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Jesus said 'I have come

30 November, 2002 12:13 PM

Jesus said 'I have come that they might have life � abundant life'. John 10:10. Jesus was interested in helping those around him to find life. He did this in a holistic and relevant manner, bringing life physically, emotionally and spiritually, journeying and living in community with those to whom he ministered. The concept of the Living Room takes on some of these principles in its vision as it seeks to connect people with Jesus, the designer and source of life.

� The living room is a space designed with the idea of LIFE at its heart.
� The living room will seek to connect people in community as they seek to live life to the full. Life is not something that one person imparts upon another, rather its found as people journey together in community.
� The living room acknowledges that 'life' may mean different things to different cultural groups. It will seek to provide a relevant space to explore this for the subcultures of the inner north of Melbourne.

What will it look like?A

29 November, 2002 9:50 AM

What will it look like?
A full and clear picture of what the Living Room (TLR) will look like will emerge when the core team begins to meet to pray, explore and dream. However three themes have emerged from initial thinking and conversations that may form the foundations of the new community. These themes all take on the idea of 'journeying' and have been based loosely upon observations of the 'Church of the Saviour' in Washington DC. Each is expanded upon below with 'possible explorations' included illustrating potential directions TLR may investigate.

� Each 'journey' is of equal importance to the life and mission of TLR and will need substantial time, energy and resources dedicated to their growth.
� 'Journeys' are interdependent and overlap and sustain one another.
� Each 'journey' will evolve and need to remain fluid as it seeks to be relevant and life giving within the subcultures TLR operates in.

The Inward Journey � a commitment to developing the spiritual formation of members. Through culturally relevant forms of prayer, reflection, learning and worship TLR seeks to create an environment where people grow in their relationship with God. Possible explorations include:

� Vespers - prayer gatherings � Develop own liturgy
� Instillation worship and teaching � Spiritual direction
� Shared learning activities/workshops � Alternative worship
� Films/Galleries/Arts based gatherings � Individual Disciplines

The Outward Journey � a commitment to encourage and resource members on an outward journey of service and mission to others. TLR seeks to both provide opportunities for corporate mission and to support individuals in their own mission activities. Possible explorations include:

� Mission groups (COS style) � Housing Commission � breakfast program
� Book/Movie Clubs � Spirituality Seminars � caf� based
� Caf� culture � Arts Culture � gallery/studio space
� Primary school � Student Accommodation

The Communal Journey � a commitment to inward and outward journeys within community. TLR seeks to develop community through shared common life, disciplines and intentional involvement in one another's lives. Possible explorations include:

� Common Disciplines � Practicing Hospitality
� Common Social activities � Mentor/Spiritual Directors within community
� Meal focus gatherings � Shared living � Common life
� Emphasis on common learning/prayer � Accountability circles

Surprisingly someone has already stumbled

29 November, 2002 9:43 AM

Surprisingly someone has already stumbled upon my blog - I don't know how but received an email today from Grant in Texas asking about The Living Room concept. I guess I havn't really painted a picture of what is happening with it. Over the next few days I hope to be able to post some of the Proposal that I put to BUV. They are not descriptions of the way it will be - rather some starting points, ideas and possibilities.

worked a shift at my

28 November, 2002 5:41 PM

worked a shift at my warehouse job @ wishlist today. Shared the emerging story of LivingRoom with a couple of workmates. Both were really interested - neither has stepped in a church except for funerals for many years. Thought I might ask one to help with some graphic design stuff. Twas encouraging.

Ignition continues to foster loads of thinking in my mind - homework this week was to pray for opportunity to share faith in word or deed - plenty of opportunity today. Feel like I'm getting physically soft though - after a couple of months of just desk/cafe work at DCCC it was a bit hard on the body being on the feet all day today. Good for me though - will sleep better tonight!

Spent more time this evening

27 November, 2002 9:30 PM

Spent more time this evening with DCCC people - the responses to my new ventures are encouraging.

Its always hard when leaving a community that you've come to know and love - many mixed feelings accompany the excitement of new things ahead. A major one is some sense of guilt at leaving a ministry in the middle of a time of transition. On some levels it makes sense to move on now, but in others I see some needs that need to be filled that I would have the skills to meet.

It'll be an interesting transition for me - from the safety of an established 139 year old church to - well to something yet to really start its journey!

Wonder who will join - or will I be a minister of a community of one? I think V will get sick of my pastoral visits after a week or two!

Phuture: Serving the Second Reformation

27 November, 2002 1:27 PM

Phuture: Serving the Second Reformation is a great resource for thinking through issues facing the Emerging Church. But then again I might be biased as I'm part of the organisation that is behind it - Dreamland

The Living Room lives!After months

27 November, 2002 11:40 AM

The Living Room lives!

After months - years even - of dreaming, prayer, conversation and writing this new community last night took a large step towards coming into being.

Last night Paul and I spent 45 minutes with the BUV Exec explaining our proposal and seeking their support. I suspect they had not seen a proposal like it before - not because my ideas are completely new or original - but rather because of its fuzziness.

How does one describe what a baby will look like before it is born? The Living Room is still in embryonic form and therefore any attempt at describing what it will look like will only be a guess.

Rather last night we sought to talk about the influential 'adults' in this babes life and the principles that they seek to bring to it as it grows.

I'm scared - I'm excited - I'm overwhelmed

The response from my news (mass email this morning) has been great. Email from around the globe is coming in as people hear the news. I'm not sure anyone is surprised - I guess its been bursting out of me for some time now.