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Australian Idol - The Final Two

3 November, 2003 7:35 PM

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In typical Australian Idol drama and controversy tonight Cosima withdrew from the competition because of a health condition (Throat Nodules) that has affected her voice!

Guy was voted through to the final two by the public after his great performance last night. But they didn't tell us who out of Cosima and Shanon would have progressed through according to the votes.

Hmmm - I feel sorry for her - but I also wonder when she made this decision? I wonder how much money Australian Idol made from the $'s from the voting lines since she made that decision? Maybe they should donate the money from this weeks votes to charity! I can see the headlines now if they don't do something. I wonder why they told us Guy got through but didn't tell us who else would have out of Shannon and Cosima. This is going to keep people talking for a while.

Oh well - now its between the boys - Guy and Shanon.

Update:Read about it in the Age, also here at news.com.au and also at Herald Sun

Update 2: Here is the official site's telling of the story - also an account at Inside Australian Idol.

Update 3: The Sydney Morning Herald comments on the money issue claiming that over 1.4million votes can be logged in the 24 hour voting period - at 55 cents a call thats $770,000! No wonder they didn't announce it sooner!

Update 4:The Age reports that Chanel 10 said:

"As soon as Cosima advised she would withdraw, Ten and Grundy took steps to stop the voting process... which was completed as quickly as possible," the statement said.

Update....5?: Cosima's reply to her critiques



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1. due to the abusive natures of many comments. Sorry to those who genuinely want to discuss the topic but the lack of respect shown here in the name of supporting Guy or Shannon disturbs me.

2. because its going to cost me too much in hosting fees. I have had thousands of people access this page in the last week - the more comments left on it at these traffic levels the more it costs me. I'd be happy if to reopen this if someone (or some people) is willing to make a financial contribution to my hosting costs. Feel free to do so via the following paypal button.

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Thanks to all those who have contributed in a positive nature.



I'm with you... they MUST announce the real winner whether it's Cosi or not....Guy's a deserving winner, and Shannon's well suited to the Condo Pub (with Millsy)... Cosi's come a long way ... I hope she recovers and kicks on.

she and Paulini and Guy are the real stars of that show....god help us if the teenies vote for Shannon because he's cute.

mike » 3 November, 2003 8:02 PM

What a Loser!!!!!! Cosima quiting the show.....i mean why now?...why not last week....so paulini would at least go for another week and might have a chance to be in the top two.....anywayz...i hope cosima will enjoy singing on the steps of the opera house with the other talented losers.....BRING BACK PAULINI! (damn it)

rcat » 3 November, 2003 8:10 PM

The question still remains " DID SHANNON MAKE IT TO THE FINAL BY HIMSELF OR WAS IT THANKS TO COSIMA? " We the voting public should be told as so should Shannon !

Jason » 3 November, 2003 8:14 PM

what cosima did was good nd bad.. i mean good for her and telling us and having the courage to resign... but why cldn't of she done it last week when paulini was still there.?? i wld like to wish cosima all my luck to get beta soon and hope that guy does in becoz that boy sure can sing!!.. good luck to dicko ( i love you!) and marcia ur an angel and holden ur a dickhead i hate u

» 3 November, 2003 8:24 PM

I feel sorry for Shannon he will wounder if he got in because of Cosima or if he was voted in

cathet » 3 November, 2003 8:32 PM

Very disappointed. I am a Shannon fan and how must he feel??? I really think we had a right to know who the public voted for....man i have voted day and night....for nothing???? Cos Shannon was safe anyway?? Thats sucks. I feel sorry for Cosima and i hope she recovers well but honestly we should still have been told the votes.

Sharyn » 3 November, 2003 8:33 PM

im beginning to think that this is all part of Cosima's plan...she hoped that by quitting...... people would feel sorry for her so that when she release an album, people would buy it....maybe she just waited for Paulini to leave the competition or maybe she knew that she wouldnt be in the top two. and why didnt she sing at the end of the show?........too many theories huh? i just dont know what do with my life......

rcat » 3 November, 2003 8:35 PM

Would Cosimo of quit if she was announced the first winner???????
I am really peeved, I felt sorry for Cosimo before tonight Up her bum, GO SHANNON

sally » 3 November, 2003 8:42 PM

Cosima would have told them earlier and would have been told to wait so that we all vote and mae lots of money for the show and help retain the climax at end of the show.
Or, Cossima may not have wanted to be a loser and decided after Guy went through, that she couldn't face losing and may not get a record deal if she was a loser so quit while ahead!

carol swensen » 3 November, 2003 8:46 PM

I think cosima was pathetic for quitting she let down all her fans

Mary Anne » 3 November, 2003 8:49 PM

So... How do we find out who actually got the votes. Well I'm pleased anyway because it is obvious that Guy had stacks of votes and was miles ahead of the rest of the competition. He deserves it. I do feel sorry for Shannon. He has a right to know, though I don't think he deserves to be in the final. He really isn't good enough...

Another question! Who actually decides who the winner is? Is it us the public through votes or is it the judges? I hope it is the judges to tell you the truth, cause I am sick of these teeny boppers voting for Shannon because 'he is cute'. Give me a break! Who do we want representing Australia as our BEST talent? I sure think Guy deserves it and if Shannon gets it we will be a laughing stock.

EmeraldEye » 3 November, 2003 8:50 PM

Hey everyone, I have been a HUGE fan of Cosimas thw whole time! I was so happy when she got a second chance. I was really upset when she quit tonight, I really believed in her winning. Cosima if you read this I wish you all the best and I love you heaps! When you get back on track and do record an album I will buy it 4 sure. I am looking 4ward 2 buying it. I wish you all the best Cosima and I hope u get better soon, Luv you heaps! But the reality is Guy's gonna win now, he has the best voice out of the 2 guys, i mean did u see Marcia after he sang his 2nd song!? She looked like she was having a heart attack, and she looked like she was in love lol!!! I think Marcia knows best when it comes 2 music, Guy good luck, and you 2 Cosima. Luv u heaps! Kellie. xoxoxox

Kellie » 3 November, 2003 9:00 PM

I am VERY dissapointed in Cosima ... i thought she had more class than to play so dirty in the competition.

Of course im happy for Guy and Shannon! But to go out on a defult like that ... its just unfair. I cant belive the selfishness of her actions! She should have called out before the voting was announced or waited until after.

All she did was play the sob story and i think its going to take a toll ... i just dont see her as the strong and genuine person she used to be.

Bad call Cosima ... Very Bad Call.

ChaarChee » 3 November, 2003 9:09 PM

Yes I think it was bad, especially since i loved her sooo much!i believe in her but 2 pull out so far in the comp is just stupid! she shouldnt have done that! maybe they were covering up something like she had a previous record contract or something b coz its not right how she left. here r some questions cosima! why did she already have it all written out 2 read in advance? why did she leave after guy? why not leave b 4 it was announced who was going thru? why not just rest your voice? the grand final isnt 4 quite a while....nearly 2 weeks! its a bit wierd cosima! i think 2 morrow there will b all these stories on it and it will cause probs with the phone lines and ppl will want there money back since it didnt do n e thing! watch out 4 a currnet affair, and the newpapers! kellie.

Kellie » 3 November, 2003 9:15 PM

cosima dogged it, she should have announced her cop out before guy was through instead of letting shannon feel like crap and the fans who have wasted there money feel let down.We have a right to know who the rightful winner is and so does shannon.She has turned the best reality tv show into a mockary.

Michelle » 3 November, 2003 9:37 PM

Please read this Cosima. You are great and dont forget it. Hope your throat is better soon.
Please let me know if you get this message.
Good luck for the future and may God bless you

Terry » 3 November, 2003 9:41 PM

Cossima. You are a filthy loser!!
You sholud have waited till the results came out!

You only need two weeeks to recover means it is nothing seriuos!!

You are a sore loser.
You wanted all the attention before you left.

trev » 3 November, 2003 9:50 PM

Who actually got voted through Cosima or Shannon. I feel sorry for Shannon he doesn't even know whether it's cause of Cosima he's through or because Australia voted for him. I voted for Shannon all for nothing. Cosima should have pulled out of the competition as soon as she knew she had a throat problem. I am sick of people saying that they hope that Australia isn't voting for Shannon just because he's cute. Guy lovers get over it, just cause Shannon has the voice and the looks, there's no need to get angry at him. Just because he's got the whole package and Guy doesn't.

amanda » 3 November, 2003 10:00 PM

Cosima, you're a rotten piece of work. You'll lose a lot of fans for being such a sore loser. You denied Shannon the chance to be named the winner. You are a disgrace to Australia, I loathe you and I hope I never hear your drone voice "thank you" again.

Deb » 3 November, 2003 10:01 PM

All I can say is go Shannon, I'm 100 per cent behind you and have voted for you since day 1. Cosima behaved very badly and deserves to get a big loss of face.

JODI » 3 November, 2003 10:15 PM

Cosima you're voice sux. Why quit now????
Why not last week???? You could have given Paulini a chance to progress through into the next australian idol round but no!!! you had to be greedy eh!!! You really suck big time cosima!!!

leo » 3 November, 2003 10:18 PM

What a Scam!!!
From the very beginning I had my doubts when I started to see some of the better singers, being voted off. It then was evident to me, who was benefiting and who was being duped. The show is based around creating controversy.. The more controversy the more people watch and the more SMS messages and phone calls being made.. the more credits for Telstra and the advertisers. No doubt there was talent on the show.. and there most likely will be some stars in the future from the show, however the longer the show runs from week to week with more and more controversy - coaxing people to vote - to ensure they get who they want through - was evident the show was created to make money for the advertisers all the way to the VERY end.. REGARDLESS of talent.
Shannon for example, was evident that he was not going to make it through to the very end.. so what did the show organise.. a suprise walkout from Cossima - a girl with talent and style. The figures from the Australian vote were not revealed - again evidence of the scam to the show. This last show, ensured that Cossima remains as a finalist, together with Shannon and Guy - with all three of them being favourites. This ensures the public can back Cossima when she returns as well as allowing the crazy fans of Shannon another week at making a crazy number of calls in the final remaining weeks.. Had Shannon, been eliminated in the semi finals, the level of calls received would have dropped.
How can one fan � �as reported in the media� make 1,000 calls for the support of Shannon.. How can this number of votes predict a star in the making? We should allow this kind of voting when we elect Prime Ministers in Australia? Surely the number of unique calls is a better predictor than the number of calls from the same number? Is this same caller going to purchase 1,000 copies of Shannon's album? I very much doubt it.. This show is more about how many times you can call a number rather than the unique qualities of the stars being judged? We are not judging anyone, with this sort of voting. We are being duped by the media .. once again..

Why weren�t the figures revealed in the semi-finals? Or at any stage during the show?
But you will tell me, it will persuade/influence people?.. Then why are we being fed from the media about one fan making 1,000 calls?� It seems a little silly.. But it goes to show.. it is all an act to ensure that the public believes what they see�

KonManos » 3 November, 2003 10:51 PM

Agree with Jodi.

Guy is just another "girl" in the crowd of pop boys.

Shannon has an awesome voice. A few vocal lessons and we have another Jimmy Barnes/John Farnham.

He has an incredible vocal range and can pick up any style.

Guy does the one style (does it well too) but he has no range

Cossima should have quit 3 weeks ago when we all heard her voice going.

wazza » 3 November, 2003 10:51 PM

stop this crap about Paulini, She was voted out because she chose bad songs that the audience could not relate to. You can't blame cosima for a medical condition. If Cosima pulled out last week, Paulini would be there by pure luck. As far as i can see Paulini has never earned the right to be called the Australian Idol. She has a great voice but she's not a performer.

anon » 3 November, 2003 10:52 PM

Shannon rocks my world. I would never buy an album by Guy.

Emmo » 3 November, 2003 10:52 PM

Ugh. Tonight's verdict show has left me cold. I can't even feel happy that Guy got through because I'm feeling so empty. What a load of crock it was. A 'medical condition' does not develop overnight - Cosima has been sounding like crap for weeks now. She should've pulled out ages ago and let Paulini or Millsy continue.

She totally rained on Guy's parade and made Shannon look bad - now it looks like the only reason he got through was because of default. If she had an announcement to make, she should've made it before they announced Guy safe.

Secondly, it's obvious that the producers and judges knew what was happening throughout the entire show. Voting lines closing at 7:35,
no group performance, no asking of the judges' opinions as to who would leave. Channel 10 and Telstra just wanted to rake in as much money as possible, hence their letting the voting go on right through to the start of the show.

Selfish Cosima, selfish TV station, selfish phone company.

No respect for AI.

kayti » 3 November, 2003 10:52 PM

The only ones at fault tonight were the producers of the show. They were the ones that dictated when Cosima could make her announcement and they should have let her do it before Guy was told he was in the top 2. That way Shannon would not have been left out on a limb. As for poor Paulini, the public showed last week that Cosima with half a voice was more popular than Paulini - get over it

Rob » 3 November, 2003 10:55 PM

Yes, not professional at all, Cosima.
Should have quited weeks ago and let talented people like Paulini a chance. Very un-Australian!!

Y T » 3 November, 2003 10:55 PM

Rob - Andrew G actually said they would be read out in no particular order so Guy may not have been on top. I actually think they totally stuffed up the script.

A totally idiotic show tonight.

Hopefully, the "pop boy" Guy will lose and we will at least have the Barnsey/Fanham winner next week

wazza » 3 November, 2003 10:59 PM

I'm a Shannon fan and I Feel bad that he wasnt even 'named' as the second one into the grand final. He just had to stand there, he couldnt get excited 'cause he was thru or anything. If he had of, people would have said he was insensative to Cosima. He got Ripped Off..BIG TIME..
I feel sorry for Cosima, but I think that she knew what she was gonna do before the show, so why didnt she just do it before any of the votes were read out, that way, both fellas wouldve been thru and then Shannon would have been able to get excited, just as Guy had.

Amanda » 3 November, 2003 11:00 PM

Don't forget guys, they did say 'In no particular order' Which could mean that both boys got through, Shannon could have polled the highest but Guy being a fav with the judges (because he is pretty good!) got to sit down first? I would have liked to see a weekly run down on the votes on the AI site, so that we can see how close our favourites got to being booted out each week, Surely they would have made even more money because if I saw Shannon close to going the previous week I would have text'ed my fingers off the following week!!

