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29 September, 2005 11:27 PM

Matt Glover has started a series of posts over at his blog on the topic of Manhood. He's working through a book by Steve Biddulph called Manhood.

It starts with a post titled 'The Problem' (I can just imagine what fun some will have with a title like that on the topic of Manhood..... but I digress.

His second post is Seven Steps to Manhood.

Looks like an interesting series to follow.


22 September, 2005 11:40 AM

Last night at LivingRoom we continued through the Ignition course that we've been doing and I was struck afresh by this quote by the author - Mark Sayers on the topic of Incarnation.

Jesus in order to complete his mission on earth chose to live amongst us. He lived the life of a human man in a particular time and place, he spoke particular languages and he lived in a particular culture. The gospel writers apart from his first and last few years see his life as so ordinary for that time and place that they do not even record it in any detail. When he begins to preach in his hometown people are shocked, and see him as only the carpenters son.

The challenge was to consider how this might not only be the way Jesus went about life, faith and mission - but how it might shape our approach.

b5media launched

21 September, 2005 6:10 PM

I've been quiet of late because I'm working on some new projects and finishing up some old ones.

The emerging church research I've been doing for three local denominations finishes up in a couple of weeks and today we (two other bloggers and myself) launched a new blog network called b5media which so far consists of 14 blogs on a range of topics.

It's a pretty massive project but has loads of potential. We're still in beta testing but would love to get any feedback you have on it.

Podcast - Core Values of the Red Network, a Melbourne Emerging Church

15 September, 2005 6:22 PM

Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback after my last post - a podcast/interview of me talking about the process of coming up with Core Values at LivingRoom.

As a follow up interview today I'm posting an interview that I did with Mark Sayers (the guy who interviewed me in the last one).

Mark is a church planter here in Melbourne - he's been a part of numerous emerging missional churches over the past few years but is currently working in a community called the 'Red Network' (formally South Melbourne Restoration Centre). I'll let him explain what it is in the interview that follows.

Mark is also one of the guys behind a website that many of you might remember a few years back called Phuture - a site that was one of the first sites going around exploring issues of emerging church, alternative worship, postmodern culture and how the church might interact with that (NB: Phuture is no longer online).

Lastly some of you will know Mark best as the author of the Ignition course which many of you have used in your communities.

Here's my interview with Mark (9MB - 20 minutes long).

Apologies for some of the audio problems but I've had difficulty in editing this interview so its a pretty raw quality.