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Podcast - Core Values of LivingRoom

26 August, 2005 4:01 PM

I'd like to introduce my first podcast (or sorts) to LivingRoom. The MP3 file below (just under 4MB and 16 minutes long) is the first in a mini series of recordings that I've done with a good friend of mine - Mark Sayers.

Mark is a local guy that I've come to know and respect in the past few years that is involved in the starting of a new network of churches here in Melbourne called 'Red'. Red emerged out of a church named South Melbourne Restoration Centre (South Melbourne Church of Christ) which has had an amazing influence upon our city over the last decade or two under the leadership of Alan and Debra Hirsch.

Anyway - Mark's a brilliant thinker so when we stumbled upon the idea of recording some interviews with one another talking about our lessons of planting LivingRoom and Red I thought it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

This first recording is Mark interviewing me about how the Core Values of LivingRoom. We explore a little of how we came up with our Values and how we reinforce them etc. In part II of this series I ask Mark some questions about Red's values. I hope you enjoy this - it's pretty basic in terms of quality but we'd like to do more of them if people find them useful. here it is:

Core Values of LivingRoom.mp3

Martin Roth is Back with Southern Gospel Beat

18 August, 2005 4:00 PM

I just met one of the first bloggers that I ever read back a couple of years ago - Martin Roth. I was really sad when he stopped blogging a year or so back but today was really excited to see that he's baaack! His new blog is on the same domain but has a different spin to it - it's on the niche topic of Southern Gospel Music. Check it out at Southern Gospel Beat. All the best with the new blog Martin!

Regarding Life

16 August, 2005 9:56 AM

I know I've been quiet here recently so I thought I should give you an update on the life and times of me.

LivingRoom - As I've blogged here over the past few months - we're now three smaller groups meeting separately and adjusting to a new look and feel of being church. It's been an interesting process which I'm finding difficult to 'sum up'. One of the side benefits of dong it is that I've noticed an increase in the number of social interactions that people seem to be having with people inviting one another to parties, charity events, sporting things etc. Perhaps its just that time of year when people do that (although it is winter here) but perhaps its that people are wanting to see each other which is nice.

My small group is doing the ignition course which I'd previously mentioned - while this is the third time I've done it now I'm finding it to be really challenging again and am seeing some quite amazing things happen in my missional exploration (as have a number of others in the group).

Research - One of the main reasons that I've been a little scarce around here lately is that we're getting to the pointy end of the research project that I've been working on for three of our state's denominations who have ask myself and one other person to look into how the denominations can be a part of helping to birth and sustain young mission shaped churches (when we started it was 'emerging churches' - but we refined it to 'young mission shaped churches'). The research has been interesting and I'm looking forward to submitting our final proposal of how the denominations can work together. This finishes in September.

Blogging - My little blogging business continues to bubble along and even grow. At ProBlogger I've been working on a 31 Days to Building a Better Blog project for the month of August that readers of this blog who are bloggers themselves might find interesting. The tips are not just about making money from blogging and should help any blogger wanting to improve their blog.

Having had a bit more publicity in mainstream media recently about what I do has brought a lot of opportunities in this area of life - and also a few strange feelings as worlds collide. I'm still grappling with this whole bring together of spirituality and business - no massive 'answers' yet but many interesting experiences and opportunities are arising everyday.

Other - 'V' and I have definitely settled back into the swing of things after our trip - in fact it seems like many months ago that we were away - even though it's only been 6 weeks. Our little house has been fun to come home to - we've been settling in and making it a home (some might call it nesting). After three and a half years of marriage we finally bought ourselves a couch (two in fact) which makes entertaining all the more fun.

We're also fortunate enough to have two other couples who are good friends move into the neighborhood (both just a couple of blocks away) which is wonderful. We've all started walking together on Tuesday mornings and are meeting up on weekends for coffee at the local market.

I've got six weddings coming up over the summer (between November and January) - five of which I'm the celebrant for and one of which is a family one (my little sister). I thought that once I left a large mainstream type church that I'd not get asked to do many weddings but for some reason I'm getting more than ever. I really enjoy this part of life.

That's all for now - hope that this post signals that I'm still alive and kicking and have not forgotten blogging here.

LivingRoom Ignites

3 August, 2005 11:03 PM

I really enjoyed our LivingRoom gathering tonight. We decided a couple of weeks ago to go through the Ignition course again. I say 'again' because it's a course the original LivingRoom group did 2.5 years ago as founding members. Only V and I have ever done it from out group though so it seemed appropriate to go back and do it again.

For those of you who are not long term readers - Ignition is a 12 week course that walks a small group of people through the book of Acts. It looks at principles of Mission and gives a framework for participants to look at their own missional context by identifying a 'missional exploration or experiment' to reflect upon as they read Acts.

Each week there is a little reading and a reflection to do as individuals before coming together to discuss a different missional principle.

I've done it twice now and found it incredible helpful - especially as a new group meeting together and forming identity as its essentially an extended reflection on the first church and how they formed.