.H. » 3 November, 2003 11:01 PM

James and Andrew were aware of the fact that Cosima was going to withdraw. Cosima wasn't going to mention her withdrawal unless she made it to the final 2. After announcing Guy made it they gave Cosima her cue to say she had something to say. My guess was she wasn't going to mention her withdrawal if she did have the lowest votes. It was only until James announced that Cosima had something to say that she realised she had made it but unfortunately couldn't continue and was forced to admit it.

Ray Turner » 3 November, 2003 11:01 PM

What a laugh.
To think Paulini Caruenavuli ,went down last week to this poor excuse of an insult.
It was an atrocious way to treat "country boy" Shannon Knoll ,with both him and Guy Sebastian looking like stunned mullets.
Was this the Cosima Devito "publicity agent hour" ? I'm starting to suspect that quiting the show was the only way for her to legally null and void the BMG contract.
How does it feel to make the public think they've been this manipulated?
Devito pretty much inferred ARNIE style (I'll be back) - insinuating an already signed sealed delivered recording contract somewhere.
Go to the USA Devito - we don't wan't you.
I can't believe I wasted money voting on you.
This just is not on.
Shame BMG
Shame Channel 10
Shame Miss Devito
Well being the recording/media industry I suppose there must still be some honour left amongst theives !!!

IndustryConMan » 3 November, 2003 11:02 PM

I agree that cosima should have pulled out, otherwise she may have progressed in a competition where it is about your performance on the night, not about your past performances, and last night she performed fairly miserably. congratulations to Shannon he performed better than her and she knew it.

Worse to think if she had progressed and she ended up in the opera house next week, sick as and not being able to hold a tune let alone steal the show.

cheree » 3 November, 2003 11:02 PM

Official; script

Then, "in no particular voting order", James read out the first finalist who was going to get a guernsey singing on that big, fat musical stage, otherwise known as the Opera House. It must be noted that the order in which the names were read out in no way reflected the vote and it was an extremely close contest between all three.


wazza » 3 November, 2003 11:02 PM

I was suspicious of Cosima a couple of weeks ago, although I do think she has a nice voice and presence. I hope and pray for your sake Cosima your motives where honest and genuine, because at the end of the day, with all the shit thats flying your way, the only thing that will give you peace is your consience. Good Luck

Keza » 3 November, 2003 11:03 PM

all i can say is - GO SHANNON!!!

Anna » 3 November, 2003 11:03 PM

Go Shannon

Wazza » 3 November, 2003 11:06 PM

Really this has become a base (as in common) marketing exercise in BMG profit bolstering and the selling of a personality.
Really GUY is there by luck in many respects.
If this contest where based on talent Sebastian and Ceruevanuli would have hands down been the final two.
Talk about populist consumer junk television at it's worst.
If I watch the extra long Opera House finale do I get to upsize my Coke and get "large fries with that"?
AI = Australian Irony ; yep you guessed it mediocrity at it's all Australian best.
Now I know why we voted for a Government with a pro GST platform.
I think a Gross Stupidity Tax should have applied to all text SMS votes also.
In this case it would seem rather ironic if not slightly appropriate.

OSCar » 3 November, 2003 11:13 PM

From the AI official website recap of tonight's show...


That's not even what happened! I think Channel 10 is trying to cover because they realise they've fucked up big-time.

Tsk, tsk.

kayti » 3 November, 2003 11:16 PM


THE ADDRESS IS = http://www.shannonnoll.vze.com/




SHANNON FANS » 3 November, 2003 11:18 PM

I think the damn show should just be boycotted on principal myself.
Unless of course you're still a sucker for mediocrity and masturbation as media foreplay !!!

Anom » 3 November, 2003 11:25 PM

Is not all television mediocrity and masturbation ?

I'll keep the Shannon segments and trash the rest

wazza » 3 November, 2003 11:31 PM

heres a question did cosima olny wait till after she knew guy was through because she knew she wasnt going to beat him and was hoping that shannon got through so she had more of a chance?would she have quit if shannons name was called out first?

preece sista's » 3 November, 2003 11:55 PM

I like everyone else have been shocked by this, and have asked all the questions everyone has. Maybe Cosima wanted to withdraw earlier today but the whole Aust. Idol circus wouldn't let her - after all...how would they fill an hour show when there was no suspense and nothing to announce

paula » 3 November, 2003 11:56 PM

what a selfish bitch she would have known for a while that her throat was infected not in one night she could have given paulini a chance, she was much better anyway!bring paulini back and give all the money from the voting
calls back you rip off merchants!!!!

» 3 November, 2003 11:59 PM

I don't think Cosima is at fault here.

Place the blame on the shows producers and the rabble they employ.

wazza » 4 November, 2003 12:04 AM

cosima quit because she knew she wouldnt make it as the australian idol and she just wanted to make out it was her voice! shes a loser and a xxxxxxxxx!


kayla » 4 November, 2003 12:08 AM

Stop blaming Cosima. It was all orchestrated by the producers and she obviously had little choice. All those bagging her have just been sucked in by the publicity machine that is the programme. It was a disgraceful way to treat all these great young talents.

lynne » 4 November, 2003 12:29 AM

You are a very jealous, foul-mouthed loser kayla. Hope you can sleep at night after being such a dirty filthy person. Why not let go of your hate? You are a repulsive person.

Heather » 4 November, 2003 12:49 AM

OK folks, let's get a bit more positive

We have two great talents left. The music next week is sure to be good.

I hope Cossie makes an appearnce on the screen sometime soon

wazza » 4 November, 2003 12:56 AM

All I can sayis POOR Shannon. I have loved him from day dot and it is a shame that he is going to feel so lousy about how he progressed. This may even affect his performance at the grand final which is TOTALLY UNFAIR.
Not only that but the perception from a large part of the audience will be that he only got through by default and he may struggle for votes because they believe he doesn't deserve it. The producers should be shot, they have totally prejudiced next weeks show.
I feel for Cosima but Shannon looked absolutely stunned when it was announced. The producers of AI and the judges need to set the record straight and do some serious damage control before next sunday if Shannon is to have half a chance, otherwise they may as well give it to Guy, the way everyone is carrying on.
I don't think it is really Cosima's fault put the blame where it belongs. Thos idiots in control - the producers.
All I can say is SHANNON FANS - VOTE VOTE VOTE this week.

Karena » 4 November, 2003 1:08 AM

Karena - agree with most of what you say. However, do you not feel that Guy has been favoured for some time now ?

The last Inside Idol was very prejudicial against Shannon. Guy made it seem like Shannon had pinched "his song". I will give Guy the benefit of the doubt and suggest the producers edited the footage to make it seem that way.

The whole way that the show tonight was handled also favoured Guy. Cossima's announcement could ahve been handled much better but I suspect it was done this way for a reason - to increase the ratings

wazza » 4 November, 2003 1:18 AM

I think the only one to blame here is Murphy's Law:
It happened in circumstances when personal health is under long term heavy physically and psychologically stressful condition of this magnitude of the competition....Maybe Cosima has sensed something wrong with her throat for quite sometime now and might have even tried to remedy the problem to persist to the end of the competition, but the performance of last night was the critical sign that tells her she has to quit as the obvious reason is how the show will look like if God forbids she can't sing a single note next week at the Opera house due to some unforeseen throat complication and let alone the pressure of touring and recording ahead...
I also noticed that at the beginning of the verdict show tonight that there is definitely something wrong with Cosima, She looks distressed and saddened so much....
Best Wishes to Cosima, get well soon and I will definitely look forward to buy her album. I love her voice.

sympathetic » 4 November, 2003 1:24 AM

Wazza - I do agree when you say that Guy has been favoured for some tim, the way they gushed over him on Sundaynight was appalling, his second song WAS NOT that brilliant, infact I didn't like it at all.
I preferred to give him the benefit of the doubt over Hey Jude - I don't think he was angry at Shannon because he said that normally they discussed song choices but that week they didn't time.
I just think that the way the show was handled tonight has really prejudiced Shannons' chances since people are already saying he wouldn't have made it but for Cosima withdrawing. I think even Shannon himself felt that by the way he looked tonight. Personally after last nights performance Cosima didn't deserve to go through, but now we will never know the true outcome.
The producers of the show ahve stuffed up big time and zi really feel for Shannon more than I do for Cosmia because he is really facing an uphill battle.

Karena » 4 November, 2003 1:40 AM

If the producers wouldn't let her withdraw until tonight than she should have waited until she found out that she had come second before making her announcement. When she discovered she hadn't been first choice perhaps she swiftly made her announcement as she knew her voice would not withstand the demands of the forthcoming weeks/months & this would be a way to sever any legal ties with BMG etc. She's a very clever lady. It's so hard to know what happened & who orchestrated it? In any case, it shouldn't have happened this way.

Lilly » 4 November, 2003 2:52 AM

I am sure she is a nice person and she has done great, but I still think it was weak. CH 10 should realease the results that all the voters paid throught the backside for!!!

Rob » 4 November, 2003 8:34 AM

Okay, I'm just as upset as every other Australian who has been voting throughout this competition. But, blaming Cosima isn't the right thing to do.

Are you all really that naive to think that she actually got to choose the time in which she would withdraw from the competition on last nights show?????? Come on! We are talking about millions of dollars here in votes, air time and advertising and not to mention that she is under a contract. It's the Executives that decided how this thing was going to play out - not Cosima. For some reason many people seem to be under the illusion that Cosima actually got to dictate how the show was constructed!

I think it's disgusting that Channel 10 allowed the voting to continue and Cosima should have been allowed to announce her withdrawal before any names were read out and that's the end of it. I think it's pretty clear who Channel 10 want us to know is going to be the Australian Idol.

Putting Shannon or Guy in this position was unacceptable and unfair. It makes Shannon feel bad and I'm sure Guy felt terrible too.

Shame on Channel 10! They must be answerable to the voting Australian public for their decision to handle things the way they did. We have the right to know what the votes were, otherwise Cosima should have been allowed to withdraw BEFORE Guy's name was read out. Why they continued to allow voting when it served absolutely no purpose to any of the contestants was obviously based purely on financial considerations.

Talk about a nationwide scam! Any other company which run such a scam would be held accountable and so must they. All charges associated with the voting for Sunday nights show should be refunded - simple. I honestly don't know why they thought that Australians would accept this kind of deception?

Rebecka » 4 November, 2003 9:05 AM

Way to go Cosima. I don't think your a good performer, but your obviously a smart girl. You've got your Aussie fan base now, your a household name. Go and get that recording contract in America. If we're lucky, maybe you'll stay there.

Kat » 4 November, 2003 9:20 AM

Yeah, I agree with Kat! She should piss off to the USA where she was trying to get into all along.

Toby » 4 November, 2003 9:25 AM

Toby - good point. She made it very clear that she had no allegiance with Australia.

Guy is clearly the chosen one by Channel 10. The "one" ho has a narrow vocal range and appeal.

Shannon on the other hand is "all australian" and would make a fitting replacement for Barnsey/Fanham. He just need a bit of moulding by BMG and we have "our own" superstar, not one moulded for the "boy pop" fans or the "USA soap" fans

Wazza » 4 November, 2003 10:14 AM

I have just spoken to Cosima on her decision to withdraw from
Australian Idol and she has asked me to let you know that she is
humbled by your support, did not make her decision lightly (she
describes it as the "hardest thing I have ever had to do") and wants
you to know that she will be back "for you"

The decision was made just before the show. It was her decision to
withdraw following medical advice. The decision as to when and how the
announcement was made, was made by the Channel Ten producers. Cosima
had no say in that.

She also said that the Producers said the announcemnt of who was going
to the Opera House (Guy) was in no particular order. She also does NOT
know how the votes went; whether it was she or Shanon or Guy who
polled the most votes. She said she will never know. Nobody will know.

Cosima is painfully aware that you voted up big this week to get her
through. She wants you to know that she made her decision as early as
she could, which was just before the show began. She is aware that
many people would have overspent this week and she overwhelmingly
appreciates that unprecedented level of support.

Cosima will not be on Rove tonight and will not be giving interviews
to any media outlet at least for the duration of the competition. Idol
Publicist, Steven Murphy, is answering all media enquiries.

After the show last night, she made a statement to the Idol cameras
which will be broadcast on Inside Idol.

Her plan now is to rest and allow her voice to recover.

If I can add my own thoughts here, I believe her decision to withdraw
prior to the show was a courageous one. She could have waited until
the results of the voting were known but if there was a chance that
she was voted in ahead of either Guy or Shannon, that would have taken
the gloss of those guys' achievement. For them it would have been a
hollow victory.

I know Cosima quite well as she workd for me for over a year. I know
how much this competition meant to her and her prospects of
establishing a recording career. I also know that when she starts
something she likes to finish it. Only a couple of weeks ago she said
to me that she was determined to battle it out to the end because she
owed it to herself and the fans who had supported her. I feel
absolutely certain that she would have continued had she been able.

To have continued singing at the level required with a throat
condition could possbly have resulted in permanent damage. I don't
believe any of us would want to see that happen.

As for the future, the immediate objective is for her voice to
recover. It should not take long. A few weeks of proper rest, no
singing, little talking, should do the trick.

After that I'm confident that we will see the re-emergence of a
reinvigourated, rested singing sensation that we know she is.

What can we do? As fans and friends, we should respect her decision
knowing that it was in the best interests of everybody; Guy and
Shannon, BMG, Channel Ten and us, her loyal fans.

There is no way that Cosima will abandon us. There is no way that she
will take our support for granted. As Shaun said, fans and friends
stick with their artist through thick and thin.

I hope that we prove ourselves to be true fans and friends.


Gerry Ganon » 4 November, 2003 10:19 AM

"Shannon on the other hand is "all australian" and would make a fitting replacement for Barnsey/Fanham"

Yeh maybe, but who would want to market that overseas? Id be suprised if ppl in the US even knew who the hell John Farnham was...

GO GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

carla » 4 November, 2003 10:27 AM

Ummmm, this is called Australian Idol.

If you want the American Idol it has already finished.

Maybe wait for a few years and Cosima will be in the USA (yeah right)

I used to live in Geneseo a small country town 3 hours out of Chicago and Farnham was very well known. As were Crowded House, Barnsey etc etc.

Country rock is huge in the States and is the largest selling medium. It even outsells rap/R&B;

wazza » 4 November, 2003 10:32 AM

Guy can sing R&B; reasonably well but that is it. Every other song he has sung has been perverted into R*B.

His rendition on Sunday of that sound of Music classic was just horrible. A voice from heaven maybe, but if I want to listen to angels sing, I'll go to church

wazza » 4 November, 2003 10:36 AM

Well i reckon, after the show Shannon got told if he made it to the last round by himself or not.
Althought the voting public should of been told.
Cosima was brave to do wot she did and i cryed all through her Flashy Back thing.
Get well soon Cosima...
Good Luck Shannon and Guy! (I love you guy!)

