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10 December, 2002 9:06 PM

If you had say one thing that you found difficult or embarressing about Christianity what would it be?

I was listening to a Christian speaker last year talk about an interaction that his Christian group at college had in England.

They were asked to engage in a public debate with a group of 'pagans'. Instead of having to argue for the positives of their own belief system, they had to talk about their struggles with it! So the Christians had to talk about the things that they stuggled with, were embarressed about or found difficult in Christianity. The other group had to do the same for paganism.

Apparently the debate was a huge success, and quite a profound moment for many - on both sides of the bizarro debate.
Quite a bizarre form of evangelism - kinda reverse psychology I guess.

What would you say if you had to enter into such a bizarro debate about Christianity? Might be an interesting exercise...

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