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A Message About... - Isaiah 13-24

14 March, 2003 3:08 PM

Have spent the last couple of days struggling through this chunk of Scripture, Isaiah 13-24. I group it all together because just about every section is titled (in my NRSV) 'A message about....(insert place here)' Following is then a description of a different place, from Assyria to Moab to Jerusalem to Earth. The reading is pretty heavy, not overly uplifting. Its filled with ruins, destruction, war, floods, drought, corruption, pain, famine, death and ultimately the destruction of the Earth.

What can we make of such a section? Can't say I've heard too many sermons preached out of this section?

Question - if Isaiah were to write 'A message about...Earth' in the year 2003 - what do you think it would contain?



Well I believe Isaiah was very politically connected, and very tuned in to the poverty of a life full of things other than God. What would he say today? I am not sure. But he could say plenty. Maybe he would just weep.

Tommy Mohan » 14 March, 2003 3:51 PM

WWIS - What Would Isaiah Say? I like it.

Beth » 14 March, 2003 6:16 PM

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