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Blast off...

18 March, 2003 10:35 PM

Tonight was the first meeting of Living Room. It was a really interesting gathering of 6. We range in age from 10 to 30 some things - we have had a diversity of experiences of life and church.

We have decided to continue to meet Tuesday evenings for a meal together. We will spend the next few weeks continuing to get to know one another and to talk about our 'DNA' both as individuals but also as a community, following that we might do the 'Ignition' course.

Whilst I felt the night was a good start I find myself sitting here tonight alone in my actual 'living room' feeling extremely strange. It all seems rather surreal and very fragile. If any of you church planter bods have any words of wisdom feel free to shoot me a comment or email.

Its nice though to finally be moving forward in some tangible ways.



In my experience, these types of things are indeed very special and very fragile. I was talking last night with someone about it and expressed that if you take a long term view, the new congregations at our church have been very successful, but that doesn't mean that we always see that in the here and now.

dan » 19 March, 2003 8:34 AM

I'd agree with the comments on the fragility... With a previous group I worked with, it took 2 years to become stable to any degree... And that was in many ways a good thing, for when it did, the members had a strong sense of ownership and belonging. Trying to shore up the fragility by imposing structures, tempting as it is, tends to probably be negative in the long-run.

Frustrating though - And we share your stresses being only 4 months into breathing-space...

Eddie » 19 March, 2003 10:47 AM

The other aspect that we have found is that the fragility enables those who might normally be 'at the fringes' to have this sense of ownership - there is nothing like being in on the ground floor to make you feel committed.

dan » 20 March, 2003 10:00 AM

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