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London II

27 June, 2005 8:31 AM

Balloon-CapWe're back in London again today after a wonderful fortnight in Turkey. We had a fun tour with some great people (mostly Aussies of course).

I particularly enjoyed seeing some of the New Testament locations and imagining the early church's formation. Ephesus was especially interesting.

Also interesting was hearing reflections on the early Christians from our tour guide - a Muslim - who brought some interesting perspectives on the early days.

We also had the chance to spend three days on a gullet (yacht) sailing around the islands off the south of Turkey) and had a wonderful sunrise hot air balloon experience in Cappadoccia (click picture to the left for a larger view of one of the many shots we took) where we also spent a lot of time exploring caves where many early Christians hid during times of persecution.

Add to that whirling Dervishes, Underground cities, Persian Fairy Floss, kebabs, Gorgeous Gorges, Mosques, Bazars, Turkish Irish Bars, being kissed by a drag queen (don't ask), more kebabs, Turkish Rugs, Turkish Delights, ancient cities (4 or so) and a few more kebabs and it was a pretty rich couple of weeks.

Tomorrow I'm pottering around London by myself - having some 'Darren Time' after a couple of weeks on a bus with 20 or so others - tomorrow night my brother in law and me are heading off to see Coldplay in concert which will be fun.

The day after I have a couple of meetings lined up - one of which is with Jonny Baker and who ever else is interested in getting together with us for lunch (see the details here for Londoners).

Got to run now - but looking forward to sharing more of our trip in the days ahead.

Istanbul II

13 June, 2005 5:25 AM

Today was a beautiful day - mid 20's temperature wise (celcius) and sunny. We toured mosques, palaces, churches and saw some stunning views around Istanbul. Tomorrow we head off to Gallipoli and then the day after head towards Ephesus which will be fascinating.

We're both well (although I have a bit of a cold) and are loving the food and sights. Must rush off to bed - big travel day tomorrow.


9 June, 2005 11:41 PM

We landed in Istanbul late last night and after a much needed sleep we hit the streets today to do some exploring.

It was quite a bizarre - or bazar day. Spice bazar first, then off to the Grand Bazar. We enjoyed both and picked up a few bargains (well we hope they were).

The city/culture here reminds me a little of some of the cities we saw in Morocco a couple of years back. Very busy, dry, friendly people, old, Islamic, bargaining and hustle and bustle.

We have two more days of exploring by ourselves before joining up with a tour which will take us down south for a couple of weeks.

Enjoying myself heaps and looking forward to more of the same.

The Holiday Begins - London

7 June, 2005 5:10 PM

This time yesterday we arrived in a cool London after 25 hours of sitting in a plane and in airports.

The Jet lag wasn't too bad although I only managed to catch an hour or so of sleep on the plane. Last night's sleep was a good one to say the least and I now feel semi normal.

We've got just a couple of quick days here with family (V's sister and brother in law are putting us up). Today we're going to the V A museum and to Oxford St (shopping). Tonight we're going to see 'Philadelphia Story' (with Kevin Spacey).

Tomorrow afternoon heading to Turkey for 2.5 weeks of touring. Then it is back to London for another quick visit (with a couple of meetings booked in) and home via Singapore (two more nights).

I'll document the journey a bit here for those who are interested.


1 June, 2005 10:14 PM

Tonight was the first night that LivingRoom met in its new multiplied form (three smaller groups meeting in separate homes). It feels a little strange not seeing the whole group but also quite exciting to recapture some of the intimate aspects of a group of a smaller group. It's sort of like starting again.

It'll be interesting to see how the next few weeks unfold and how things are when we come back together as a large group in five weeks.

I wonder how the other groups went...

Lunch in London Anyone?

1 June, 2005 6:08 PM

Those of you based in London and its surrounds might like to come have lunch with me on Tuesday 28th June at 12.30pm at:

Church Mission Society
Partnership House
157 Waterloo Road
London SE1 8UU

It's a Bring Your Own Lunch affair.

If you want to find out more Jonny Baker is co-ordinating it from the London end.

The time will be pretty informal - I think I'll be sharing a little about LivingRoom but am mainly keen just to put some faces to names of those that I read the blogs of and who pop by here from time to time.

I'd love to meet you if you're over there.

In related news - V and I leave for a holiday in Europe this coming Sunday. We'll be away for just on 4 weeks so expect a few 'postcard' type posts here over the coming month.