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11 May, 2005 11:57 AM

American Idol this year is hotting up after a great competition last year when Fantasia Barrino became the American Idol Winner in front after 65 million Americans cast their votes.

This year the American Idol Results will make the winner either 21 year old Carrie Underwood from Checotah (OK) or 29 year old Bo Bice from Helena (AL).

The competition to be the American Idol Winner is hot - with internet polls at American Idol Blog neck and neck. At the time of publishing this Bo Bice was just edging out Carrie Underwood - but really the American Idol Crown is anyone's!

Update - The Winner of American Idol this year is Carrie Underwood.

Last to leave American Idol this year was 20 year old Vonzell Solomon from Fort Myers.

'A postal letter carrier, Solomon endeared herself to fans with her emotional openness. Always an underdog, she had tried out once before for "Idol" but was rejected. This time, she made it all the way to the top three, which is sure to yield her a recording contract.

"My 'American Idol' journey has been crazy - a lot of emotions balled up into one. But it's been all worth it," Solomon said in a video montage played after host Ryan Seacrest announced that she had received the fewest votes.'

- Source

Check out Guy's Competition in World Idol

Guy won. I have nothing left to say except to say thanks for your hardcore AI readers who've been stopping by my site and thanks to my regular readers for allowing me to post on the topic. Also congrats to Guy and Shannon who I'm told via email have both read some of these posts and their comments (I hope they are not too offended).

To sum up this series here is the complete collection of my Australian Idol reflections for 2003 in order of most recent to oldest (comment numbers in brackets as of 11pm today):

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Christian Guy

19 November, 2003 4:46 PM

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Update: Guy Wins

Tonight is the night that Australian Idol fans will find out who the winner will be.

Regular readers will note that I think Guy Sebastian should win - my personal opinion is that he is the better singer and performer. I don't mind Shannon but prefer Guy.

One thing that I have purposely not mentioned to this point is that Guy is a Christian. Early on in the series V and I had an inkling that perhaps he was but it was confirmed one night when they showed him worship leading in his church. (a rather large AOG church in South Australia called 'Paradise').

Since that time Guy has been questioned many times about his faith. He's been quoted as saying that the only book he's read is the bible (this was headlines in one magazine) - he's also talked about how he is still a virgin (again headlines and getting a lot of attention).

I think he's handled himself pretty well when it comes to talking about his Christianity. To my knowledge he's never used his exposure to bible bash anyone - his approach is very gentle on the topic. He shares about it like any of the other contestants have shared about anything in their lives that have been important to them. I respect his approach.

In the last three days I've received four separate emails (actually they are more like chain-mail emails) asking Aussie Christians to unite in support of 'our Guy'. I don't know the original writers of any of these emails - but they all are from Christian people (some from pastors) around Australia passionately urging us to forward the email to as many people as possible.

I feel uneasy about these emails. While I am not a 'Guy supporter' because of his faith (for me its his performing abilities) I admire the way in which he's been open, but not 'preachy' about his faith. However I worry that the pressure that Aussie Christians are putting upon him is unfair.

A lot of the language in these emails (and in conversations I've had with Christians) is very possessive. He's referred to as 'Our Guy' - its like he's been claimed or something.

I also worry that these emails talk about how Guy is a key to revival among young people in Australia. Ok - this may well be the case, perhaps God will use him in this way. But none of the authors of these emails have asked Guy about this. I wonder if Guy's expectations and hopes of his Australian Idol journey line up with some of the things I've been hearing people say about him. Perhaps he just wants to sing and expand musically?

I'm also a bit worried that if Guy wins that people will claim its because 'the Church' was dodgy in its support for him. These emails don't encourage people to vote for Guy if you think he's good - but vote for him because he's a Christian.

I understand that many Christians will be fans of Guy out of admiration of his talent and also because they feel some affinity with him on a faith level, I don't have a problem with that. I'm sure similar things can be said about Shannon (ie I know a lot of country people relate to him because he has that shared background - in fact I've heard of similar emails going around asking people to support Shannon the 'aussie battler). My concern isn't that people are partly basing their support upon shared life experiences as Guy and Shannon, but that the attitudes of Christians will place unnecessary pressure on Guy.

I've seen this happen many times before when sporting stars, TV personalities and musicians have been 'claimed' by the church as its new found saviour - only to see them crash and burn because they could not live up to those expectations.

Perhaps we should just let Guy be Guy and Shannon be Shannon and allow them to naturally do their thing and see what happens???