Ashleigh » 4 November, 2003 11:00 AM

What's wrong with you people saying such awful things about Cosima. Do you really think it was an easy decision for her to make? After competing all this time and having gotten close to a record deal once before I am sure it would have been a heartbreaking decision.
And as for hurting Shannon what a load of crap. Unlike some other contestants she was nothing but nice and genuine in her comments and well wishes to both Guy and Shannon. And who knows if she didn't withdraw Shannon probably would not have made it. So to those of you saying Shannon got ripped, why not be happy that he is through and be glad it wasn't him withdrawing due to his voice.

Sylv » 4 November, 2003 11:16 AM

You people are forgetting a few very important things. Firstly, Australian Idol contestants have very little say in what they do. No matter when Cosima made the decision, I guaruntee you the producers told her to wait until a tense moment in the show for her to do it. Also, Paulini got voted off. If Cosima had've left, Paulini would not be there on merit or popularity. Remember, this show is about who Australia can love and relate to - it isn't JUST about who has the best voice. You people have no idea when Cosima found out she had a voice condition. It could've been the day before.. It could've been three days. We don't know at all. She might have known but not had the time to see a doctor, or not realised it was so serious and getting worse. I think that Cosima was talented and I wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours. She has always been my favourite and will remain so, throat condition or not.

Lara » 4 November, 2003 12:21 PM

If you bothered to listen to her voice Lara you would have recognised a deterioration over three weeks ago.

This show is about who the marketing execs want as Idol, not the public. We all know the voting system is a sham. If they were sincere they would have used a number of other vote formats that are much more accurate and have been used in the past.

Given that I noticed her voice going down at least three weeks ago and that her voice is important to her then she would have seen a doctor at least 3 but possibly 4 weeks ago.

I agree she has a great voice and on screen image but she is out now.

Shannon now represents Australia. Guy represents those that like to listen to voices from heaven whoever they are. Yep he can scrape together any song into R&B; but what a mess he makes of it. Dicko said that Shannon has problems with the lower registers. Did you actually listen Dicko when Guy lost every high note on Sunday ?

Again I will say that it is very clear from the events of the last 3-4 weeks that the Executives want Guy as Idol for whatever reason but it aint because he has the talent or broad appeal

wazza » 4 November, 2003 12:34 PM

the events of last nights debarcle would have been a cruel and humiliating experience for anyone who found themselves in Shannons situation tonight. It has been obviously aware to anyone looking objectivly at the competition, thaat the producers, judges etc all favor Guy. By Cosima's early withdrawal prior to ANY votes being announces , would have place both bvlokes on a level playing field as thet entered the finals...
Now its just a big joke. not funny channel ten... completley Un-Australian...

rog » 4 November, 2003 12:59 PM

I'm voting for Shannon, and I'M NOT A FREAKIN TEENIE!!!

Sammi » 4 November, 2003 1:05 PM

Just a note to all those accusing "teeny boppers" and "30+'s" of being the reason Shannon is still in the competition. Some of us have not been teenagers for a long time, and yet still do not fit into the 30+ register. Believe it or not, some people actually believe he has talent, and identify with him as their idol. Let's try not to be so judemental, and just support your favourite. And for the record I love Guy too - so I'll be happy no matter the outcome! Regardless of how the boys got there they have my full support.


» 4 November, 2003 1:31 PM

Guy can take on the world! Shannon should just stick to the good ol' aussie pubs.

MyGuy » 4 November, 2003 1:36 PM

I think that no matter what Cosima did, and how bad we all feel for Shan, Guy got thru because he darn well deserved to,the guy can sing anything he is truly amazing. Your a legend Guy !!!

chickaa » 4 November, 2003 2:32 PM

Are you guys all CRAZY!! or just plain DEAF!!! where have you been the last couple of months. To have seen the shows and to actually be able to say that Shannon has a wonderful voice and to compare him favourably over GUY!! Again are you guys CRAZY or just plain DEAF...

Shannon has mediocre talent and a voice that would serve him well at karaoke bars and country pubs, but Australian Idol material his not. Guy has a fantastic voice who can make any song his own. Australia would be very lucky indeed if they could show to the world that their best talent was Guy Sebastien.

Katherine » 4 November, 2003 2:36 PM

THIS SHOW SUCKS!!!!!!!! BIG TIME! because.......

1. Cosimas a big LOSER
2. Guy is a FAG
3. Shannon is a DRUNKEN BASTARD

......I hate this show now but im still gonna watch the finals :-D

rcat » 4 November, 2003 3:16 PM

Are all you Shannon fans fucking serious or what???? He can't sing!!! It's as plain and simple as that. His voice is at best mediocre and I would rather have my teeth pulled. The sound of a dentist's drill is pure pleasure compared to Mr Noll's dull trilling. His performance every week has been an excruciating experience and I marvel at the fact that he has made it as far as he has. He has fallen flat on each and every performace and one has to wonder about the people voting for him. When are the public going to realise that we are seeking a talent to rival the rest of the world and not a just someone who's supposedly easy on the eye??? Shannon may be a nice guy but sing he can't. Guy on the other hand is pure unadulterated talent. His ability to make each song his own is unique and unsurpassed by any other. He has one of the best voices I have heard in a while and he never falters on his performances. His range is unmatched by any of the other contestants and he deserves every success he gets. Even if he doesn't make it on AI, he will go to bigger and better things. Do you guys seriously think that the likes of Dicko and BMG are just going to let him get away given his immense popularity and appeal??? Methinks not!! As Dicko himself said "Guy is the best unsigned talent he has seen!".....
All Guy fans out there, you know deep down who the real winner is so don't despair if Shannon, by some cruel twist of fate, actually makes it through to the number one position. After all, we're talking about a country that has given us Kasey Chambers!!!! Need I say more????

Oscar » 4 November, 2003 4:12 PM

Are all you Shannon fans fucking serious or what???? He can't sing!!! It's as plain and simple as that. His voice is at best mediocre and I would rather have my teeth pulled. The sound of a dentist's drill is pure pleasure compared to Mr Noll's dull trilling. His performance every week has been an excruciating experience and I marvel at the fact that he has made it as far as he has. He has fallen flat on each and every performace and one has to wonder about the people voting for him. When are the public going to realise that we are seeking a talent to rival the rest of the world and not a just someone who's supposedly easy on the eye??? Shannon may be a nice guy but sing he can't. Guy on the other hand is pure unadulterated talent. His ability to make each song his own is unique and unsurpassed by any other. He has one of the best voices I have heard in a while and he never falters on his performances. His range is unmatched by any of the other contestants and he deserves every success he gets. Even if he doesn't make it on AI, he will go to bigger and better things. Do you guys seriously think that the likes of Dicko and BMG are just going to let him get away given his immense popularity and appeal??? Methinks not!! As Dicko himself said "Guy is the best unsigned talent he has seen!".....
All Guy fans out there, you know deep down who the real winner is so don't despair if Shannon, by some cruel twist of fate, actually makes it through to the number one position. After all, we're talking about a country that has given us Kasey Chambers!!!! Need I say more????

Oscar » 4 November, 2003 4:13 PM

cosima you rock, i love u heaps and i wish u the best recovery. wen i saw u at the start of the show i saw u were sad and seemed liek u were day dreaming the whole time! i knew something was wrong with you. the nite b4 i remember marcia said 2 u that u look scared. wateva happened i think cosima got thru and shannon was supposed 2 leave! so b thankful that u still have shannon. guy u r gonan win and cosima i will buy your album make sure u come back, ..4 me:)

» 4 November, 2003 4:34 PM

With australian idol fever goin around the country i thought id lighten this up a bit by adding a bit of humour. Here are the most ridiculous (and funny) stuff i have read in forums:

1. Paulini looks like Mike tyson in gold boxers
2. Paulini should be disqualified because she has a fat arse
3. Confirmed: Anthony Mundine will fight Paulini in the next round
4. Cosima had just quit smoking

and finally.........

5. Shannon will win the Australian Idol

rcat » 4 November, 2003 4:54 PM

i don't feel the issue is the idol's talent. That is not in question for one minute.
The major issue is that I feel the way the show was handled when the producers knew the of Cosimas withdrwal before they went to air. My question is why did channel 10 decide to announce(in particular order) guy as a finalist, when they knew they were not going to announce the other finalist. Was this a ploy to degrade Shannon. I think so. It was very pointed. Regardless of whoever it was or would have been , humiliation is not something that channel 10 should hold their heads up about. Put yourself in shannons shoes for a moment and how would you have felt, regardless or not whether you are a shannon fan or not. No human being likes to be humiliated.
I feel there is no point in voting whatsoever next week as I think they have selected Guy as the winner know matter what the voting says and i believe they are obviously very dishonest to the public so i would advise ppl to save their money and don't vote for guy or shannon . It will be wasted. Donate it to charity if you want to throw it away. I would like to see shannon withdraw from the competition NOW and let their Austaralian idol televison show fall in a heap. It no longer has any creditabity in my eyes. I will not be watching channel 10 from now on.

Channel 10 and the promoters of this show are dishonest, have no principles or values and are downright common thieves.
The australian public does not want ot see ppl humiliated or degraded on nation tv, not do they want dishonest voting systems. Channel 10 owes Shannon Noll as very well publised PUBLIC APOLOGY and an explaination as to the resoaning behind the procedure taken on the live show.
i am just one of the people that will be contacting the ACCC to lodge my complaint against channel 10

THROUGHLY DISGUSTED » 4 November, 2003 4:54 PM

Boo Hoo for Shannon!!! Poor cry baby shannon!!! I feel sorry for the bloke for being made to feel like a fool.. chalk one up for Cosima (who one smart fellow rightly labelled a "manipulative piker").

However, i think the one being disadvantaged here is poor Guy, not Shannon.. All anyone can talk/write about is poor shannon.. Never underestimate the sympathy vote.. look at paulini...

Get over it guys... and just vote for the most entertaining person left... GUY!!

Skye » 4 November, 2003 5:39 PM

Exactly what I will be doing Skye and for me the most talented person left is Shannon!

Hope » 4 November, 2003 7:13 PM

All these silly and deeply ill-informed people who talk about Cosima wanting to go to America, grow up! That comment was taken out of context, and obviously the logic was too quick for you, and escaped you. To make it big, you HAVE to go to America, so duh! What about the Minogues, etc? You aren't going to sell records if you stick yourself in a box, in cotton wool and remain in Australia. The American and London market, is where its at! You won't sell records by staying in Australia! Most people know this. What up and grow up and be realistic. The eventual winner of AI won't stay in Australia, they will go to AMERICA or LONDON. This is common sense, so enough of the immature and dumb comments about Cosima and America. She's stating the bleeding obvious, just a pity the halfwits still don't understand.

Heather » 4 November, 2003 7:59 PM

I can't believe how addicted I am to this show. I have NEVER watched an episode of Big Brother, or Survivor or any of those other reality shows. Now I consult the TV guide before I make plans to do anything.
Is there something I can take for this?
Oh, and yes, GUY undoubtedly has genuine talent, and Shannon, whilst being nice eye candy, is not a singer.
GO GUY - you have my vote.

Liz » 4 November, 2003 8:59 PM

A repost

Singers choose to go abroad for one reason - to make money. Not all are so materialistic.

No doubt Guy will flit off to the good ole USA where he will be laughed at. He might make some money in London where they like R&B; ball twister music.

Shannon now represents Australia. Guy represents those that like to listen to voices from heaven whoever they are. Yep he can scrape together any song into R&B; but what a mess he makes of it. Dicko said that Shannon has problems with the lower registers. Did you actually listen Dicko when Guy lost every high note on Sunday ?

Again I will say that it is very clear from the events of the last 3-4 weeks that the Executives want Guy as Idol for whatever reason but it aint because he has the talent or broad appeal

wazza » 4 November, 2003 9:25 PM

Australian idol? or south east asian idol? Yes, guy has an unreal voice and is truly talented......BUT......racist or not we have an obligation to our image to put forward an australian representative that at least has the appearance of an average australian....sorry, but someone had to say it. VOTE FOR SHANNON, and all the best GUY.

OZY OZY OZY » 4 November, 2003 10:12 PM

Guys I cannot believe you think that lump of wood, Shannon, has any talent at all!

The guy cannot sing, he is almost continually flat, he has no presence, no personality, very little talent at all.

He might sound ok down the pub, but I have more talent in my smallest finger than that neanderthal.

Guy is exceptionally gifted, a natural talent, his voice is amazing, the control he has is amazing, he is joyous and warm and exciting to watch. Shannon is a BORE

Paulini was sublime too, but the 14 year olds probably thought she was too fat or just not Shannon.

Kerry » 4 November, 2003 10:14 PM

Kerry - your comment "but I have more talent in my smallest finger than that neanderthal" is very astute but where was your little finger when you wrote that garbage of a post. Either it was up your arse or in your ear as you obviously have not listened very well to Guy or Shannon sing.

Guy sings one type of music well and that is all. However, even in R&B; he misses high register notes.

As with most fanatics you focus on the love you have for Guy and ignore the plain truth.

Guy SUX !!!!

Shannon could use some dance routines but he is our Barnesy/Farnham replacement and is a true "Australian idol" for what that means

wazza » 4 November, 2003 10:22 PM

Nope. I sing myself, and well. Shannon is a talentless lump of wood who should have been booted weeks ago. He cannot sing, he is almost always flat.

Guy is a hugely talented young man. If you cannot see and hear that you don't understand much about music or spirit.

PS don't insult Jonnie Farnham like that

Kerry » 4 November, 2003 10:30 PM

COSIMA knew she had a throat condition for a while now, you could hear her voice getting huskier with each week. BUT She capitalised on this capitalist competition to get her as far as she could before risking permanent damage to her voice. She should have left earlier but it's not a humanitarian game. Who are we to judge her when she's in a comp with no morals. BEST OF LUCK TO THE REMAINING TWO especially after being treated so poorly by the network last night. She is a product who exploited the very system who was supposed to exploit her. Quite clever really.

lilly » 4 November, 2003 10:36 PM

It took a lotta guts 2 do what cos did.she will be better in a few wks, and had no say in when her decision would have been announced.She has put up with so much crap i am so damn proud of her rite now. She sang til her last note bcoz this comp is her dream and it was the hardest decision of her life 2 turn away from it.again. 3rd time lucky cos! see u next yr-luv u lots.


