can run with it without having to dedicate every waking hour to it! Its hard to plan so far in advance some times.

I'm also trying to rustle up articles for Phuture (got some good people writing some stuff as we speak) and keep conversations going with people interested in hearing more about the LivingRoom plant. I'm also taking the photos at two friends wedding tomorrow evening and am getting a little nervous about the responsibility of capturing their big day. Have done it plenty of times before, but it is a bit daunting when its friends! I feel a little torn in different directions today - running around like a headless chook!

Southern Blogisphere>>>

7 January, 2003 12:17 PM

Calling all bloggers from down south!!! - anyone that is blogging from the southern hemisphere - I'd like to hear from you asap! I'm trying to compile a list of Theoblogians, Church/Community Blogs, Christian bloggers etc from anywhere south of the equator. Why? - well I've been chatting to a few such people and we thought it might be good if we were able to network and link to each others sites as I'm sure we have alot in common. The list will be made available to all shortly - posted here and on Blogs4God.

Anyway, if this is you or you know of such blogs could you either email me or leave a comment here! Please include your blog name, the URLto be linked, your location (city and country)and your own name/alias >>>

Any help through posting this on your blog and spreading the call would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Monkey lessons

7 January, 2003 9:39 AM

I love Punk monkeys things I learnt in 2002'. Very funny.


6 January, 2003 11:48 AM

Thanks to Blogs4God for the vote of confidence in the bloggies!

Thanks Rachel

5 January, 2003 11:33 AM

Thanks Rachel for the great little 'Living Room' Logo that I've just added to the side bar. Makes our little community all the more inviting. Pull up a couch or bean bag people - lets live life together.


2 January, 2003 4:59 PM

Mark and I tweaked Stinky again - added the blog teams photos.

Also added a few to this site for our viewing pleasure! The only frustration of the process is that blogger can be so slow sometimes when you're changing your settings - makes it a tad hard to adjust things - oh well, one shouldn't complain about a service when one doesn't pay for a service.


24 December, 2002 11:41 AM

Spent some time giving Stinky a fresh look with Mark this morning.

Also changed counter for both sights as the old one was slowing page loading down terribly. Sorry for those who experienced delays or not being able to log on at all. Hopefully things will be better now.

Monkey's clones

22 December, 2002 1:45 PM

Preach it Punk Monkey!!!

Missing Links

20 December, 2002 10:58 AM

I've lost my archives and the posts in my 'Entries that got attention' section seem to be dead. Anyone got any ideas about where they may have gone?

Strange bloggin times

18 December, 2002 10:33 PM

21 days ago I decided to catalogue (through blogging) the story of 'Living Room' as it was born. I decided to do so for my own sanity (I needed a place to think outloud) and I wanted a place online to send prospective members for some of my latest thinking.

I'd not really seen any blogs before and knew nothing about how or why people kept them. None the less I began to write my thoughts in the hope that as I did something would emerge that might be of some use in our new venture. Little was I to know the strange things that would happen in the days that followed.

Since that time many strange and wonderful emails have filtered into my humble inbox. I've been amazed by the variety of people that I've 'met' (virtually), the conversations that I'm engaging in and the things that I'm learning. I've got newfound mates from most states in Australia, from New Zealand, Germany, Singapore, the US, Canada and more. Many of them call themselves 'bloggers', some seem a little offended by the title - but 'commentate' none the less. Some seem learned they use words I have to look up and talk of books in the pile of unread cutting edge material that grows next to my bed, some are hilariously funny - quite happy to take the mickey out on themselves and each other, others are asking questions or for my opinion (do I come accross as someone who has a clue?? If so - how? I wish my bible college lecturers thought so!) and others seem kind of like me - average punters who just want to say hi, to connect and to say that they too are thinking along similar lines. There seems to be such a growing number of us who are realising that the mainline church of today just isn't cutting it, who want to make a difference and who are searching for new and meaningful ways to connect the person and message of Jesus with the cultures we find ourselves in.

I'm not sure why people are here - reading my inadequate words - I don't feel I've done enough, know enough or am the kind of guy people would log onto to read the words of.... In fact some days I feel quite the opposite, a broken and uninspiring type....

