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Activist Blogs

5 October, 2004 7:35 PM

Wayne has a good post on Activist Blogs. He writes - "Activist blogs usually are single issue, and for good reason. The blogger wishes to concentrate the entire blog's efforts toward a single goal....

Whether you are tying to change the world, or just your own little corner, activist blogs might provide the ideal outlet for your ambitions."

It's similar thinking to what I was trying to express in my post about blogging giving a voice to the voiceless a few weeks back.

Wayne points to Trudy W. Schuett's who is an avid blogger (she has as many blogs as I do!) who runs Desert Light Journal - a blog tackling issues of Domestic Violence.

Another good Activist Blog is Gambling Watch Global which keeps an eye on gambling issues.

This is still an issue I'm pondering and wondering how to respond to. Anyone else thinking through this stuff? Know of any good activist Blogs for me to take a look at?

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