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Athens Olympic Games - News

16 April, 2004 3:42 PM

In conjunction with our 2004 Athens Olympic Games page I thought it might be helpful to have a central page that lists some of the News resources that are covering the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

update - we've just started a dedicated Athens Olympic Games Blog to track all the latest Olympic News.

Get the full Athens Olympics Medal Tally.

Also check out our 2004 Athens Olympic Games Information page.



Im getting sick and tierd of all these english peasants saying that Athens wont be ready and that its a skanky city. I shall admitt that some parts of the city centre arent so pleasing yet the reason for this is the second world war. After the war ended so many people were left homless that Athens had to act immediaetly by building new buildings which infact were built without proper planning or architecture. It was a hectic time. Furthermore the actual audacity some of you english and americans have as to go as far as saying that the greeks put toilet paper in the bin is just so rude and not true. At least Athens is not full of disgusting trashy drunks. Thats all the english know! Alcohol, what kind of a joke is that! And in Greece we believe in taking showers twice a day not only four times a week like they do in Britian. So if I were you, you stupid ugly nation of people I would shut the fuck up and not try to be so amazing because you a far cry from being able to stand up and say " Be proud to be British".

Costas Psarros » 28 April, 2004 6:33 AM

Costas, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm not sure why you've written what you have on this post as it does not make any accusations that Athens is a skanky city or won't be ready. The post doesn't say anything about showering or toilet paper!

I personally am looking forward to the games, I think they will be spectacular and wish Athens all the best

Also I (the writer of this site) am not American, or English. I am an Australian - perhaps you want to do a little more careful about your assumptions before you write in future.

Darren Rowse » 28 April, 2004 8:18 AM


I happened to drop by this site, looking for something else. You Darren might not be the author of the accusations posted against the Athens Olympics, but I'd like to clear out some things (which you australians might even not be aware of)...

1. It's true that the Greeks are really disgusted about the attacks of the australian press (seen almost every day) hitting the upcoming summer Olympics in Athens. The fact is that there have been serious delays of the venues (due to the incompetence of the past socialist government -but isn't that the case worldwide? -however, the new ND government has speeded up (and re-planned) many operations, achieving a big progress of all projects. The IOC has now been very pleased with progress and confirmed that all venues will be ready in time and all standards will be as expected.

2. These facts are recently reflected by the new stance taken by Brittish and USA officials, declaring their belief that the Athens Olympics will be safe and successful. And that their athletes will be safe here.

3. The continuing australian offensive stance against Athens (yesterday a new press article wrote that the spectators during the opening ceremony would have to bring their personal seats to the stadium, as there would be no places to sit!) remains unexplained. As I said the Greek people are furious about these lies, especially as Australia is a country with a large Greek minority.

Many believe here that the Australian feud at Greece can be explained by 2 (conspiracy?) theories:

a) either the Australians are possessed by the inferiority syndrome to prove that their Olympics were the best (trying hence to sell the Greek games short)...

b) or, they are just furious because they were not approved to provide technical means or sell services, or equipment to Greece..., left behind by the anglo-american competition.

In either case it is shameful for the Australian press to propagate such lies (or just unsupported claims) against Athens. It is also shameful because (theoretically) Australia ought to belong to the Anglo-saxone school of press, that is supposed to write and say the truth, whatever that is.

A final point for the Australians that support such anti-Greek views: Do not forget my friends that the Olympics are a Greek invention, belong to the Greeks and they are just borrowed every 4 years to the countries that hold the games. That is why the Greek athletes parede first, the Greek flag is placed near the Olympic flag and the Olympic tune is Greek.

The Olympics are OURS and you may have th honor to organize them... (saying thanks to Greece) but that's all... So, don't hit in the back the country that organizes HER games. And one final point. Don't teach the Greeks lessons. Greece was the country who invented civilization in the first place. Don't force us to look at Australia's history, as we might go back to the first convicts who founded this land.

Friendly enough...

