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Brian McLaren in Melbourne

20 January, 2006 2:47 PM

For those of you in Melbourne who would like to hear Brian McLaren speak you might like to click on the following promotion for details of a night he's doing on 23 February with Forge.

Postcards With …N Mclaren 2

Summer Days

18 January, 2006 11:31 PM

Today was a fun day.

The Australian Open (Tennis) is on and I spent the day with a mate in the sun enjoying some hard hitting.

I took along my camera and had a great time testing out it's zoom (I've posted a handful of the photos I took here).

Tonight was LivingRoom and we went to the Night Market at the Queen Victoria Markets. It was packed (being the balmy summer night that it is).

The night market was full of food stalls, stalls with all manner of handmade goods, entertainment (bands, clowning etc) and a section with an array of new age/spirituality/holistic health stuff going on (lots of Tarot, Readings, All kinds of Massage therapies etc).

I'd prepared a reflective exercise to do but due to the large crowds it didn't quite seem to fit the mood of the evening so we just wandered around, ate, shopped a little and had one of the best sorbet's that I've had for a long time. It was good to see a few of the group who've been away for a while.

I've included a copy of the reflection that I had prepared for us to do for those who are interested (below in PDF - click to enlarge). It was a bit of a rush job so please forgive that - but the basics are that it's something I've used before with groups to consider how God might be interacting in a place that might be seen as 'secular'.

I guess the challenge is to practice spotting what God might be up to around you in the everyday.

Market Prayer Walk-3

Surely 2006 Will be Quieter?

6 January, 2006 11:08 AM

At the end of every year V and I spend a little time reflecting upon the year that has gone by and looking ahead at the one ahead. Every time we do this we tend to make comments along the lines of 'wow that was a big year - we'll have to slow down next year and have a quiet one'.

Of course it never seems to work out that way. 2005 was as busy and full of such a vast variety of experiences - many of which we never expected.

We were fortunate enough to get across to Europe again to see family and spend some time in Turkey, we bought our little house and are gradually making it our own, V's was made permanent in her job (previously on a contract) which has been both something she's enjoyed but also something that has been quite challenging in terms of the clients she works with and my work front has been an incredible transition from being a part time minister/part time study/part time casual worker/part time micro business operator into a full time business owner and volunteer church leader.

We've just spent a week up on the north eastern coast of Australia relaxing and reading - I think we needed it.

The year ahead is already looking pretty busy and full of new experiences - not the least of which is the arrival of our first born in late June. We're both looking forward to parenthood incredibly but are aware that life is about to change once more in ways we're sure we're not expecting.