Ang » 4 November, 2003 10:39 PM

Kerry - You say you are a singer. Where do you sing - I'd love to hear you sometime.

How have you measured tonal pitch of Shannon's performances ? By ear or digitally. I often use the on board ACR to do this and in fact it has been Guy who has been flat very often.

I never said Guy had no talent just that is was limited to R&B.; Shannon is much more rounded. He indeeds hits a few wrong notes as most good singers do. That is what makes a real performance. I can use my ACR t make a perfect tonal arrangement if I want sterile spirit music

You need to learn more about our own musicians. His name isn't Jonnie

Wazza » 4 November, 2003 10:46 PM

he used to be Johnnie Farnham. Now he's all growed up he might prefer John.

I suppose it could be Jonny Farnham.

Why thankyou for pointing out my incredibly important, and glaring error, a typo.

PS Please don't insult J Farnham by suggesting that talentless gumnut Shannon, is comparable in the singing department


Kerry » 4 November, 2003 10:55 PM

You people are idiots for criticising Cosima!!! Could you not hear her voice??? It actually broke when she was singing that last song!!! How could she keep going if she couldn't sing? She stayed for her fans as long as she did because it hadn't broken before and obviously was hoping against hope that she would recover in time. Don't blame Cosima for Paulini's leaving.
Leave Paulini out of it; she left because she didn't get enough votes. Yes, its a fact people, deal with it.
As for Cosima disappointing her fans, she hasn't disappointed me. I am a fan of hers and I think it would have been horrible for her to get to the opera house and her voice cracked. How could she even record songs like that anyway?

I wish you all the best Cosima!

I hope Guy goes on to win.

Lcaf » 4 November, 2003 10:57 PM

I have to say Kerry, if you are a singer, thats sad because Guy doesn't have much talent. Shannon made me have goosebumps all over and run out of breath when he sang Hey Jude. Did you remove the cotton wool to hear the whole crowd practically going mad and having heart attacks near the end of the song? I guarantee, he knocked the breath out of me. If he makes it, I tell you what. There will be a lot of fans collapsing from heart attacks because of his very powerful and emotive voice. The problem with Guy, is that he is boring. He has no personality or charisma. Shannon has that. Shannon is the consumate singer, he has the whole package. Guy is like Paulini - good voice, but thats it. Extrememly boring. He does not have the stage presence nor charisma that Shannon has. If he wins, he will most likely kill fans with boredom. His voice is good (not as strong and powerful as Shannon's) but thats all there is to him. You need to woo people, not just sing in a very high voice.

Shannon has the voice and the whole package to make it successfully.

» 4 November, 2003 11:32 PM

If (and its a big IF) this article dated 19th October is true, http://www.behindtv.com.au/?module=displaystory&story;_id=726&format;=html, I feel that Cosima should have withdrawn way back then. Who knows how the competition would have turned out??? I am disappointed about her voice because I think she is truly "Australian Idol" material. I wish her well in her recovery, and I also wish Shannon and Guy all the best.

Annie » 4 November, 2003 11:37 PM

I agree with whoever posted above. I doubt Kerry is a singer though, because she is far too toxic, aggressive and nasty. No REAL singer worth their salt would bag another artist like that; its called tact, and respect. You just don't carry on like that in the music industry. Her behaviour is pathetic and immature. Kerry is a fake and has displayed an obvious lack of knowledge in music.

» 4 November, 2003 11:39 PM

I agree with whoever posted above. I doubt Kerry is a singer though, because she is far too toxic, aggressive and nasty. No REAL singer worth their salt would bag another artist like that in that manner; its called tact, and respect. You just don't carry on like that in the music industry. Her behaviour is pathetic and immature. Kerry is a fake and has displayed an obvious lack of knowledge in music.

Heather » 4 November, 2003 11:40 PM

After all your talk "why she did this" or "why did not she do that" one thing is still clear. And I will say it again:

Cosima made it to the TOP THREE.
Cos made it against 10000 contestants.
Cosima De Vito kept getting better and better, even though her voice did just the oposite. Now that demands RESPECT (Cos as a president... Yes Dicko, quite imaginable!).

If you have any doubts in her abilities, open Kazaa and download her interpretation of "when the War is Over". If that does not take your breath away, you are not qualified to write comments here. Or not refined enough. Or deaf. Or...

Cosima, you are the Voice, the Heart and the Soul of the competition. So cheer up, take a well deserved break and then kick back. Kick hard. We know you will, you brave girl.

Damir Kalajdzic

Damir Kalajdzic » 5 November, 2003 12:50 AM

I am so disappointed that Cosima has withdrawn from the competition. She did the right thing in pulling out, and it was not her fault how this was played out on the night.

I have been a Cosima fan from when I first heard her sing. I believe she is the best all round talent. With Cosima gone I dont think I really care who wins out these last two.

Sadly, we now have two people left, neither of which most Australians would be proud to present to the world as our Australian Idol. How on earth did it get to this?

Firstly we have Shannon. He seems like a good bloke. Shannon is good looking and has a fairly good voice with the right song, but hes not good enough to represent us as the Australian idol. If I continue to watch this show and choose to vote, it will be for Shannon, because unlike Guy, at least he sounds like hes got balls.

Then we have Guy. I have never liked Guys singing. I dont like his vocal gymnastics. While I may be able to sit down and watch Guy perform a song on Australian Idol and say that wasnt to bad I couldnt imagine putting on a Guy CD and listening to all the way through, let alone over and over. Guy belongs to a church. Hes a church singer. This is where Guy should remain. Lets be brutally honest about this. Does Australia really want an effeminent Malaysian with an Afro as their Australian idol?

Trevor » 5 November, 2003 1:56 AM


You "took the words right out of my mouth"

Enough said

PS. It's my b'day so I'm off to see if I can find a pub where Kerry is singing ! Should be great entertainment as long as the beer is cold.

wazza » 5 November, 2003 7:42 AM

People this is a christian website PLEASE dont post too many bullshit.


rcat » 5 November, 2003 9:41 AM

No, the true winner using your cirtieria is the one who earns the most if you want to be materialistic (not that it is very chritian !). Selling the most does not equal earning the most.

The Title of the contest is "Australian Idol"

The definition of idol is someone who is adored blindly and excessively, a material effigy that is worshipped as a god.

Given that definition, it has nothing to do with who sells the most as most people these days don't "buy" music they download it for free.

Therefore, "Australian Idol" is rightly determined by votes, assuming the voting system is valid which we know it isn't

Well, bugger. We obviously will never have a winner.

Now that is case closed. Touchdown !!!

wazza » 5 November, 2003 10:15 AM

These a some really simple facts for all of you with simple minds:
Wazza should be thrown out because just like him, his comments are worthless.
Most you all a deaf
its is not cosima's fault that her voice stuffed up, she was crap anyway
Paulini has the best voice but like she commented on Rove, a black women will never win Australian Idol and this was clearly echoed by many other commentators.
Guy has more talent than all of them put together but he will not win because he does not look like a Gornk from Campbelltown.

Connie » 5 November, 2003 11:11 AM

I agree with Connie.. Guy has a fantastic voice and he leaves all the other contestants behind.. however i too don't think he will win, because unfortunately the voting public does consist of teeny tiny teeny boppers and racist yobos who know doubt will vote for Shannon because they believe that he best represents the way a typical Australian looks like.. This is very disappointing because in this day an age you would think we are all above that...

Regardless, i think we should all just be very thankful to have been able to listen to GUY sing.. and i for one, will be looking out for his album.

Tiffany » 5 November, 2003 12:02 PM

Connie, instead of attacking the person, it is always more mature to attack the comment. Why not have another try

1. I never rubbished Cosima - I actually like he and listen to her music as do many - she isn't crap, perhaps to you but you should have said that
2. The whole idea of "idol" is that person who is someone who is adored blindly and excessively. Maybe not politcally correct but that is the essence of the show. No need to weep in your coffee.
3. Guy has talent but he has failings also. He isn't the effigy you want. He has problems with the higher registers as noted even by Marcia. He has an image problem (not with me) and unfairly so, but life aint fair

I have noted over the last few weeks that Guy fans seem to truly adore him blindly so in their eyes he is indeed an Idol. However, we don't all have that view so it wouild be mature for you to respect that. I will do the same.

wazza » 5 November, 2003 12:25 PM

i think everyone is dead wrong. rob mills is my australian idol because he has hooked up with the gorgeous paris hilton. rob got what he wanted from the competition, and that was woman!!!!

westie gronk » 5 November, 2003 12:27 PM

Ooooops - a typo above - "he" in the second line should have been "her" - quite funny really

wazza » 5 November, 2003 12:27 PM

I don't believe what I'm reading.

Are you all stone deaf?

Shannon can't sing!

Guy is the better performer, singer and entertainer!

Open your eyes and ears and LISTEN!!!!!

guy_to_win » 5 November, 2003 12:35 PM



It shouldn't matter what skin colour you are or what your nationality he is. Its all about what will sell.

I would buy anything from GUY. He is a champion, and he has GOD on his side!!!!

toocool » 5 November, 2003 12:41 PM

Wazza i appreciate your comment about trying to be mature and attacking the comment rather than the person.. However i think you defeat your own comments.

Subtle though you were, you were attacking connies opinions which i dont think are fair because every one is entitled to their opinions..

Furthermore, while you sound very educated,i think its even beyond your capabilities to be able to fathom what Guy supporters would or would not do, especially considering you have not met most of us. Just because we appreciate his voice, it does not translate that we believe he is a god. So while i appreciate your comments, please remove the big stick up your bottom because you are sounding like a prissy old maid...

kind Regards.

» 5 November, 2003 1:00 PM


Reread my post and identify my citique of Connie. Opinions are that and are always open to dicsussion. It is called conversation.

I agree everyone is entitled to their opinions and have always respected that viewpoint.

I have spent some time on the "Guy support" sites reading many of their posts (>300). Whilst I don't make any attempt to fathom what you are thinking, I was referring to the comments made by his supporters on those sites. Many of them referred to Guy as their "king", "god", "saviour". Their words, not mine.

I have checked for that stick you referred to but I think you must still have it in your ears or eyes as neither of those senses were used when you read my post

wazza » 5 November, 2003 1:31 PM

I hope that Guy wins. As I dodn't want to see Shannon locked into the contractual agreement that surely will come about for the winner of Idol. I want to see Shannon go on to bigger and better things on his own.
Guy can be the manipulated puppet - I only wanted to see Shannon get this far, so vote for Guy and let him be the puppet.

Kaz » 5 November, 2003 1:39 PM


Now I'm really confused being the smple lad I am.

Thank Kaz - made my day.

In a years time it won't matter. Might even take less than that.

Wazza » 5 November, 2003 1:43 PM

Shannon Fans-: Join up and show you support for Shannon.


Pru » 5 November, 2003 2:03 PM

i think everyone will agree on what im going to say... if you dont agree then youre a @#!%^*&^( idiot:

The reality IS there can never be a true australian idol because each of us viewers have different preferences......so lets just support who ever touched our hearts the most while at the same time lets not criticise the other contestants that we didnt like.....after all theyre all winners in their own rights...imagine, of ALL the thousands of people who auditioned they got through and made it that far........SO even though Paulini didnt make it to the grand finals,i hope that she would get a record deal and would sell millions of albums..i also wish the same for the others....AMEN

rcat » 5 November, 2003 2:10 PM


I agree with you about Shannon being better off not winning. I thought the same thing when Cosima pulled out. I believe both Cosima and Shannon will do better in the long run by not being the Idol. Where are all those Popstar winners now? Theyre both better off having got themselves all this publicity and coaching, but then not being locked into the Idol machine. The winner will just be chewed up and spat out. Both Cosima and Shannon (if he doesnt win) can come back in their own time, on their own terms.

Trevor » 5 November, 2003 2:18 PM


You wrote that Paulini (who you believe has the best voice) commented on Rove, that black women will never win Australian Idol. I didnt know she had made this comment, and if she did I dont believe it to be true.

There was another dark skinned female that left the show earlier, that also blamed her skin colour for not getting enough votes to stay on the show. I cant remember her name, but she was from Western Australian and I think originally African American. We do seem to have a trend here. With some people wanting to blame their skin colour, rather than face the reality that just maybe they just werent good enough.

As for this earlier one. Marcia made the comment to the media that she did not agree with her. Marcia pointed out that her shin colour was about the same as this contestant, and pointed to the success she has had over the years with the Australian public.

Trevor » 5 November, 2003 2:52 PM


Your comment amused me really...

"Does Australia really want an effeminent Malaysian with an Afro as their Australian idol?"

Posted by: Trevor at November 5, 2003 01:56 AM

Paulini and Cle were not blaming their skin color as you commented, they were simply being realistic and accepting what we all know is the truth.

Do i need to say more? judging by your comment made earlier ( refer to the above), you are obviously one of those in denial.

In respect to Marcia, well was she an Australian Idol? was her daughter?

I'm sure you don't even have any of their albums Trevor, i think its time we called a spade a spade and a bigot a bigot.

Connie » 5 November, 2003 3:13 PM


come on now, didn't I teahc you anything.

Attack the comment not the person- dear or dear.

what is the world coming to WTIC

wazza » 5 November, 2003 4:39 PM

Geez Wazza, you really are a big busy body.. Can't you just leave the argument between Trevor and Connie.. I thinks someone has control issues..

» 5 November, 2003 4:54 PM


*****************When James announced Guy as being the first finalist to go through, the crowd went ballistic and Marcia looked heavenward. Guy smiled like he had never smiled before - that is, from ear to ear. The next outstanding finalist who was told he was heading off the Grand Final was (drum roll, please), Shannon!

However, before Shannon's name was read out, our erstwhile hosts announced that there was a difference of a miniscule "point oh-eight of a per cent" that separated Cos and Shannon. Blimey!

It was at that point that the competition took a sharp turn. Cosima pulled a rabbit out of her hat and made a surprise announcement. With a scrunched up piece of paper in one hand and her microphone in the other, Cos explained that she had decided to withdraw from the competition (yes, that's right - withdraw!).*****************

This is not even what happened. The 'Australian Idol OFFICIAL website has reported that Cosima made her announcement after it was clear that Shannon had gotten through to the final. Actually- it was never made clear exactly WHO recieved more votes out of Shannon & Cosima. It seems that channel 10 can't even get their own story right. Either that or they have realised they messed up big time & are trying to tell the story in a way that will gradually lead us to believe it to be the truth!!!
I for one will not be watching the final OR voting!! I think channel 10 have acted appaulingly and I will not give them anymore of my money. thankyouverymuch :p

Lucille » 5 November, 2003 5:37 PM

anon again

It's a convo dear, put your nappies back on and go back to bed - dear oh dear again

wazza » 5 November, 2003 6:54 PM

Wazza - I think you meant to say that GUY has an "incredible vocal range and can pick up any style".

