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Are we Missing Something?

21 May, 2003 9:49 PM

Jordon Cooper observes some differences between Church going and non Church going bloggers posts. He wonders if perhaps we (as churchy bloggers) get a little obsessed and lack something in our posts. I commented there

I agree and disagree.

I agree that non church goer's blogs can be more a celebration of life than many Christian bloggers that I read. This is why I've been spending more time surfing them of late. There are some amazing blogs out there and I think we (as Churchies) can lead too sheltered a life by just linking to and surfing to each others blogs)

I don't completely agree with your post though on a personal level because I choose not to post about some issues on my blog. This includes potential posts on the parties, the personal conversations, relationships etc that I have. Its not that I don't 'have a life' but rather because

1. I need to keep some distance between personal life and public life.

2. I need to protect my family a little because of their personal situations (ie due to their commitments at work and to other groups I'm not at liberty to post on some issues)

3. The reason I started my blog was because I was exploring what it meant to start a new form of church and I felt incredibly isolated, rather scared and alone and very unsure as to how to explore my dream. The blog was one of the ways I hoped to grow in my understanding of church, ministry, my role etc. It was my hope that through it I'd be able to grow, connect with others on the same journey and perhaps even contribute to what others are doing. I guess this is reflected in what I do and don't post about. As a result many of my posts (I estimate just over half) focus upon church, faith or related topics.

I wonder if you're generalising a little about it - could the same thing be said for bloggers who focus their blogging on politics, or science, or computers? ie they seem to only to be able to think about those issues and 'seem' devoid of other relationships or interests.

What do others observe and think on the topic?



I'll never forget the wonderful words of Kevin Rains: "It's just a blog!"

This blog is awesome, Darren. Don't change a thing, or change a few things, I don't care. :)

Laura » 22 May, 2003 12:51 AM

Is the church what spirituality is about? Is the church the focus because it is easy? It is easy to ignore the big questions if we preoccupy ourselves with minutae of a subject. Often the really big hard questions of faith and ethics are to be found outside the walls of the church.

Perhaps we could say that the church, whilst not perfect, is good enough to fulfill it's purpose, which seems to be to provide a material focus for much more abstract concepts of the religion.

It seems to me that Christs work was concerned with engagement. Perhaps the most valuable function of the church is a place to leave your coat while you are feeding the poor at the soup kitchen that the church has built next door.

chris » 22 May, 2003 2:47 PM

There's a little bit of generalization going on, in my opinion. You are wise to keep mum about some issues---even in group prayer we ought to be careful about what we make public.

And I'm not so sure there's any more or less "life" to churchy bloggers. I supposed it depends on what you consider "life" is. I'm 33 years old...when I was 23 I would have thought 33-year olds had a whole lot less "life" to them. Now I'm not so sure ;)

Phisch » 26 May, 2003 6:26 AM

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