What do you think? (please be nice in comments - personal attacks will not be tolerated)

Angels Brought Me Here - Lyrics

18 November, 2003 6:21 PM

Angels Brought Me Here was originally released by Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian. More recently it was sung by American Idol 4 finalist Carrie Underwood.

Update: Guy's Album Just as I Am is out. Get it here.

Here are the lyrics of Angels Brought me Here - Guy Sebastian's first single. Get Guy's Single - Angels Brought Me Here

Composed by J�rgen Elofsson and John Reid

It's been a long and winding journey
But I'm finally here tonight
Picking up the pieces
Walking back into the light
To the sunset of your glory
Where my heart and future lies
There's nothing like that feeling
When I look into your eyes

My dreams came true
When I found you
I found you
My miracle

If you could see what I see
You're the answer to my prayers
And if you can feel
The tenderness I feel
You would know
It would be clear
That angels brought me here

Standing here before you
Feels like I've been born again
Every breath is your love
Every heartbeat speaks your name

My dreams came true
Right here in front of you
My miracle

If you could see what I see
You're the answer to my prayers
If you could feel
The tenderness I feel
You would know
It would be clear
That angels brought me here

Brought me here to be with you
I'll be forever grateful
(Oh forever grateful)

My dreams came true
When I found you
My miracle

If you could see what I see
You're the answer to my prayers
And if you could feel
The tenderness I feel
You would know
It would be clear
That angels brought me here
(x 2)

Source of Lyrics

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Get Guy's Single - Angels Brought Me Here

update from Guy Sebastian Fans: Guy's New album is titled Just as I Am and will be released on December 7th!

The track listing according to BMG is

- Angels Brought Me Here
- So I
- Can You Stand The Rain
- No One Can Compare (To You)
- All I Need Is You
- What A Wonderful World
- My Beautiful Friend
- Something Don't Feel Right
- When Does Cry
- Just As I Am
- 3 Words

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Australian Idol - Guy is the Winner?

16 November, 2003 9:15 PM

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Australian Idol is almost over. Wednesday is the final show. After that this site can return to normal. The question on every Aussie idol fan's lips is - 'who will win?' Will it be Guy Sebastian or will it be Shannon Noll?

Since I started posting on the topic we've had about 7500 hits on my Aus Idol pages and have 396 comments on them. I thought I'd wade through them and see who the favorite is based on them. Each person only got one vote (ie double or triple commenters only got counted once). The results of this little polls were

GUY 63%
Shannon 37%

The other interesting stat is that the search engine referrals I've had to this site based on the words Shannon and Guy. 604 people have ended up here looking for information on Guy and only 153 looking for information on Shannon.

This is also reflected in this poll.

Maybe thats a hint of things to come?

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Australian Idol - The Winner is....

9 November, 2003 8:45 PM

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Tonight was the last night of competition in the Australian Idol series. Shannon and Guy sang three songs each. One for both was the 'winners single' that will be released when the winner is announced.

The past few months have been really interesting to watch. Controversy, Some great new artists identified and the Australian public whipped into a bit of a frenzy. Today out shopping I heard the show talked about as I walked by people four times! I'm still surprised by the passion of some watchers of the show.

Anyway - here is my blow by blow account of tonight's show. (written as I watch and in a rush, sorry for the grammar!)

Song 1 — Guy opened the show with his version of the single 'Angels Brought me Here'. The song is not really his style but he did pretty well. It has been reported that this week Guy has been sick with the flu — you could tell a little during this song especially in his lower and higher register. Not the spine tingling song we've come to expect from Mr Sebastian.

Song 2 — Shannon started with 'Please Forgive Me' (made famous by Brian Adams). Shannon has been criticised for not knowing how to move — he is improving but he still doesn't seem to know what to do with his left hand. Shannon might have had the flu this week too by the sound of some of his high nights. I wish he'd open his mouth a little more. He kind of looks a bit depressed tonight. I can't stand the song — but it suits his voice - he sang it better than Brian Adams (which isn't hard in my humble opinion). He got the crowd going.

Song 3 - Guy came out second with 'I'll be there' — (originally by the Jackson Five). This song is much more his style. As usual you can see his talent not only in the singing but in the arrangement of the song. The crowd loves this guy — although its not quite the heights that we've seen before. His voice is edgey but he controls it well. I would have thought these two would have picked more powerful songs than these for their last show. Still - Guy is fantastic in this song which shows off his voice nicely.