Guy can accomodate greater than "one style" and for you to say that, it leads me to believe that you either know nothing about music, or you and I have been watching different shows..

Missy » 5 November, 2003 10:11 PM

Forgive me but are we all talking about AUSTRALIAN IDOL? Well if so could you all please pull your heads in as there is only one australian left in it so one can only asume that the winner was determined weeks ago when rob mills was voted out leaving SHANNON as the only real aussie left in the competition hence he is OUR TRUE AUSTRALIAN IDOL.

OZY OZY OZY » 6 November, 2003 12:05 AM

Sorry OZY OZY OZY but I don't see any of the indigeonous population in the top 2 ... so where is the true Australian Idol?
Yeah Shannon is a caucasian male but true Australian - nah - he's like me, the son of a son of a son of an immigrant.
And what is truely sad is that the competition has opened itself up as a target for bigots. I'd be interested to see what the two finalists thought of their "supporters".
Afterthought: maybe Shannon could come out dressed up in a white robe and hood? Or maybe in the goosesteppers uniform? Would that make us all proud.
Grow up Australia

CJ » 6 November, 2003 5:23 AM


Agree that we must have been watching different shows.

Also agree that I know nothing about music. ;)

However, humour me and in musical terms and real life examples, please show me how Guy has "incredible vocal range and can pick up any style". He certainly can sing any song (albeit, any with hgh notes not very well eg Climb Every Mountain) but they all end up the same.

As for Ozy and CJ, I tend to agree with CJ. I support Shannon only because I enjoy his music. his no-nonsense approach and his humility.

Grandstanding shown by some of the contestants (Guy, Cosima) by their own choice or those of the producers is a turn off.

However, at the end of the day, I just prefer Shannon's broad musical ability. Pure vocals are not an issue as I have three or four operatic CD's if I need that.

wazza » 6 November, 2003 7:40 AM

Someone here said that a true Idol should look like an average Australian. Yes you heard me right. An AVERAGE Australian.

Well, can I see someone AVERAGE as an idol? No. Not because just anyone could be the Idol then. 10000 idols would be just too many for me to handle.

Is Australia an AVERAGE country? No. Not because I would not be living here otherwise.

Australia is supposed to represent the world, as it is supposed to be. Please abandon all racial and nationalistic prejudices and just accept people as people. Way too many good people suffered or vanished just because they looked different. Those that can not see past someone's skin color and national or racial ancestry should not call themselves Australians. Wonder what 'real' Australian natives would think reading these posts?

If we want recognition from the world let's put our best foot forward. So be a real Australian. Celebrate diversity. And cherish it as long as you live. It will make both you and your country less average.

Damir Kalajdzic » 6 November, 2003 8:06 AM


Admirable sentiments and I agree with some of what you say.

1. Definition of Idol is someone who is adored blindly and excessively. This can be an average person. For example, my idol in my family is my Mum. She is an average person. Howevr, I suspect in the case of this "Game Show" that Idol is more correctly defined as the one who the record companies want to win to make the most money by whatever means, not necessarily the most talent, the sexiest, the nicest personality etc etc.

2. Australia is very average as countries go. Don't get me wrong, I love Australia and most of it's people and it does have some special features (mostly nothing to with it's human population). However, as diversity increasingly challenges us, we are becoming more and more average. Post war (WW2) saw an incredible change in Australian society. We saw the amazing impact assimilation of cultures can have on attitudes and behaviour. However, we do not see assimilation today and that diversity which we treasured and forged Australia post war is now destroying the fabric of Asutralian life (I don't think I am being too dramatic).

3. Why should Australia represent the world ? We should be speaking Chinese in that case as that race represents most of the world's population. Let's represent ourselves. However, we need to understand who we are and Australia is having trouble doing that due to the lack of assimilation and the challenges of diversity.

4. I enjoy diversity. I agree that racial and nationalistic prejudices are not productive. However, the most important issue that Asutralia has faced, is facing and will face in the future is the inabilty of it's citizens to assimilate. That assimilation defines a community. Sure, we don't want everyone the same, but for a community to survive they need to have at least some common goals and thoughts and desires and needs. We don't have that in Australia and it is worse in Sydney. I am not saying one race is better than another only that diversity can and usually does create huge internal suffering and destruction. We see assimilation often at it's best in the country and we see assimilation at it's worst in the city. The two extremes of Australia. The land dictates that community. I suspect that is why many idolise "the country boy" concept. Maybe I'm wrong ?

5. Why de we continually seek recognition from the world ? This is not because we desire it personally but I suspect because it provides us with financial gain and prosperity. Nothing wrong with that but we should be honest about it and not hide in some fluffy, airy attitudes.

Average is good and should be celebrated. Excellence always comes at a cost.

wazza » 6 November, 2003 8:30 AM

Have to make the following points:

1. Cosima's voice only got really bad on Sun. I think she had been trying to ignore it up to then as she really wanted to win this competition. After Sun show she had medical advice and was told to stop singing or suffer permanent damage.
2. After being told this (at earliest on Monday) she had to decide whether to stop or not. She would not have had two weeks to recover - they had to continue recording the album - plus sing three songs this sunday along with publicity etc -there would be no resting for her until the grand final.
3. If Guy was 1 and Cosima was 2 in the voting have youy realised that if they announced Cosima was second before she could withdraw the competition would be over - Guy would be the Idol by default! I think they waited until the ad break - when they knew that Cosima was second in the votes they then went to plan B which was for her to withdraw so Shannon could move up to no. 2. If she had been third she would have still been able to make her speech as she couldn't perform her final song like normal.
4. Some oif you may be annoyed but if it played out like I said above did you want it to end on Mon night - with a winner by default? I know channel 10 & the producers obviously planned it so they could keep earning big bucks & get the ratings but I would have felt cheated if it ended that way - I want to see the big finale.
5. I was a big fan of Cosima's and thought she had a shot at winning if her voice was at full strength. Now that it's Guy & Shannon I think Guy will win b/c he is the best singer left but the Shannon - Aussie support ship will probably make it a close race & don't forget Shannon fans - whenever someone has done badly (come in the bottom) their fans get super votey the next week to ensure they get in. I think Shannon being viewed as no. 3 will make more people vote for him so should help your boy.

kf » 6 November, 2003 9:33 AM

Hopefully we are all over the Cosima thing. We all have our own views on how things unfolded and I supect we will never know the real story.

Cosima's voice has been going down for the last three weeks - her admission

If a contestant leaves any competition, the next runner up takes his/her place as no votes were announced and will not be as voting was closed early so no valid vote could be taken.

The "Game Show" is not about the best singer, it is about the best Idol - big difference that many don't seem to understand even now.

In then end, I don't really care who wins as I have decided which I like to listen to and will continue to follow them just as I am sure you with Cosima.

The title is all a bit meaningless except perhaps for the teenie boppers who have become so wrapped up in the show.


wazza » 6 November, 2003 10:30 AM

I agree with kf completely.

I think Shannon will get the majority of the votes based on Sunday night. Its not fair, because he will realise in the end that nobody will buy his albums.

Where as Guy can sing, write and move to his own music. He has the ability. Hopefully a record company will sign him up and he will be successful.

aha » 6 November, 2003 12:39 PM

to Aha (wasn't that a 70/80's band ?) above

BMG have him under contract for 12 months and if he wins they are obliged to sgin him.

I along with 50% of the polling public (~1MM) will buy his music.

Using your logic, Guy got to the finals because of a sympathy vote when he was in the bottom two the week before ???

I agree, not very logical

wazza » 6 November, 2003 1:54 PM


Hail Hilter mate!

I don't remember the show being called Australian "White" Idol. Why's Shannon "OUR TRUE AUSTRALIAN IDOL"? The guy doesn't sing much better than a decent karaoke singer, doesn't have any more personality than my left shoe, and dances and moves about as good too. Should he win just because he's a white Australian? I think the Idol winner should have more than white skin, Don't you? Going by your logic, the competition would have had a sign saying "Non-Caucasian need not apply!"

KY » 6 November, 2003 2:31 PM

Wazza, you are a total realist and have no appreciation for music, art and subtle things in general. Even though you might think otherwise. This is not personal, as I do not know you at all.

While you may feel comfy trying to be average and go with a flow, I will take the risk and pursue excellence. I may suffer in the process, but it is the only way to grow. Maybe you should stick to footy and leave music to those who are genuinely interested in it and who can understand it.

Australian Idol is a singing competition, and not anything else. Forget about the name, anything could replace the word 'idol'. It is about a singer representing Australia musically, and not in any other way.

And of course it is about giving ten thousand people a chance to live their dream. And watch them grow in the process.

People like you who think diversity id bad and destructive are those who cause most grief. For people like you nothing but themselves is important. People like you cause civil wars, ethnic cleansing and genocide. Should I go on?

Nothing you may say will change these facts.

We are not animals, we are people. We need to grow. We need to express ourselves. We need diversity and excellence, because there is no other means of achieving personal growth. We need to learn how to accept others rather then absorb them.

Please forgive me if this sounds harsh and unjust. But I watched with my hands tied up as my girlfriend was tortured until she died. Most people I grew up with suffered similar fate. Their only sin was being different. They spoke in a different dialect. They had different religions. They had different names.
Now they are dead.

Indeed, diversity can be costly. But diversity is in Australian nature and will be even more so as time goes by.

Damir Kalajdzic » 6 November, 2003 2:33 PM

It's called AI, if it takes being white to win then that's the criteria. Doesn't have to make sense or be politically correct or be based on talent or be based on vocal skill

Do you not get that point ?

It's a crap show with some average talent.

Entertaining but hardly developing the best talent in Australia

wazza » 6 November, 2003 2:34 PM

You need to read my post and try to understand what I was saying. Glib replies like yours are not well thought out. You failed to appreciate the concept of assimialtion and diversity.

I also have experienced the pain you speak of as as you said you do not know so you can not comment on myself. Feel free to attack my comments however.

I did not say average was an ideal state, but what we are. You mistake what is and what will be. As I said, read with more thought.

I also did not say diversity was bad in itself. I actually said I enjoy diversity.

I am concerned when people with obvious anguish attempt to classify people. You of all with your experience should be aware of this failing.

We are just animals. Nothing more.

When you said should you go on after saying I cause genocide, civil wars..... You probably should not have even started. Once again this is an example of generalisation and an inability to listen/read and comprehend.

In absorbing you always accept.

I also suggest you don't bring religion into the discussion as it has been responsible for more deaths of innocents than any other human invention and continues to cause pain and suffering in the world.

Those cultures that have a common desire, a common need, a common thought are those cultures that succeed and grow.

As for Australian Idol it has never been about the singing. It is about popularity, idolisation etc. If it was a true singing competition, the outcome of each week would be different. Even the promoters have said as much.

Leave the anguish and hate behind Damir, it does you no good.

Also remember you know nothing of my cultural or ethnic background. Have you considered that I may have been one of those minorities you talk about and am expressing my view of how that should be resolved.

Damir » 6 November, 2003 2:48 PM

ooooops, that as actually my post above - pretty funny mistake actually.

Keep smiling Kamir, not all the world is bad so don't treat them that way.

wazza » 6 November, 2003 2:52 PM

KY, well said.

Wazaa, you think it is crap. Yet you are here wasting your time discussing it. Yes, very logical.

WAIT... Were not you among those who failed the audition at the very beginning?

I still think AI is great. I think it allowed some good talent to shine through. It really touched me (now try to prove that being touched equals being weak, and good luck trying). Oh yes and I still Cosima rocks! ;)

You see mate, at least I waste my time discussing something I like. And I am still amused watching you trying to prove your point.

See you later everyone.

Damir Kalajdzic » 6 November, 2003 2:55 PM

No, if you read my post I said the process was.

I never waste my time on conversation.

Yes, I would still discuss it as I enjoy the discussion. That is separate from the show.

I have no point to prove Damir. Do you only talk about things you like ? What a sugar world you live in.

Why are you so upset and angry with life ? I would have thought after your experiences you would be more philosophical.

Calm down

wazza » 6 November, 2003 3:11 PM

you guys are hardcore! I'm enjoying your debate.

Darren Rowse » 6 November, 2003 3:39 PM

Ok- all these people saying Paulini should have had the chance to get this far- why the hell didn't you vote then? She didn't miss out because of Cosima, she missed out because obviously not enough people supported her. So stop whinging that Cosima stole her opportunity. Cosima was obviously more popular and that's what stopped Paulini. You wanted her in? then you should have voted more, there's no point whining about it now.

As for what happened on Monday night- i dont think it's right for anyone to jump to conclusions. No one outside of the AI 'group' knows what really happened, despite what the public statements tell us. So stop making assumptions and bitching, because you could very well be wrong. But if you are right, then so be it. There's no need to carry on and put Cosima down now- it's happened and it's not like all you're slagging will change anything. Just dont assume Cosima is a "loser" for not doing something earlier, not unless you know the full story. All we have is hear-say and gossip, it's not fair to base your opinion of any of the contestants on just that.

And as for opinions of on the amount of talent that Guy and Shannon have- they would not have gotten this far, or received praises from the judges if they were crap. They might not be appealing to all music-lovers, but you'd have to agree that they have put on some amazing performances during the competition. If you don't like either of them, then don't watch the show. No one's forcing you to sit down and endure an hour of their singing anyway- don't think Guy or Shannon are worth it? Then forget about AI and move on. You have to respect the fact that there ARE fans out there. Just because you think they can't sing, doesn't mean they won't sell records. They are not total crap just because you, an individual, didn't like their performances.

And what Channel 10 did, considering the circumstances, may have been misleading and wrong. But- it's tv. It's all about ratings, and what makes for good 'drama.' It's like that- for every show, every promotion. Complaining about it isn't gonna change that, money and ratings is what's important to them so quit acting as though it's a new thing that's pissing you off.

I'm sorry about this, it's just that what i've read has really irritated me- these accusations and such have been based on gossip and assumptions that haven't been verified. You're entitled to say what you think, but not to the point where you're being hateful to Cosima for something you don't know the full details of.

Leesa » 6 November, 2003 5:45 PM


agree with all you say

However, except for the rubbish that is being posted about Paulini, Cosima etc, most of the discussion is just harmless conversation and nothing else.

