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About Darren

14 December, 2002 8:41 PM

I am Darren Rowse - welcome to my personal blog. I live in Melbourne Australia where I fill my days with a variety of activities. I'm married to 'V' and we live in the inner Northern suburbs of this wonderful city.

I head up a small team of people who are planting an experimental church in the inner North of Melbourne called the LivingRoom.

I am also currently undertaking a research project for three Victorian denominations into the emerging missional church. This is a two day per week role that puts me into some pretty interesting contexts from day to day.

I also have a small business that focusses largely upon a number of blogs that I work on as owner or part owner. These include:



The other part of my business focusses upon speaking. I communicate regularly at camps, churches, community groups, schools, weddings etc.

I also enjoy photography, apple macs, pop culture, reading and anything to do with good food and coffee.

I'd love to hear from you if you want to make contact using my Contact Form which will deliver your thoughts directly to my inbox. I can't guarantee a quick answer (some days the inbox takes me hours to clear) but you can be assured i read every email personally.

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