Song 4 - Shannon picked a song by Aussie artist Jimmy Barnes — 'Working Class Man'. Ever sing I first heard him sing I thought he should sing this song as he's got a very Barnsy like voice — raspy. Shannon came out this time wearing a white muscle top...hmmmm. It got the girls screaming. He's definitely getting better at getting the audience involved in his performances. The last part of his song really lifted — the crowd went wild again.

Song 5 - Guy's last song of the competition is 'Crazy in Love' (by Beyonce). This is more like the Guy we're used to — well it sort of looks like him — he's wearing a fur coat, sunglasses and nose ring! He's attempting to rev up the crowd and its working. I have to say its not a song that really is showing off his voice to well. It is modern and should get the younger crowd on side I guess. I'm a little confused by his song choice, this is his last chance to leave an impression. It's a bit of a gamble. His talent does shine through though — what a voice!

Song 6 - Shannon's turn for the single 'Angels Brought me Here'. He starts off seated (has anyone done that before?) His lower and higher registers are a bit shaky when he sings softly. I think this song is quite challenging for both of them tonight. Having said that he did pretty well and made it his own — almost as good as Guy sang it apart from a few dodgy notes. He ended with a tear in his eye — I'm touched.

Judges comments didn't really say much about tonight's performances — it was more of a 'mutual admiration society'.

So who will win? Guy or Shannon? In the lead up to this show I think Guy has been the most outstanding performer out of the whole final 12. I've always thought Shannon has been a little 'wooden'.

But on tonight's performance I'd have to say that the tables turned a little and Guy came back to the field. His voice was obviously affected by his flu and Shannon did better than normal.

Guy chose songs that will appeal to both young and old - Shannon picked two 'classics' that will probably appeal to an older demographic. Which will pay off?

I'd say its neck and neck. I guess it depends if people are voting on tonight's performance or on the series as a whole. If I vote it will probably be for Guy who has consistently been brilliant — til tonight.

I wonder if Guy and Shannon have been pushed too hard this week doing recording, video clips, promotional tours etc? Seems like song choice might have been a little rushed — rehearsal time pushed aside and health let to slip.

Anyway its not up to me. Australia — who is your Idol? I guess we'll find out Wednesday 19th November. Feel free to share your thoughts in comments.

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Australian Idol - A Message from Cosima

4 November, 2003 9:58 PM

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After all the messages left on the previous post, many of which personally attack Cosima, I think it is only fair that Cosima have a right to reply to her critiques on this blog.

The following is a message from a friend (ex boss) of Cosima who left a message on Cosima's behalf on my previous post sometime today.

I have just spoken to Cosima on her decision to withdraw from
Australian Idol and she has asked me to let you know that she is
humbled by your support, did not make her decision lightly (she
describes it as the "hardest thing I have ever had to do") and wants
you to know that she will be back "for you"

The decision was made just before the show. It was her decision to
withdraw following medical advice. The decision as to when and how the
announcement was made, was made by the Channel Ten producers. Cosima
had no say in that.

She also said that the Producers said the announcemnt of who was going
to the Opera House (Guy) was in no particular order. She also does NOT
know how the votes went; whether it was she or Shanon or Guy who
polled the most votes. She said she will never know. Nobody will know.

Cosima is painfully aware that you voted up big this week to get her
through. She wants you to know that she made her decision as early as
she could, which was just before the show began. She is aware that
many people would have overspent this week and she overwhelmingly
appreciates that unprecedented level of support.

Cosima will not be on Rove tonight and will not be giving interviews
to any media outlet at least for the duration of the competition. Idol
Publicist, Steven Murphy, is answering all media enquiries.

After the show last night, she made a statement to the Idol cameras
which will be broadcast on Inside Idol.

Her plan now is to rest and allow her voice to recover.

If I can add my own thoughts here, I believe her decision to withdraw
prior to the show was a courageous one. She could have waited until
the results of the voting were known but if there was a chance that
she was voted in ahead of either Guy or Shannon, that would have taken
the gloss of those guys' achievement. For them it would have been a
hollow victory.

I know Cosima quite well as she workd for me for over a year. I know
how much this competition meant to her and her prospects of
establishing a recording career. I also know that when she starts
something she likes to finish it. Only a couple of weeks ago she said
to me that she was determined to battle it out to the end because she
owed it to herself and the fans who had supported her. I feel
absolutely certain that she would have continued had she been able.

