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Blogging for Change (6) - Fear to Commitment

13 April, 2004 12:22 PM

Stage 5 - Fear to Commitment

Depending upon the gravity of the topic you�re talking about, fear can play a part in asking people to take some action to bring about lasting change. Real and sustained change can be a scary thing for many people....

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I may well have been one of those emailers who was a bit shy or reticient about your Idol idea.:^)

Whew. I'm really glad you said 'bloggers might face'
in your last paragraph.
I think your tips would and do translate well in a public speaking arena, and are probably really good for sales people, politicans and ministers.
I enjoyed this series Darren but I find myself rebelling a bit.
I'm never going to be that good, I'm never going to have that formula nailed, I'm never going to see my readers as people I have a responsibility to 'change' with a 'process' that works. I can't see them as a market, a congregation or a voter.
I'm just a blogger.

Bene Diction » 13 April, 2004 5:13 PM

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