People discussing the issues of the day and such.

Nothing personal (well, not from my end)

Some peop[le get a little intense and personal at times. That happens in nay conversation. As long as at the end of that conversation poeple "shake hands" and move on, all is well.

By the way, Shannon or Guy are both winners, but on a personal note (sorry), Shannon is more to my taste in music.


wazza » 6 November, 2003 5:59 PM

So Wazza you say I live my angry and upset life in a sugar world? Can you be specific? This sounds rather contradictory to me. Are ya getting old, buddy? ;)

Damir Kalajdzic » 6 November, 2003 11:55 PM


Read your post. I just took a lead from your informative and troubled life. Your life does indeed appear contradictory

I am getting old, it's a fact of life.

Anyway, on the original subject, a kind soul bought me the AI album. I must admit that one of the most entertaining tracks is that by Rob Mills. It was a surprising treasure on the CD.

Wazza » 7 November, 2003 6:47 AM


Melinda » 7 November, 2003 3:12 PM

i love shannon soooo much and i reckon guy should go back 2 singing in churches.. he doesnt have the voice of an australian idol..

mel » 9 November, 2003 2:31 PM

Shonnon you are not as good as Guy. Go Guy go go Guy you are the best

Jayla » 9 November, 2003 2:42 PM

Guy you ae the gggggggrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaattttteeeeessst person in the world. Shonnon you not as good as Guy

zachary » 9 November, 2003 2:50 PM

When Guy sings it sounds like someone is squeezing his testicles! I dont like the two of them

rcat » 9 November, 2003 4:06 PM

rcat - you don't like the two of shannon and guy...or the two of Guy's testicles?

Darren Rowse » 9 November, 2003 7:51 PM

Rcat, to sing on Guy's level you need balls. And judging by your comment you're looking for a new pair of these, aren't you?

Damir Kalajdzic » 9 November, 2003 11:23 PM

whatever.........pallease...Guy's not that good.

Here are some of my thoughts from last nights show:

1. Guy sounded different maybe because he has the flu, nevertheless his version of "angels brought me here" is so much better than shannon's.

2. Guy did a Beyonce number last night....thats all the proof I need, yep he's gay (not that i have a problem with that)

3. Did Cle brought her child with her or was that her huge jugs bouncing up and down in the TV?

4. Its nice to see Lauren and Bek again.

rcat » 10 November, 2003 10:39 AM

You sure he isn't that good? Yeah, like you can do better? How about you telling us about another 21 year old unsigned singer that can do better?

So for you the best out of 10000+ is "not that good". Hmmmm... maybe you need a new hi-fi TV set? Lol

Damir Kalajdzic » 10 November, 2003 3:04 PM

Get a life....

rcat » 10 November, 2003 4:10 PM

Dear All,

I came here to check out what was being said as it was advertised in the forum I am mod of.

Yes, I am Shann's MOD and also his close friend...

Does anyone on here realise that both Guy and Shannon have feelings? I know that Shann has come to this site before, that's another reason I came to check it out... And he is starting to grow thick skin now, but they are both v. close and are supporting each other all the way, so why can't you just be nice and not bag anyone out??? I am appauled.

Please have a bit of RESPECT.

RESPECT each others opinions and remember you are AUSTRALIANS!!! So behave like Aussies!

As to the whole thing whether shannon got in on his own credit... I hate to dissappoint those who don't go for Shannon, but representatives from legion revealed to the fmily and then Shann that he topped the voting tally that night, so for those who don't think he has talent and can't sing, well, apparently lots of people think otherwise so if you want guy to become Oz Idol, you'd better get voting. Otherwise you can't complain coz you need to do your part too.

Carlz » 10 November, 2003 5:02 PM

Another thing I've noticed... apparently this is a Christian place and I am a Christian and with all the carry on about LTG's at the top of this page points that way.... and yet there is a lot of people putting others down...


So I challenge the moderator o this blog to do exactly that, moderate.. please...

Carlz » 10 November, 2003 5:03 PM

Thanks for your comments Carlz,

I appreciate your thoughts.

I actually have moderated this comment thread numerous times.

As I've said in other posts I'm appalled and disturbed by some of what has been written - especially some of the racial/gender/sexual slurrs.

I have deleted the worst of it but made the decision to keep most of it up as an illustration of what this show is doing to some people.

I've toyed with the idea of deleting it all but wonder if that might in some way be giving in.

Amidst the rubbishy comments there are some decent ones.

I'm sorry if this thread has caused offense - I've emailed many of those who have contributed to ask them to refrain from slurring contestants and even banned some people from accessing the site.

To be honest I've seen a lot worse comments on other sites going unmoderated. Anyway, I appreciate your thoughts and wish you and Shannon all the best - he's done really well and I admire the way he's stretched himself and grown over the past months.

Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse » 10 November, 2003 5:18 PM

There is a sample mp3 here


» 10 November, 2003 5:57 PM

Carlz, Daren, I could not agree more. Bagging won't improve chances of any contestant, only support will.

By the way any posts in this thread containing my name but NOT surname are not written by me.


Damir Kalajdzic » 10 November, 2003 8:39 PM

comment removed by Darren

» 11 November, 2003 11:25 AM

1. Mike - the teenies are the ones voting for Guy. It's us more mature women who love Shannon. (Read here everyone over about 20). Have you ever sat and listened to or watched someone who literally pulled at your heart while they sang. He may not have the voice of Guy (read here perfect) but he can put every bit of emotion into his singing that Guy can't. I've been sitting here listening to some songs of Shannon's off the web. He's every bit as good as everyone else in the competition, just different.

2. Mike - you reckon that Shannon's suited to the Condo Pub with Millsy. Firstly Millsy wouldn't make it in a Condo pub. Secondly, Shannon's local is the Royal Hotel. Anyway, what's wrong with the Aussie pub rock sound? Without it we would not have Cold Chisel and Jimmy Barnes, Australian Crawl, INXS and all of the other great Australian icons. What's wrong with that sound being the sound of our Australian Idol.

3. Zachary - learn to spell honey. Who's Shonnon?

4. KY - (Is that as in the lubricating jelly stuff?) If you knew Shannon then you would know that he is a wonderful person with a great personality. So really love I would love to meet your left shoe.

5. All of you - get a bloody life. I can see why some of you are on the internet. You wouldn't have any friends with the vile tongues/fingers you have. Just because the other contestants don't sing your kind of songs or aren't your favourite doesn't mean that they are any less than the person you like. These people are all winners. From the worst ones who turned up for the auditions to Shannon and Guy. They had the guts to get up off their bums and try to follow their dream. No matter how misdirected some of them were. (They were soon directed by Dicko and Mark though.)
Shannon and Guy are great singers in their own rights. Who wins now depends on the votes of the Australian people. Yes I said Australian. The Australian public have put their two choices forward. You can go on all you like about Paulini and Cosima but they're not the ones singing at the Opera House on the 19th. They both have wonderful voices as well but everyone can't be in the final 2. They will all end up with recording contracts anyway so you can buy your favourites album later.

6.Oscar - If you ask me, and I know you haven't but I'll say it anyway, if you want flat you only have to listen to Guy. Every song he sings sound the same. Shannon has heart and soul and can get deep inside. Just for the record I don't like Kasey Chambers and if you saw her the other day at Idol I'm sure the look on her face said "Shit, I'm lucky I didn't have to go through this. I wouldn't have made it to the Top 100."

7. I would like to bring it to the attention of everyone who thinks that Shannon can't sing and Oscar after his "best unsigned talent" comment from Dicko. For many weeks when asked who would win all three judges said Shannon.

Oh yeah and to whoever posted the previous comment that Darren removed A machetti is a knife halfwit. Der.

Shannons da Bomb.

Jackie » 11 November, 2003 1:52 PM

Guy rocks, has a voice of an instrument and an angel.... That's all I can say. Go Guy, Shannon is no where near your standard musically.

Debbie » 11 November, 2003 10:11 PM

If Shannon is a bomb, he's one that is about to explode and never ever to be seen or heard again.

Shannon makes a poor representation for an Australian Idol. Let's face it, he presents erratic performances with non-musical singing.

Guy has got the voice, the grooves, the moves, the looks with his fro.... he's got to be an Australian Idol!

Go Guy!
Go Guy!
Go Guy!

Paula » 11 November, 2003 10:21 PM

Dear Jackie, being a producer before settling in Australia I ought to be competent talking about these issues. Trust me, the rest of the world is much more musical than Australia is. It's not about rock, I love rock. It's not about Guy and Shannon either, as thew both would have my vote as talents. The only thing that matters is who is more likely to make it on the world stage.

When you like a singer, you buy his/her album. Simple. But if you want to see an Aussie win against the best on the world stage, you need to do some research. See how other idols made it to the top, what they were singing. See what their acts have in common. Then get on the phone and wote for the Aussie that stands a chance to hack it.

Whoever that aussie is. Remember, YOU will decide how good those chances are. Not Guy. Not Shannon. But you will.


Damir Kalajdzic » 11 November, 2003 10:39 PM

For all the others, PLEASE STOP FLAMING either of the contestants.

Thank you.

Damir Kalajdzic » 11 November, 2003 10:43 PM

Both Guy and Shannon are wonderful young men who are trying to realise their dreams. I support both of them in their endeavours. However, we need to vote for the best talent- vocal ability, stage presentation, versatility, ability to touch an audience with their performances- all these attributes need to be taken into consideration. When all is said and done, it is the wonderful, amazing talent of Guy Sebastian who encompasses all these qualities. Please, please, please don't vote just for looks (although I think Guy has a beautiful uniqueness, with a smile that could light up the day) and please don't vote with a sympathy vote. And ESPECIALLY don't vote with the idea that we need a white anglo-saxon Idol. Australia is a multi-cultural melting pot, with many people previously from other countries being proud to be Australians. People who say Guy always sounds the same mustn't have the ear for music that helps them distinguish between good singing and great singing. Guy has performed outstandingly in every single rendition of every single song he has sung. Shannon has also performed well, but there have been too many times when he has strained for notes and looked just a little too laid back. Guy puts his heart and soul into every song he sings.
So,good luck boys. I wish you both well, but for the sake of Australia's chances in the World Idol competition, we need to vote for someone who can perform exceptionally in a variety of song genres, who can touch the hearts of people with his soaring renditions, and sing with the voice of true, unsurpassed talent. Come on Australia, don't be complacent. Get on the phone and vote, vote, vote for the Guy who should represent Australia in World Idol. GO GUY!!!

Neridah » 12 November, 2003 3:56 PM

I just want to say congratulations to both Guy and Shannon for making it into the Grand Final next Wednesday. Irrespective of their individual talents, those guys are there, because the public has seen two extraordinary talents out there who have given their all right throughout the comp.The public has seen how both put so much into their performances and how much they enjoy performing. These two are not in this for the fame or glory, they are here for longevity. I have personally been following Shannon and Cosima right throughout. I have been following them, because their styles are what I like, what I enjoy. I am prepared to say however, that even though Guy's style does not suit my personal taste, he has been amazing and he will do well whether he wins Idol or not. Shannon has grown and grown each week and he just continues to amaze me and inspire me. Before all of you Guy fans go off, you must realise that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. To that person who said Shannon would not sell records. You will be so wrong, my friend. He has heaps of fans on the various websites. It all comes to down to who has inspired you and who you have enjoyed the most. I think Shannon has a fantastic voice. Go Shannon, your father would be so proud of you and so would your lovely family.

Yvonne » 13 November, 2003 12:33 PM

I have enjoyed this show so much,and seeing all of the amazing talent we have out there. I am truly hoping that everyone who made the final 12, gets a further chance to realise their dreams of making a successful career in the music business.
Every single one of these people has been truly amazing each week, standing up before Mark, Marcia and Dicko, trying to give their all. It takes sheer guts and determination and I love them all for sharing their talents with us. There is no way, we should be bitching and whingeing about who is best. I think they have all been amazing and the public has seen what each of them has to offer and voted upon that.
Right now you must realise that while Guy inspires many many people here in Australia, so does Shannon. The only reason I don't give Guy my votes is because he does not sing the style of music I am into, never been into RnB and never will be and that may be true for many others out there who have the same thoughts as me. I mean, it is fine to listen to it on radio, but I would never ever dream of buying an RnB album. I realise he is very talented and has a great voice, but I don't succumb to pressure from people telling me who to vote for. I vote for who I believe in. He is also a lovely person, but then so is Shannon and that is why they have become such great mates. That in itself has been truly inspiring to me as well.

Yvonne » 13 November, 2003 12:52 PM

Shannon you are my Australian idol, you have a great voice, i absolutely think you are fanastic and hope you win, you are Jimmy Barnes, Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi all rolled into one. I love listening to you sing. Good Luck Shannon!!!

Kim » 13 November, 2003 7:18 PM


Does anyone know if Shannon has his own website I can't seem to find one if he does.


Kim » 13 November, 2003 7:22 PM

Put me at the top of the list for tickets to your first concert Shannon, i could listen to you sing all night, My husband is not happy about working Wednesday night because he will miss the show, because he thinks you are great too and so do the kids which is surprised me, because i really thought the way Guy sings would be more to their taste, but they think you have a great voice and we are all voting for you.

Go Shannon

Kim » 13 November, 2003 8:11 PM

Can I just say that I was behind Guy all the way until I heard Shannon's version of Angels Brought Me Here.......he is fantastic and has come a long way.

I'm sorry Guy but the song is not suited for you and Shannon did a fantastic job......

Shannon for Australian Idol.....the real Aussie

Vanessa Buttigieg » 14 November, 2003 3:39 PM

Poor Cosima
if anyone should have won this comp its her.
get well soon cosi

Teddyluv » 14 November, 2003 4:21 PM

Vanessa, are you kidding?! You must be completely tone deaf!!! Sorry if I offend; Shannon did a fine job, but Guy's version of "Angels" was absolutely angelic! His voice and passion when he sings could melt hearts across the world. And what's with your comment "the real Aussie"? Are you racist? Guy is as much an Aussie as Shannon. That's why there is no other choice than Guy to represent us at World Idol.
Come on Australia, keep those votes coming in for the GUY who will do our country proud. Vote 1 for Guy Sebastian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our own Australian GUYDOL.

Guy's da 1! » 14 November, 2003 8:30 PM


I agree Vanessa, Shannon's version of Angels Brought Me Hear was much better and the song more suited to his singing voice.

Come on everyone vote for Shannon!!