All I can say is thankyou for the kind words - thanks for the generous welcome to the 'community' that you (we?) bloggers seem to have. I'm honored by the acceptance, the encouragement and especially for those of you who've gone out of your way to say hi and who seem to want to be a mate. Lets keep talking and bouncing ideas around - and lets keep each other honest too, keep each other from just talking about it and inspire one another to 'do it'.

Mutual Admiration Society

17 December, 2002 12:25 PM

Thanks to Richard and Andrew for your links and generous kind words. Your sites are on my daily visit list too! (Note to self - get some of those orange glasses - I think they'd match my slightly orange hair well)


16 December, 2002 4:04 PM

Just tweaked my template and learnt some new html code in the process. I'm not expert as anyone will be able to tell, however thought it was worth making things a little fresher. Inspiration for the colours came from our wedding invitations which seems to be a big hit with our friends.

Anyone with any web design clues - feel free to comment/suggest/critique

About This Site

14 December, 2002 9:26 PM

Is this your first time to this site? If so welcome to the LivingRoom. Pull up a bean bag, grab a coffee and stay a while.

My name is Darren Rowse. I live in Melbourne Australia. If you want to know more about me click here.

What is this Website?

You are currently reading a blog. In short a blog is an online journal or diary. They are usually written by one person and are updated pretty regularly. Blogs are usually written on a particular topic - there are blogs on virtually any topic you can think of. From photography, to spirituality, to recipes, to personal diaries to hobbies.

There are literally millions of blogs in existence at the moment. If you want more info on blogging and how to start a blog read this article or check out my own Blog Tips.

My blog 'LivingRoom' is a pretty general one that covers all kinds of topics from Spirituality, Technology, Culture, Emerging Church through to Blogging, Movies and Australiana.

How do I read it?

You are currently deep in the middle of my blog on an individual entry page. It is a simple entry on one topic only. To get to the main part of my page click on the Home link at the topic of this page to go to the front page. Most people surf into the front page which contains the most recent updates. At the top of that page is the last thing I wrote and under that are entries from the last week.

Each blog entry is followed by some text that looks like this - 'Have your say? >> Comments (4)'. This is an invitation for you to interact with what I've just written. I read every comment that you post. The number in brackets is how many people have already made comments. Click on the link and you'll be taken to a new window where you can make a comment. You do not have to leave a name, email or web address to leave a comment.

The front page only has the last 7 days entries on it. I have been doing this since November 2002 so there is a lot more material than what you see on the front page. To view older material there are a few options.

At the top of every page is a number of links. Click on the Archives link and you will be taken to a page listing every entry since the beginning of this blog. They are arranged in catagories.

If you are searching for something in particular there is a search option in the side bar on the front page that allows you to search for words or phrases.

At the end of each entry is a reference to a Category that they entry belongs to. If you click on this it will lead you to the last 30 entries from within the same category.

If you have any question please or would like to know more about me or this blogging thing please feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me an email.


9 December, 2002 2:55 PM

Len was gracious enough to link my Mosque reflection to his blog - yet another great blog site!!! How many of them are there out there?!?!

Have had some really encouraging

9 December, 2002 1:27 PM

Have had some really encouraging emails from people logging into the site of late. Thanks Daniel, Miriam, Mark, Karen and Rudy! This blogging thing is fun and a great connector of people from all over who are on remarkably similar journeys.

Daniels Journey is a blog

7 December, 2002 9:34 AM

Daniels Journey is a blog I've been following for a while now. Think its a fresh 'journey' - one I'll continue to follow. Love the pics Daniel!!!!!

Surprisingly someone has already stumbled

29 November, 2002 9:43 AM

Surprisingly someone has already stumbled upon my blog - I don't know how but received an email today from Grant in Texas asking about The Living Room concept. I guess I havn't really painted a picture of what is happening with it. Over the next few days I hope to be able to post some of the Proposal that I put to BUV. They are not descriptions of the way it will be - rather some starting points, ideas and possibilities.