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Athens Olympic Blogging Update

6 August, 2004 6:31 PM

Well it is only 7 days to go until the Olympics in Athens. This might explain my lack of posting the last week or so. You see as many of you know some of us are running an Olympics Blog and the past few weeks we've been working really hard on getting as many pages of content up as possible - we've added 1100 blog posts on a variety of news topics and at least another 1000 pages of content with medal tables, event previews etc.

Thanks heaps to those who have linked up to the site and those who have added the Free Medal Table to their blog's sidebar.

Thanks also to those who have joined in on the group blogging fun - contributers now include Ande, Ian, , Rachel, Regan and Steve. I think we make a pretty good team although would love to add a few more! We're yet to find any bloggers from Africa or Asia to join us (let me know if you want to jump in). We've also had some great one off contributions to the site like this comprehensive Athens Olympic Swimming Medal Predictions post by a guy who emailed me out of the blue today.

Its a bit of a scary process - the traffic is building as you'd expect but what it will be like in a week's time is anyone's guess. We've ended up pretty highly ranked on Google for terms like Athens Olympics, Olympics Medal Table and heaps of other terms - the worry is that our server won't stand up under the pressure.

Anyway - just thought I'd keep those interested up to date and explain why I might be blogging at odd hours over the next week or so here on this blog (if at all).



I'm ready for the Olympics to launch. My medal table is waiting for the first medal. Maybe even one for Canada -- we'll see.


Glenn Teal » 7 August, 2004 10:44 AM


lisa » 19 August, 2004 2:19 PM

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