Kim » 15 November, 2003 12:06 AM

In the end the winner of the contest will be chosen based on the people who voted musical tastes, what i like and what someone else likes can be completely different. It doesn't make either one of us right nor does it make either performer better than the other. Both Shannon and Guy are excellent performers in their own right and are in the last 2 because the public thought they were the best and deserved to be there. As far a Cosima pulling out she should have done that before any votes were announced which would have stopped any controversy about who did or didn't get the most votes. I honestly think she was waiting to see if she got the most votes and when she didn't she made her announcement. The voting closed early so really i dont think you can say that guy got the most votes either. He may have up until that point, but may not have at the end of the voting had it gone its full time.

Good Luck to both contestants but I hope Shannon wins :)

Kim » 15 November, 2003 9:10 AM

shannons the best

» 16 November, 2003 1:44 PM

Guy rules!!!!
I think Guy is the greatest!!!Just becasue he wasn't born in Australia doesn't mean he isn't Australian!!I was born in Eygpy and came here 10 year ago....but I am Australian now!!!
I love you guy!!!I have plantet shakers, 'My King' with your song!!!!its the best!!!!!!
love Taleiah
Posted by: talieah at November 16, 2003 12:23 PM

Go The fro!
I love ou Guy!!!!!
Posted by: kieah manusama at November 16, 2003 12:26 PM

What a disgrace to say that Guy Sebastian is not Australian! My family descends from England and Ireland. Most of my relatives are voting for Shannon. When I ask them why they vote for Shannon they say that "he's cute and more Australian than Guy Sebastian". Well I think they are silly and blind to the fact that Guy Sebastian is AMAZING! I live in an area where everyone is voting for Shannon, but I'll tell u what...they don't know what talent is! to all the Guy supporters out there, U HAVE TO VOTE HEAPS OF TIMES! you have no idea how crazy the Shannon supporters are. I really hope Guy wins because he's got an outstanding attitude and an outstanding talent! Naomi- Piyaratna(Nadine Piyara)..your article on the Daily Telegraph Website(about Guy) is outstanding! I applaude you for writing such a great letter!
come on Australians don't be complacent and let this thing slide! VOTE FOR GUY NOW!!!!
Posted by: Tammy Arnold at November 16, 2003 01:14 PM

naomi » 16 November, 2003 3:12 PM

What a disgrace to say that Guy Sebastian is not Australian! My family descends from England and Ireland. Most of my relatives are voting for Shannon. When I ask them why they vote for Shannon they say that "he's cute and more Australian than Guy Sebastian". Well I think they are silly and blind to the fact that Guy Sebastian is AMAZING! I live in an area where everyone is voting for Shannon, but I'll tell u what...they don't know what talent is! to all the Guy supporters out there, U HAVE TO VOTE HEAPS OF TIMES! you have no idea how crazy the Shannon supporters are. I really hope Guy wins because he's got an outstanding attitude and an outstanding talent! Naomi- Piyaratna(Nadine Piyara)..your article on the Daily Telegraph Website(about Guy) is outstanding! I applaude you for writing such a great letter!
come on Australians don't be complacent and let this thing slide! VOTE FOR GUY NOW!!!!

chloe » 16 November, 2003 3:14 PM

If Guy doesn't win Ausralian Idol then the whole competition is a waste!
what we need is Guy Sebastian to represent Australia...not a country complainer(shannon) who thinks he has the hardest life in the world and never gives any credit to Guy Sebastian.
Supporters of Shannon in Condoblin are crying out that there is not enough money to feed Shannon's family, yet, for some strange reason, there was enough money to give school children in Condoblin more than $9000 just to vote for Shannon. People in Condoblin are each putting in $30 every week to vote for Shannon. Why doesn't all this money go towards feeding Shannon's family or at least drought releif?
I hope that people who understand what exceptional talent is will vote for Guy. And to the d**k head who said that Guy is not Australian, I'll just say this: NO ONE in this country is a 'true blue Aussie' unless they are full Aboriginal or Torres Sraight Islander. People who claim that Guy is not Australian are probably to thick headed and brainwashed to understand this!
What Naomi Piyaratna has said is so true...I saw her article(as Nadine Piyara) on the Daily Telegraph feedback website and it is brilliant!
Congratulations to Guy for being a stand out performer with a wonderful attitude! Just as Cloe Fernando said; 'You already are the Australian Idol to me!

Brian Hadfield » 16 November, 2003 3:15 PM

i have loved guy through out the whole time and have been racking my phone bill up high with votes. i just hope that australia remember all the great performances guy has done and not be sucked in to shannons 'hard life' stories!!
we dont know if guy has finacial stability either. today in perth shannon told the crowd that his fiance is dying for the money to start rolling in! is that what we really want ! an idol who is only interested in the $ ? OR guy who puts all his might into his songs? vote guy the true australian idol!!
Guy Sebastian is sinply amazing. People are always going to have negative things to say about someone who is more successful than they are, which is where all the "non australian" and "he can't sing" comes from. But it is obvious that he can sing better than anyone else in the competition, just ask the other contestants. He is the total package and he deserves to win. To those who say he has no range in his voice and can't get high notes, maybe you should watch his performances again. Don't hate on people who are talented just because you are jealous. Go Guy, you are the best by far.

luke Woods » 16 November, 2003 3:17 PM

Hey everyone - GUY IS OUR AUSTRALIAN IDOL! Australia is a multicultural society and Guy represents this. What a talented boy, an amazing singer, good mover - all that and extremely cute too.
He's a sweet, generous young man who acknowledges Shannon's talent and says he would be happy for Shannon if he won Idol. Whereas Shannon never mentions Guy's talents and only focuses on himself winning.
FANS, don't get complacent! Don't think - "well, he performed so well he's bound to win" - this Sunday you need to MAKE SURE he wins - VOTE 'FRO
We just LUV ya Guy - xxx

vote for Guy » 16 November, 2003 3:19 PM

We need to remember that this is basically a singing contest. This is about someone who can represent Australia on the international stage. As nice as Shannon is, Guy is by far the more superior singer, mover, songwriter, arranger and musician. And if Shannon wins because every newspaper, current affair TV show and magazine is giving us his hard luck life story, then this has become a joke of a contest. We are voting on talent!!!!!
Firstly, the dickhead who wrote that Guy is not Australian is a narrow-minded racist who needs a life. Although Shannon is good looking, funny and a decent singer, Guy is by far the more talented. He has it all - funky looks, musical ability, creativity, humour, niceness and a heavensent vocal ability. Everyone knows this so it's up to us to vote. By the way, does anyone know how I can get a copy of all the songs Guy has sung so far on 'Idol'? VOTE FOR GUY!!!

» 16 November, 2003 3:20 PM

Of course Guy is Australian and talented. But it's a pity anybody's fans have to be so full of hate for the other contestant and their fans. We always thought Shannon had a better voice and were really pleased to see that the head of vocal studies at the Conservatorium of Music thought so too. But, hey, Guy's style is great and he is more fashionable and will probably sell better overseas at the moment. Shannon is a newcomer to singing, unlike Guy who has been fronting the band at his enormous church for at least seven years, and his talent is less developed. The head of the Con thinks he can take it a lot further and as a fan I just hope he does. Let's not be so bitter about it. They are friends and will not mind if the other wins, evidently. They can both have very different careers. To say either of them can't sing is just a bit silly.

Nellie » 16 November, 2003 3:53 PM

I notice that Guy's fans always say that he is better because he can write great music. Has anyone ever heard it? How do they know? Who is to say that Shannon couldn't? He is having a lot to do with Kasey Chambers and her songwriting husband. Perhaps they could write something together as Delta has done with Mark Holden and others? Let's not be so hasty to judge one or the other on a personal basis. Do you know Shannon never says anything nice about Guy? Guy has actually been given a lot of advantage in the editing of footage, we think because BMG actually want him to win because they think they can make more money out of him, especially overseas.

Nellie » 16 November, 2003 4:04 PM


Shannon couldn't possibly write good music. Writing good music requires music education which he does not have.

Now how do we know Guy CAN write GREAT music? Easy - we heard it on four CDs he released, with number five out any day now.

Damir Kalajdzic » 16 November, 2003 8:04 PM

If you don't know Shannon you can't judge what he is capable of. He still has the better voice, the expert says so even though he has way less experience than Guy. Who knows what he is capable of? And if Guy is so good, why did he need so much help to get there i.e. all the extra promotion and the scripted judging? They said Shannon had voice problems and the voice expert says he hasn't, that he's got more potential than Guy or Cosima. It was all a bit suspicious, if you ask me.

Nellie » 16 November, 2003 8:30 PM

Anyway, Damir, my brother writes great music without any musical education and plays a number of instruments - all self-taught. Musical education is not necessarily a prerequisite for musical talent.

Nellie » 16 November, 2003 8:32 PM

Guess there's nothing left to say but: I agree with Vanessa and Kim that Shannon's version of "Angels" was far superior, full of emotion; he made it sound like a new song instead of just another RnB number. We're all voting for Shannon. If he doesn't win, he's sure to have a great career and be able to provide for his family without doing any more shearing. To us, he's far from a whinger, but someone courageous and honest who is having a go. GO SHANNON!!!!!!!!

Nellie » 17 November, 2003 1:28 PM

Nellie is obsessed with Shannon. who cares what the voice experts say! we've heard each of them sing and Guy is way better than Shannon

» 17 November, 2003 4:56 PM

I reckon! Nellie posted about four cooments in a row! the only reason Shannon is still there is because of obsessed Shannon lovers like Nellie. sorry Nellie if I offend but its true! Guy is very talented-I really hope he wins.

Max » 17 November, 2003 5:00 PM

SHANNONS much betta then guy ,dont get me wrong guy is a really good singer but shannon's much betta and he deserves to win.Shannon is a typical aussie bloke who im shore would represent australia right.so dont worry wat ur friends say just vote for shannon after all he is the betta singer.

shelly » 17 November, 2003 5:06 PM

I have a lot of respect for Shannon-he's a nice guy but,

If Guy doesn't win Ausralian Idol then the whole competition is a waste!
what we need is Guy Sebastian to represent Australia...not a country complainer(shannon) who thinks he has the hardest life in the world and never gives any credit to Guy Sebastian.
Supporters of Shannon in Condoblin are crying out that there is not enough money to feed Shannon's family, yet, for some strange reason, there was enough money to give school children in Condoblin more than $9000 just to vote for Shannon. People in Condoblin are each putting in $30 every week to vote for Shannon. Why doesn't all this money go towards feeding Shannon's family or at least drought releif?
I hope that people who understand what exceptional talent is will vote for Guy. And to the d**k head who said that Guy is not Australian, I'll just say this: NO ONE in this country is a 'true blue Aussie' unless they are full Aboriginal or Torres Sraight Islander. People who claim that Guy is not Australian are probably to thick headed and brainwashed to understand this!
What Naomi Piyaratna has said is so true...I saw her article(as Nadine Piyara) on the Daily Telegraph feedback website and it is brilliant!
Congratulations to Guy for being a stand out performer with a wonderful attitude! Just as Cloe Fernando said; 'You already are the Australian Idol to me!

brian » 17 November, 2003 6:19 PM

can some one explain to me how shannon is a "country complainer" its not his fault that all this stuff has happend to him its not like he wanted it to happen .anyway shannon is a betta singer so y shouldnt ppl vote for him and by voting for him with there $30 a week is helpin feed his family if u think bout it cos if he wins the show then im shore he'll have plenty of mone to feed his family so really them using all that money will help feed his family in the long run all u have to do is think bout it

shelly » 17 November, 2003 6:54 PM

Sorry Shelly - couldn't let that one go unanswered. Putting $30/week into a share portfolio would also feed Shannon's family in the future. However, if there is no food on the table today, you don't waste $30/week on future investments.

Lizzy » 17 November, 2003 6:59 PM

whho hooo! nice call Lizzy! learn to spell Shelly!
shannon is NOT THE BETTER SINGER. hell no!
go the Guy with the Fro!

» 17 November, 2003 7:16 PM

yeah ur right lizzy but if they dont have the money to give they dont have to is there choice really if they want to vote for him so they should.oh and lizzy i respect ur opinon thanx

shelly » 17 November, 2003 7:17 PM

but we all have opinons so if ppl vote for guy good but if ppl vote for shannon even betta.dont get me wrong guy has a very good voice but theres to many singers who has a voice like him and after a while it will get pretty borin wit the same voices all the time. thats wats good wit shannon no one really has a voice like his.

shelly » 17 November, 2003 7:24 PM

shelly i didn't understand that! please explain?!
u need to fix up your writing skills-no offence.

» 17 November, 2003 7:25 PM

its called slang

shelly » 17 November, 2003 7:28 PM

i can do a good impersonation of Shannon. so can my friends when they're drunk! doesn't take a lot of effort!but impersonating Guy takes a lot of effort! GO GUY! GO GUY!
shannon's a nice guy..but that's where it stops. his voice is not good enough for the world stage. Guy will whisk audiences off their feet!

» 17 November, 2003 7:30 PM

shelly belly learn to spelly!
shannon lover! GO GUY! GO GUY!

» 17 November, 2003 7:31 PM

I don't think it matters who wins on Wednesday night as we will be hearing more from both of them in months to come - it's all academic really.

However, GO THE FRO!

Lizzy » 17 November, 2003 7:31 PM

that's not what i call slang sister girl!
don't take it personal honey!

Brodie » 17 November, 2003 7:33 PM

I hope you Guy fans are all voting and putting your money where your mouth is!

I have worn the fingerprints off my index finger from dialling......................wonder if it will grow back?

Lizzy » 17 November, 2003 7:33 PM

hey leave shelly alone my brodie bro!
yeah ok.. it's kinda funny! shelly i respect your opinion... don't worry i'm not going to bag out your spelling honey, but, i don't understand how people can say that shannon has a better voice than Guy! I'm on holidays from america and if Guy was in America people would be speechless because of Guy's talent. There are lots of people with the same type of voice as Shannon's, but, you don't come across a voice like Guy's often!
If Guy lived in America he would get a lot more recognition. I'm gonna take a tape of some of the idol's performances with me (when i go back home) and I know that people will be mesmerised by Guy! You people don't appreciate Guy's talent enough. I think it's a shame that Paulini and Guy aren't in the final together! don't let Guy's talent be hidden from the world! he deserves all the recognition he can get!

hannah » 17 November, 2003 7:43 PM

don't worry lizzie..i'm voting my butt off for Guy!(i hope other Guy fans are too!)
Go Guy! u are unreal!

