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BBC tells Christians to Get with the Program!

6 July, 2003 10:55 PM

Excerpts from an article titled BBC tells churches to liven up broadcasts

Alan Bookbinder, the head of the BBC's religion and ethics department, called on church leaders last night to become more courageous and passionate in using the media or risk losing their broadcasting slots....

"Think of David Attenborough, Melvyn Bragg, Jamie Oliver, all on fire with enthusiasm," he said. "That's what brings broadcasts alive: infectious, irrepressible zest. By comparison, voices from the mainstream churches can often seem muted and defensive."...

The BBC devotes 112 hours a year to televised religious broadcasting and 400 hours on network radio - much more than most interest groups, with the possible exception of politicians, cooks and gardeners, can command....

Of the Church of England's current internal convulsion, he added: "What good does it do a homeless teenager to hear Christian leaders squabble about the appointment of a gay bishop?"...

A huge thanks again to Presurfer for the personal heads up on this one. You're my hero mate!!!



It's interesting that in the recent major BBC religious shows, including Son of God and another on Mary, the Beeb have chosen to use mainstream news presenters rather than anyone from the church. At least with the recent show on St Paul, they used a Christian presenter, the sportsman Jonathan Edwards.

My quick review of the show is here.

Adam Tinworth » 7 July, 2003 10:48 PM

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