To have continued singing at the level required with a throat
condition could possbly have resulted in permanent damage. I don't
believe any of us would want to see that happen.

As for the future, the immediate objective is for her voice to
recover. It should not take long. A few weeks of proper rest, no
singing, little talking, should do the trick.

After that I'm confident that we will see the re-emergence of a
reinvigourated, rested singing sensation that we know she is.

What can we do? As fans and friends, we should respect her decision
knowing that it was in the best interests of everybody; Guy and
Shannon, BMG, Channel Ten and us, her loyal fans.

There is no way that Cosima will abandon us. There is no way that she
will take our support for granted. As Shaun said, fans and friends
stick with their artist through thick and thin.

I hope that we prove ourselves to be true fans and friends.


Posted by: Gerry Ganon at November 4, 2003 10:19 AM

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Australian Obsession

4 November, 2003 7:22 AM

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Update: Read my thoughts on the final show.

I'm a little disturbed (and embarrassed) by the frenzy I seem to have created in the last post - it seems that while I slept my blog was found by a hoard of Australian Idol fans (my fault completely).

I've trawled through their comments - beware its not for the faint hearted - the language is a bit average at times - I only edited one.

Perhaps Australia needs to lighten up a little! :-)

Australian Idol - The Final Two

3 November, 2003 7:35 PM

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In typical Australian Idol drama and controversy tonight Cosima withdrew from the competition because of a health condition (Throat Nodules) that has affected her voice!

Guy was voted through to the final two by the public after his great performance last night. But they didn't tell us who out of Cosima and Shanon would have progressed through according to the votes.

Hmmm - I feel sorry for her - but I also wonder when she made this decision? I wonder how much money Australian Idol made from the $'s from the voting lines since she made that decision? Maybe they should donate the money from this weeks votes to charity! I can see the headlines now if they don't do something. I wonder why they told us Guy got through but didn't tell us who else would have out of Shannon and Cosima. This is going to keep people talking for a while.

Oh well - now its between the boys - Guy and Shanon.

Update:Read about it in the Age, also here at and also at Herald Sun

Update 2: Here is the official site's telling of the story - also an account at Inside Australian Idol.

Update 3: The Sydney Morning Herald comments on the money issue claiming that over 1.4million votes can be logged in the 24 hour voting period - at 55 cents a call thats $770,000! No wonder they didn't announce it sooner!

Update 4:The Age reports that Chanel 10 said:

"As soon as Cosima advised she would withdraw, Ten and Grundy took steps to stop the voting process... which was completed as quickly as possible," the statement said.

Update....5?: Cosima's reply to her critiques



FINAL UPDATE : I have decided to suspend the comment feature of this article indefinately for two reasons

1. due to the abusive natures of many comments. Sorry to those who genuinely want to discuss the topic but the lack of respect shown here in the name of supporting Guy or Shannon disturbs me.

2. because its going to cost me too much in hosting fees. I have had thousands of people access this page in the last week - the more comments left on it at these traffic levels the more it costs me. I'd be happy if to reopen this if someone (or some people) is willing to make a financial contribution to my hosting costs. Feel free to do so via the following paypal button.

If you'd like to genuinely give me some feedback on the topic feel free to email me.

Thanks to all those who have contributed in a positive nature.

Australian Idol - Climb Every Mountain

2 November, 2003 9:26 PM

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We just watched the 60s night on Aussie Idol and Guy Sebastian surprised us all with a staggering performance.

His first song was pretty good - I remember thinking he should have sung it second to finish on a high. But I wasn't to know that his second song would wipe all memory of the first from my mind (I still can't remember what it was).

When the compare of the show said his second song was from The Sound of Music my heart sank - I said "he's lost it".

Dressed in a white suit Guy sang Climb Every Mountain. I've never heard a song from the Sound of Music that I liked until Guy put his mind to it. It was simply amazing. There was one point in the song when his voice didn't quite reach the note, but from that moment on it was like something outside of him took over and led him to the next level.

By the end of the song the crowd was in a frenzy, he was crying, my wife was crying....It was great to see someone singing something that so obviously meant something to them. I don't usually get so into these shows, but tonight was something else.

Update: Cosima Withdraws from the Show!

Australian Idol - Farewell Paulini

27 October, 2003 9:34 PM

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Update: Cosima Withdraws from the Show!

