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3 Top Questions for Business Church

8 January, 2004 1:37 PM

Brand Mantra makes reference to an interesting article Learning to Grow Again by Ian Davis (requires registration) which presents the 3 top questions for Business today.

I wonder if the questions are actually similar to those that we should be asking as Christians about the Church?

Davis writes (with some modifications from yours truly)

"Boards and top managers Church leaders would do well to ask three basic questions.

1. What is success? - (Good question - how do we define a 'successful church'? It goes beyond being a numbers game surely?)
2. How can we nurture talent emerging leaders?
3. What is the role of business church in society?"

Forgive me for the lack of personal comment on this - I'm posting on the run today! Interested in your thoughts?



1. I believe success is two-fold: first, personal growth and second, church growth. The first factors in greatly with the second. Growing Christians should be evangelizing. Evangelizing Christians will bring new souls into the church doors. "Souls, not Goals."

2. Simply providing good, solid Bible teaching and study will lay the foundation for emerging leaders.

3. Role of the church is always the same. See (1). Matthew 28:19-20

James E. Robinson, III » 8 January, 2004 11:29 PM

I think INFLUENCE is more important than success. We believe big numbers means we're doing something right, but it doesn't make it right or successful. We need a redefinition of what it means to be HOLY.

The role of the Church is to tell an old story in a new way. We shouldn't fight the culture, we should catch up! The task of the Church is not to be relevant, but to be contextual. "Relevance" does not work.

The eternal question: What does it mean to be human and live with God?

jenn » 9 January, 2004 1:36 PM

1. A successful church is one where people have solid relationships. Each family has a good relationship with the next family. A solid church is not burdened by tons of committees and programs, but instead seeks after one anothers' needs. It's about love, man.

2. You can nurture emerging leaders by letting them do what's on their heart. If you hinder what they truly desire to do, their burden, they won't pursue it! If God gave them a burden, let them fly with it! If they're a true leader and if their burden is God's, they will succeed. And remember what success is? It's all about love, man.

3. The role of church in society is to be the church. It's not just some niche of "religious institutions." We need to think of ourselves as Christians. The church, as an institution, needs to simply be a place of refuge for believers and non-believers alike. It's a place where people can find love. It's all about love, man.

Tubbs. » 11 January, 2004 9:14 AM

1.Your question about success sets us up to fail. Where did anyone in scripture say go and be successful? How about asking, "How are we being faithful to our Lord?" We have the great commandment and the great commission of Jesus which we could be obey. Some have posted ideas about being personally fulfilled and following their own passions first then looking to bless others - for them this is the basis for success! Sort of a seek ye first your own fulfilment then add to this all the things for others - is the order a.. about? Jesus said deny yourself ( secularists say deny yourself nothing) take up your cross and follow me.
2.Nurture would require mentoring/discipling each person in sharpening their gifts in the following areas teaching in outreach situations our nurturing others in the faith. Good discipling will draw on the insights of the emerging leaders. We have to get better at proclaiming Christ to our culture and sub-cultures. Emerging leaders should be built into the purposes of the church of winning people to Christ and maturing the faithful.
3.We will impact society as a byproduct of of our growth in Christ just as yeast impacts the dough it is set in. Salt stops decay and light exposes darkness. Christians need a home base of love and nurture from which to impact society. This is the ideal of course. But worth aiming for.

Iain Watt » 12 January, 2004 12:59 PM

1. Hard to answer given that the word "success" can mean different things to different people. Others have already given some good answers. Perhaps let me add "what is considered as unsuccessful is not unsuccessful at all": (a) The bulk of the 40 years Moses spent in the desert with the stiff-necked Israel; (b) The church Paul planted in Corinth; (c) Jesud died with disciples fleeing him.

2. Suggestions: The basics (but most important): Help them to develop intimacy with God through the Bible and prayer (which has to include listening to God's voice through the Spirit). Method: Through stimulating discussion and not spoon-feeding. Help them discover who God is through "their own" Scripture reading and the help of the Spirit.

3. Not easy to answer - what is "church" in the first place? But just some thoughts: Ultimate we want to see the reverse of the Creation/Fall account - ie God's image being restored as people are brought into God's kingdom. How? Through the embodiment of Christ in the lives of Jesus' disciples.

S F Wu » 23 January, 2004 12:58 PM

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