Athens, Greece

Nicholas » 27 May, 2004 9:31 PM

Thanks for your comments Nicholas. As I said to Costas, I have nothing against the Athens games or the way in which they are going about doing them. I'm sure that they will be great Olympic games with a very different, but just as good, flavor to the Sydney games and those of other countries before.

You're right that there have been some articles in the Australian press about Athens readiness for the games - but as far as I've seen there are plenty of similar articles being written in the news in other countries including the USA and the UK.

In my experience the majority of articles being written about the Olympics here in Melbourne are about our sporting teams and the sports himself and not about any controversy or logistical problems that may or may not be happening in Athens.

Having said that i appreciate your thoughts and comments and hope that my readers enjoy the discussion.

Darren Rowse » 27 May, 2004 9:54 PM

Dear Darren,

Just a quickie, I am from Melbourne and I have to say Nicholas although somewhat emotional at the end of his para does have a point. I have NEVER in my entire life seen so much slagging of an Olympic city as what is going on here in Australia by the press. It is embarassing and disgusting that this should happen not only to Athens but to ANY host city. Its like a broken record. I too somewhat believe it is linked to some kind of 'inferiority complex" that we have and that Sydney must be "the best ever". Unlike his predessessor it is for this reason Jaques Rogge has said (channel 9, Sunday program 2 weeks ago) he will never make any such statements after a games to stop this kind of "competition" that is totally against the spirit of the games.

Rania » 25 June, 2004 4:49 PM

I believe that the Athens 2004 will be very good.

I know that there have been delays and the fact that I am a Greek myself I know that we tend to leave things to the last minute. However as Greeks we have the capacity more than any other nation to make the impossible happen even if we have time constraints.

I feel that the English and Americans and Australians are envious of this, the best way to make sure we do very well is to ignore their comments and respond by presenting a great Olympics to the world.

I believe actions would speak louder than words, but we also know that the USA and British for political interests would do anything to discredit Creece we have seen that in the past.

As for Australia, because they were told they have had the best Olympics which I believe is a personal preference I personally believe the Concept of what the Olympic games are was captured by Barcelona and to me the best games were those of Barcelona not Sydney but that is my opinion.

The Australians again would do anything to discredit the Athens 2004 games because they have a jealousy streak as a nation that is for sure, they cannot bare to see someone else do better.

Greece will do a great job I have confidence, I do however believe that the best course of action is to ignore the negative coments and show what we can do, again this was proof by our win in Euro 2004.


Elpida Hill » 31 July, 2004 11:20 AM

Please tell me where I can buy Athena & Phevos - the Athens Olympic Macsots in Melbourne. I want to buy the toy version not the pins etc...
They are the cutest mascots ever & these will be the best games ever!!!!

Fifi » 6 August, 2004 10:22 AM

this sint a comment please help can you answer my question why is the olympics held every leap year??? help please

maddi » 9 August, 2004 7:04 PM

I looks like the US rules the world yet again. It also looks like the greeks are a bunch of commie rude jealous pigs. Hell the whole world is jealous! I wish that Bush would just git it over with and kill all of the towel monkeys. The world would be a better place. The disaproval of the rest of the world just proves that Bush is doing the right thing. The right thing is never popular. Just to let you know he is ahead in all of the polls here and gaining ground. He is a man of God ordanied to change this rotten world. The americans are arrogent because we know that we do live in the best country. I have been to Europe-China it really does suck to live there I would be jealous too. Go USA! The Only world power!!!!!!

UncleSam » 29 August, 2004 2:33 AM

How can we be commies????? We invented DEMOCRECY.....and if were so jeaulous and we r pigs then why the hell has our architecture been used widly in the us?? Greeks hav just had the best olympics. Forget sydney.....what a load of crap, didnt those scums in flanelet shirts look awsame!! and i loved how those people were 'hard at work' and those bootmen!! what an opening..bravo sydney!!! Beats 4000 years of civilisation, conquerors and politics, worriors and a great empire! i really cant remember what was good about sydney......was it that annoying ugly little nikki webster??

Giorgos » 10 September, 2004 8:49 PM

all americans are fat slobs

nick » 7 March, 2005 8:54 AM

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