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Pornography Addiction Resource

29 November, 2006 1:14 PM

Siteheaderplain R1 C1I'd like to introduce readers to a great new resource called The Fight - a DVD based resource for guys struggling with pornography addiction.

The resource has been produced by my brother Adrian over the last year or two and is going to help a lot of people.

When you get the DVD you get 2.5 hours of teaching, testimony and encouragement on the topic - broken down into short bite sized pieces to be watched over a 30 day period as a daily devotional.

It also comes with a 14 track compilation album of Aussie artists and a workbook that is designed to be used in a small group.

It's designed either to be used by individuals or groups.

Adrian is also working on 'Fight Club' which is an online space where guys working through the material can connect online together in forums and journals.

Prices range from $18.15 (AUD) for bulk purchases up to $36 (AUD) for single purchases to overseas buyers.

Socks and Everyday Spirituality

19 November, 2006 2:45 PM

LivingRoom has had some great gatherings of late. I've been a little (or a lot) lax in keeping up to date with reporting on what we've done. So I'll try to do a little catch up and describe a couple of resent gatherings.

Last week our Sunday afternoon group had a great afternoon on the topic of 'everyday spirituality'.

Our leader (I'll call her 'E') started the gathering by pulling out a sock (I've never been in a church service that involved socks before). The sock was full of something/s and had a knot in the end of it.

E told us that inside the sock were 13 household items and that we had to pass it around and write down what they were as accurately as possible. We passed the sock around and over 5 or so minutes most of us had a list of 13 things. We've got kids in our group so this appealed to them and they got into it too.

After we'd compiled our lists E got the kids to open the sock and reveal the items and we ticked off what we'd got right and wrong. There was everything from a clothes peg, to a toothbrush, to a coin, to a wine bottle cork, to a phone plug/jack etc in the sock (I scored 12 out of 13).

Then with the 13 everyday household items in the middle of the group E handed out quotes to everyone. The quotes were all on the topic of 'everyday spirituality' and were from a variety of perspectives. Some of the quotes talked about finding God in everyday moments, others talked about how everyday spirituality 'watered down spirituality', others were people's own personal experiences of everyday spirituality.

After reading the quotes we were invited to choose one of the 13 items that represented something to do with everyday spirituality to us. We were then invited to share it and what it triggered for us.

What people shared was great and included some practical ideas on how people found God in the everyday, through to people sharing some of the personal things they'd been going through lately.

The three parts of the gathering appealed to me for a couple of reasons. Firstly they were inclusive of the kids (less so the quotes). We're still learning how to incorporate children into our gatherings and it was a good experiment and engaged with them well.

Secondly while the three parts of the gathering were quite separate they all added to it and engaged people on different levels. The sock exercise wasn't particularly 'spiritual' but it actually conjured up numerous ideas and thought processes for me.

On Being Darren - Or What I've been Up To

17 November, 2006 2:40 PM

A few people have been asking me for a bit of an update on life (mine) recently so I thought I'd take a little time to reflect upon what has been a busy few months.

For starters - I'm writing this on a flight between Melbourne and Los Angeles. I'm on my way to Toronto at present for 10 days of meetings with some business partners.... but I'll get to that. (update - I've now been in Toronto for two days and have had a great time so far).

On Being a Dad - Xavier is now 4 and a quarter months old. Being a father has been an amazing experience and something I would not trade for anything in the world. Some days I look at the little guy and how he came into my life (don't worry - I know) and why I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to have him. He's a gorgeous little fellow and doing really well.

While there are of course challenging moments we're fortunate enough to have a pretty relaxed son who is sleeping well, reaching all his little milestones and changing so quickly it's hard to keep up with it all. I'm sad to be missing the next 10 days of his life (just under 10% of his life) and am already counting the hours til I get home (I'm sure V is also).

On Being a Church Planter - LivingRoom has continued on its way over the past few months despite V and my needing to pull back a little to get used to being parents. We've transitioned from 2 to 3 groups in the second half of this year and in the last few weeks went back to 2 groups.

Our members have gone through the full gammet of life's highs and lows in the last 12 months and are learning to care for one another through it all.

We meet now on Sunday afternoons (the group I'm in) and on Wednesday nights. We'll take some time off over the new year and then come back together in February to plan 2007.

We've also had a number of new people join us in the last month or two which has been refreshing (not that we're sick of each other).

My role at LivingRoom has continued to be 'team leader' - although I've been less able to put significant time into it of late and the groups have needed to take on more of the leadership tasks.

On Being a Blogger - Blogging continues to be the thing that I do as an occupation/business. the two main blogs that I work on are Problogger and Digital Photography School. I still also run Digital Photography Blog and a variety of other blogs but am spending less time on them.

Both ProBlogger and DPS are blogs that aim to help people to get better at different aspects of their lives and both give me opportunity to connect with people on many levels. I enjoy both and have been meeting some great people from around the world of late (virtually - and this week 'for real').

I've also continued to work on the b5media blogging network that I started with 3 other bloggers just over a year ago. Recently we announced that we've taken on some investment from two venture capital companies in Canada (hence the trip) and I will increasingly be spending my time on my role with the company (my role is 'blogger training and development' - something which I'm excited about and see as a natural extension of ProBlogger).

b5 is teaching me so much about people, life and myself. It is not easy and is at time confronting on numerous levels. I continue to grapple with how spirituality and business intersect and who I am in the midst of it all.

As a result of the Toronto connection and other opportunities I'll be doing a little more traveling in the next couple of years including both this trip and a longer one next year to the US and Canada (V and Xavier will be on that one too).

On Being Darren - Many other aspects of life continue to make up who I am. I'm a husband to the wonderful, patient, generous, caring and insightful V. I'm a gardener to my out of control vegetable patch (tomatoes, squash, pumpkin, beetroot, zucchini, capsicum, corn etc wil be plentiful in the Rowse house this year, I'm a photographer, mainly of Xavier but am also enjoying using my photography in for others. I'm a reader, mainly novels of late. I've particularly been enjoying working through Douglas Coupland's back catalogue.

All in all - life is busy. It's full of opportunities (too many to take them all up) and is a load of fun.

Now - let me get back to in flight entertainment.