Paulini.jpgLast night Australia narrowed the competition down to three and eliminated Paulini (who in my opinion was in the top two!) Once again I think the voting system was partly to blame for her 'eviction' - had we been given the opportunity to vote the worst performance out last night Cosima would have gone for sure. Its all the wrong way around.

Update: Can't sleep tonight - so I thought I'd log onto the Australian Idol Chat page (yeah I'm bored). One of the main things that is being 'chatted' about is Paulini being voted out because of the color of her skin. I don't buy into this at all. The voting system will not allow you to target and vote someone out like that - not based on the color of your skin, your dress choice, your talent ...anything.

Update - Click here for Guy's Climb Every Mountain

Update II: Cosima Withdraws from the Show!

Australian Idol - More Controversy

20 October, 2003 6:40 PM

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Update: Cosima Withdraws from the Show!

Paulini is in the thick of controversy again. Last night the two male judges, Dicko and Mark Holden, both criticized her dress - one took it a step further and told her to 'shed some pounds' if she was going to pull off a dress like she wore. Of course today talk back radio and the evening current affair programs went into a frenzy over the issue. I reckon this will guarantee Paulini gets through at least to the next round as Australia once again reacts against the comments of the judges. We'll find out tonight.

I reckon there will be some new judges on Australian Idol II.

I still think my theories on the voting system are having an impact.

Update: As I suspected - Paulini got through. Apparently there were more votes tonight than ever before. Rob (Millsy) was voted out. Good decision Australia.

Update: Paulini's Out! and Guy just Climbed Every Mountain!

Update II: Cosima Withdraws from the Show!

Australian Idol Theories

13 October, 2003 10:05 PM

Keep up to date with season two of Australian Idol at Australian Idol Blog. What will the Australian Idol Results be who will be the winner? I'd tip Courtney, Casey, Anthony or Hayley as possible winners but follow it all at Australian Idol Blog.


Update: Cosima Withdraws from the Show!

And then there was 5. In tonight's elimination show there was a little controversy.

It came about when Paulini was voted by the public into the bottom three for the week. Luckily for her only one was eliminated tonight and it was young Levi.

Prevailing public opinion is that Paulini is one of the best (if not THE best) singer of the finalists. I would rate her in the top three with Guy and Cosima. After Sunday night's show the judges nominated Paulini as being one of the best singers but it seems the Australian public didn't quite agree.

The controversy of the night came after it was revealed Paulini was among the three lowest contestants and the judges were asked for comment.

Mark said 'it's a disgrace'. Then he virtually admitted that he gave false praise to Levi last night - what a stupid man.

Marcia was 'speechless', but managed to also say, 'I really hope Australia are voting for the contestant with the best voice'.

You see there are some 'theories' floating around that Australia might be voting along gender and racial lines.

I'm not sure that that is the problem. (although I have previously wondered about it) I don't think we need to leap to accusing the public of racist voting just yet. Instead I think there might be a couple of other reasons.

1. Australia is voting for an 'idol' and not a 'singer' as such. I think Paulini is a natural performer, she's better than half of them, but I'm not sure she's an 'idol' as such. As I've said, she's right up there for me and I will not be disappointed if she wins — but it won't surprise me if she's pipped by one of the others with a more marketable image.

2. I also wonder if the voting system might be to blame. Australia is asked to vote for their favourite not their least favourite. I think most people would rank Paulini in their top two or three but perhaps not their number one. How many people will vote for more than one person? V tried to vote tonight, but it was going to be for Cosima, even though she loves Paulini, I wonder how many others are voting that way.

Perhaps if they took the Big Brother approach and voted out the least favourite we'd end up 'evicting' the worst performer, instead of the one that doesn't attract primary votes. Maybe I'm drawing too fine a line on this, but it's a possibility.

Update 1 - Read here for the latest controversy over Pauli - and THAT dress

Update 2Paulini's Out! and Guy just Climbed Every Mountain

Update 3: Cosima Withdraws from the Show!

Skippy Idol

13 August, 2003 10:05 PM

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Australian Idol

I've been watching Australian Idol with interest after the success of the American version. One of the things I've been impressed with about the 40 that made it through to the semi finals is the multicultural make up of the group. What a wonderful mix guys and girls of ethnic backgrounds — a real celebration of one of the things that makes Australia great.

Last night was the first semi final with 2 potential idols out of 8 making it through to the next round. Both were male, blond and blue eyed. I'll be interested to who makes it through the next few rounds.