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A bible study with George Bush, Mother Theresa, a refugee and Bill Gates.

9 April, 2003 10:46 PM

Graham at Organic Church has been talking about Fuzzy Thinking lately.

It got me thinking about a fun bible study that I've run a few times now. The idea originally came from Mark at Phuture - we called it a 'fuzzy logic bible study'. Its an exercise which can be used with virtually any passage of Scripture. All you need is a few recent magazines, newspapers and a group willing to think outside the box.

Before the group meets - go through the magazines and newspapers and cut out a variety of pictures of people's faces. Try to get a wide variety - get a few famous faces, perhaps a politician, a movie star, a sporting hero, a humanitarian. Also include some 'nameless' faces of different ages, racial back grounds and religions. Put these pictures in a hat (or a bucket, bag etc).

When the group comes together let each person choose a picture at random from the hat. The picture they've chosen is the person that they will 'become' for the bible study. They must put themselves in the shoes of this person and attempt to speak their words as they discuss the passage. If the picture is a 'nameless face' let them come up with a bio for the person.

Pick a passage that would generate a lively discussion from a variety of people. For instance the beatitudes would be a passage that might be interesting for a group such as Bill Gates, Mother Theresa, a Middle eastern refugee, Tom Cruise, a single mother and George W Bush. After the discussion while still in character, debrief the group on how it felt to look at Scripture through another persons eyes.

It's an exercise that takes a certain type of group to make it successful — but each time I've done it we've ended up having some very surprising and rich conversations. For me it was personally challenging to attempt to put aside my own cultural background and take a second look at some familiar passages.

If you try it — let me know how it goes.



i'm game - might be able to put it into practice in the next couple of weeks... sounds like fun, but you're right: it would take a "certain type" of group. cool concept, regardless.

rick » 10 April, 2003 2:38 AM

Cool idea!

Laura » 10 April, 2003 2:54 AM

Thats good.

Christop » 11 April, 2003 5:34 AM

nice. (sorry, just keeping with the current reply motto 'less is more' - but is it really? oh no, here i go...

noize » 4 November, 2003 9:59 AM

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