» 17 November, 2003 7:48 PM

thanx Hannah (from America) for your great comments.
you are so right! I'm glad someone from overseas has said something about Guy's talent. by the way which city or state are you from?

tammy » 17 November, 2003 7:52 PM

you're welcome Tammy! I'm from Washington, but, i'm moving to New York!
i have to say this! GO THE FRO! hehe that was fun!

hannah » 17 November, 2003 7:56 PM

where did shelly belly go? i want to bag out her writing!

» 17 November, 2003 8:01 PM

Hannah, I guess this barren country produces people to match. Lack of subtleties in their life results in their inability to understand music. Or is it from eating too much fish and chips? Hmmm, makes me wander...

Damir Kalajdzic » 17 November, 2003 10:00 PM

u can bag out my writin aslong as u want i dont give a shit really i dont .Hannah i no wat ur sayin guy has a great voice and ive said that from the very begining i just like shannons voice betta .

shelly » 18 November, 2003 6:28 AM

shelly! why did u post at 6;28 in the morning? are u obsessed ot something? guess u got nothing better to do except say your prayers all night for Shannon. I respect that people like shannon cause he's an okay bloke, but, so is Guy. I'm sure n-e-one that understands real talent will vote for Guy. I agree with Hannah. Her opinion, I beleive is very wise and fair. thanx Hannah! if anyone hasn't read Hannah's (the american)comments above, then u should cause they show what people from overseas think of the two idols!

» 18 November, 2003 11:40 AM

since it doesn't look like hannah is returning, i'm gonna re-post her comments! by the way shelly, i respect your opinions and i think shannon's a nice bloke, but, Guy's talent is so obvious and outstanding that i think it will be a shame and disgrace if he doesn't win!
here's hannah's comments again;

hey leave shelly alone my brodie bro!
yeah ok.. it's kinda funny! shelly i respect your opinion... don't worry i'm not going to bag out your spelling honey, but, i don't understand how people can say that shannon has a better voice than Guy! I'm on holidays from america and if Guy was in America people would be speechless because of Guy's talent. There are lots of people with the same type of voice as Shannon's, but, you don't come across a voice like Guy's often!
If Guy lived in America he would get a lot more recognition. I'm gonna take a tape of some of the idol's performances with me (when i go back home) and I know that people will be mesmerised by Guy! You people don't appreciate Guy's talent enough. I think it's a shame that Paulini and Guy aren't in the final together! don't let Guy's talent be hidden from the world! he deserves all the recognition he can get!

well there u go! they are the comments made by a american currently living in Washington! thanx hannah!

leslie » 18 November, 2003 11:46 AM

has anyone read n.piyaratna's letter to the editor on the daily telegraph feedback site? it's really good. I went to the site to say something about all the unfair attention they're giving to shannon, but, naomi's already covered all that without being disrespectful to Shannon supporters. Go Naomi! and ofcourse GO GUY SEBASTIAN!

GUY should win » 18 November, 2003 12:00 PM

Shannon has absolutely got the better voice. No wonder the Americans like Guy. He is a clone of American singing. Everything he sings sounds the same. You Guy fans all go on about how he can sing better and is so talented. But he arranges all the songs to suit his range etc. He knows how to present himself in the best light from all that practice in the Christian music field. As the voice expert said: "pretty but limited, a talking kind of singing". Shannon has great potential, can sing anything - as Marcia said - and make it sound fresh. I actually want Guy to win so Shannon can have more say in his career and be an individual. GO GUY - preferably to America - and let Shannon be our next singing legend.

Betty » 18 November, 2003 1:39 PM

Guy rocks!
what Hannah said was that a lot of people can sing like shannon. She said Guy's voice is more rare and unique!we've all heard both of them, who cares what the voice experts say! even all of the aussie musicians out there say that Guy's talent is outstanding and that he should win because Australia has never had a male vocalist like him before. Sorry Deb, but I think you missed the point of Hannah's comments. Sure shannon can sing and is a nice bloke, but Guy has done so much more with his voice and has demonstrated rare vocal acrobatics and performance skills(as Marcia Hines said on the show). Guy is not a clone of American singing. Guy is Australian, unique and fantastic!

Shannon fans are missing the point » 18 November, 2003 7:44 PM

GO Shannon!-to the bottom of the charts! hahaha
go GUY, u have a angel's voice. I've never heard a voice like yours in my life! what a wonderful GUY!

» 18 November, 2003 7:49 PM

I think that both Guy and Shannon are incredibly talented..
Good on them for just getting this far, both of them will get a record deal regardless who wins.
Im definitely going for Guy, i think he's just amazing, and i get goosebumps every time he sings. He also once sang at my church, and my friends and I found his 'Fro very cute..Seeing him on idol jus auditioning was awesome, and to see him go this far isnt a shock at all.
Good luck Shannon, ur gonna go so far regardless of winning or losing, but Guy..The minute ur album's on the shelf im gonna be buying it...Ur voice is truly heaven sent and i think ur incredible!!!

ps- If people are voting for Shannon because of his looks, yeah, he's an attractive guy, but Guy Sebastion is beautiful! His smile lights up the room, and he's such a sweet guy, his spirit just shines through him..i think he's gorgeous..inside and out!! -XOX-

Kelsey » 18 November, 2003 8:48 PM

u all suk

» 19 November, 2003 8:15 AM

Yeah, I'm with u anonymous. Can't believe the crap u people write. Guy's voice is 'heaven sent', gimme a break! Shannon might be a shearer but u r all a bunch of sheep! Get sucked into the hype, why don't u? Meanwhile big biz is rolling in yr dough.
You've got no idea how this comp has been a con. I say let's get back to the real talent that would never have made it thru so-called reality TV.

kaz » 19 November, 2003 9:28 AM

:( :( :( :( :(

Your the best Shannon. Too bad Australia forgot what real music is. It's like i'm stuck in the 70's again hopefully we will get through this stage just like we did then.

Kim » 19 November, 2003 9:10 PM

The Idol has been chosen. Australiand have cast their vote. And the first Australian Idol is...

G U Y!!
Congratulations to Guy, and lets not forget about Shannon too, since he was sincerely happy to see his friend claim the crown. We all know same would have happened if Shannon won.

Well done, boys!

Damir Kalajdzic » 19 November, 2003 9:53 PM

Congratulations GUY! you truly deserve it! your voice is AMAZING! you can do anything! well done to Shannon too! GUY..you are a humble, gracious and talented young man! It is such an honour to have you to represent Australia! well done to both guys. Good luck in the future Shannon..although i'm sure u wont need it. WELL DONE GUY! u are truly MAGNIFICIENT!

THE RIGHT "GUY" WON! » 19 November, 2003 10:07 PM

good on ya guy ....but i still think shannon is betta but im shore he'll pick up a contract so im happy either way

shelly » 20 November, 2003 6:28 AM

Guy congrates u did it from the bottom of my heart
i knwe u would win.
It's the best friend of ours that u belived in that got u this far. You were not doing it for fame but rather what u belived in.

Humble youeslef beneath the powerful hand of GOD.
Then , even if you cannot understand his leadings, you will rest in the will of GOD and tatste his peace
Guy do what u want to do now. i'm never gonna bail out on u because ue not sing GOSPEL music,
GOD got u this far, fulfill what u desire not what earthly people want u to do don't ever feel that ur alone cuase our best freind is wit u through out this Journey
good luck in the near futuer and keep the fro on lol. Hope to meet u someday. When i bacome the next Australian idol. lol

LINDA OSEI AKOTO » 20 November, 2003 8:01 AM

Guy Sebastian - Angels brought me here

Its been a long and winding journey
But im finally here tonight
Picking up the pieces walking back into the light
To the sunset of your glory
Where my heart and future lies
There's nothing like that feeling when i look into your eyes

My dreams came true
When i found you
I found you
My miracle

If you could see, what i see
That you're da answer to my prayer
And if you could feel
The tenderness i feel
You would know, it would be clear
That angels brought me here

I stand right here before you
Feels like i've been for the day
Every breathe is urs
Every heartbeat speaks your name

My dreams came true
Right here in front of you
My miracle

If you could see, what i see
You're da answer to my prayer
And if you could feel
The tenderness i feel
You would know, it would be clear
That angels brought me here
-brought me here

-i'll be forever grateful -o0oh- for everything-

My dreams came true
Right in front of you
My miracle

If you could see, what i see
You're da answer to my prayer
And if you could feel
The tenderness i feel
You would know, it would be clear
That angels brought me here
(x 2)

» 20 November, 2003 5:14 PM

I disagree with Nellie and her comment:

"...Shannon's version of "Angels" was far superior, full of emotion; he made it sound like a new song....."

Face it Nellie, Shannon was throwing his phrases and his notes all over the place not only in this song but in most of his other songs too!!!!!. Shannon is superior? No way... maybe a superior red neck working at his own farm but not in a music contest. How disgraceful it is to hear Shannon's non-musical talent in a National singing contest!

Glad that Shannon did not win Australian Idols. He would make a poor representation of Australia in the music industry.

paula » 21 November, 2003 10:49 AM

thats shit paula sorry but shannon does have musical talent ur just too stupid to notice it

shelly » 21 November, 2003 3:01 PM

Hi Cossima

Just writing to wish you all the very best, to me you were the star.

I think your voice is just amazing!

TIZIANA » 21 November, 2003 5:53 PM

OMG i cant believe GUY won im so happy
I cant believe dey gonna have a concert i cant wait to go omg dis whole AI ting has realli made me happy, howeva Levi's departure was realli sad i miss hym a million i luv hym so much

Natasha » 21 November, 2003 8:08 PM

Paula, how DARE you say Shannon is a redneck? What experience of Shannon personally, do you have to make such immature and spiteful comments? What are you, some sterotypical bigot? Shame on you for being prejudiced and labelling people, you don't even know! People like you are garbage.

My mother who is in her 50's listened to both Shannon and Guy, and she believes that Guy has extremely limited range and does not have what it takes to represent Australia. As she said, Guy is an RNB, American type singer, and would be popular with young children and teenagers only. However Shannon would appeal to older generations, of Little Richard, Elvis, RockNRoll, etc. Guy is a singer representing Video Hits children, but he will be forgotten when his voters grow up.

Guy's voice sounds very pre-pubescent, and is so high, he sounds worse than Michael Jackson, and it seems as if his voice hasn't broken yet. As my mum said, Shannon seems so much more mature and his voice is more refined and mature. Remember Paula also, that in American Idol, the runner-up sold MORE albums, than the winner! And, I think Shannon will be no exception. I see Guy as a (very young) Scott Cain - he will be forgotten quickly, whereas Shannon weill do very, very well. Shannon is the one with the better vocal range and clearer and more refined voice. So to have to burst your bubble.

Heather » 22 November, 2003 10:57 PM

They all did a terrific job and Shannon has a distinctive 'sound' and 'all Australian boy' quality that will carry him through...BUT Guy is an awesome talent, his voice is divine and he is an allround vocalist and musician. He is one of the few performers who has brought me to tears - an amazing talent who deserved to win. Congratulations, not only are you extremely gifted musically but also have a beautiful disposition - good luck, not that you need it - I'm glad you represent us as our Australian Idol.

Amanda » 22 November, 2003 11:00 PM

i totally agree with amanda because shannon has so much talent and the guy fans just dont wanna admit it.who gives if shannon lost and it is betta if he came runner up cause on a show i was watching,it says that the winner,guy is now owned because he signed the contract,he must do what they say and he must do it.

go shannon!!!!!!!

» 23 November, 2003 7:43 PM

shut the hell up myguy guy sukz and he won halfly cause of this fro.
have u been wearing earmuffs cause shannon rokz!!!

shannon rulz and you r just scared 2 admit it

» 23 November, 2003 7:56 PM

shut up oscor u stink and u know shannon get further than @$^^& guy no matter what guy stinkz and stop blaming cossie 4 her voice ilness she was working so hard to impress u fans and now look how ur treating her.
i have neva been a fan of cosima but i do feel sorry 4 her.

the main thing is go shannon

» 23 November, 2003 8:03 PM

I just wanna say that the fro is lame Guy cant sing and the loser won, Shannon Noll so should have won Idol hands down, Guy is some 22 year old Virgin loser with a lame arse hairdo and no taste in song choice or sex appeal he is so not Shannon Noll or Rob Mills, and never will be so he should not win Shannon shold have.. there needs to be a recount that crowns Shannon the winner....

no to the FRO

Guy Sebastian » 23 November, 2003 10:40 PM

Now about Guy's range:

In his performance on November 19th he reached Eb2, a minor third ABOVE normal range of Pavarotti. Couple that with the lowest note in Guy's new single, and you've got a ripper of a range.

All those who see this range as "extremely limited" have an extreme cognitive problem. Therefore there's no point discussing anything with them.

Congratulations for No.1 selling single, Guy!

Damir Kalajdzic » 24 November, 2003 6:42 PM

Guy Sebastian you deserve everything that's coming to you over the next few months...you are without a doubt THE BEST talent Australian Idol had. I'm so glad for you and hope you go a long way in you career, the next John Farnham! You will be as popular and go as far as the Voice himself and I'm sure you will do our country proud in the World Idol. Be proud of yourself Guy, you are an amazing singer, songwriter the whole package. You are No. 1
As for everyone else out there who have nothing better to do than BAG out Cosima..GET A LIFE! Up until she left the show she had a huge fan base then all of a sudden everyone hates her, I mean come on does everyone in this country just jump on the banwagon coz they don't have a mind of their own or what. I was a huge fan of her & I think she did the right thing by leaving the show to at least give Shannon the chance to go on. I mean do you think she was the one in control of Channel 10 to tell them thats how she wanted to leave. Maybe you should stop blaming her & blame the shows producers etc. They did it that way to keep their ratings up. Besides I feel if Shannon had found out he lost, then felt all that pain of losing, then she pulled out & he knew he was a substitute he wouldn't have given his all over the last two weeks to try to win because he would have known he wouldn't have even had a chance against Guy in the Grand Final...He would have felt worse than ever. At least by not knowing he can still think to himself "No, I got through & I'm just as good a chance as Guy to win this Comp" & he would have tried a lot harder to win..as he did do!

Tammy » 25 November, 2003 10:37 AM

I have decided to suspend the comment feature of this article due to the abusive natures of many comments. Sorry to those who genuinely want to discuss the topic but the lack of respect shown here in the name of supporting Guy or Shannon disturbs me.

If you'd like to genuinely give me some feedback on the topic feel free to email me.

Thanks to all those who have contributed in a positive nature.

Darren Rowse » 25 November, 2003 4:00 PM

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