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May 30, 2003

Interview with Bilal II

After a few mainly encouraging comments and emails in response to Part I of my interview with my new Muslim friend Bilal here is Part II (Part III will follow)

What is your understanding of worship?
I see worship as something that we do with our whole life. There are times when it is a focused thing in prayer or fasting, but I feel it is bigger than that. Worship is pleasing God with the way we live. I guess I am lucky that I have ways of constantly being reminded throughout my day that I am supposed live a life of worship to God.

How does your faith impact you in the low times of life?
I think it impacts me in lots of ways. One way is through the community that I am a part of. When my mother died was the lowest point of my life and yet it was the time I felt most loved by those around me. I knew I really belonged and that people cared. They brought food to my father, they sent cards and they prayed for us. It was an amazing time. I feel my community actually helped us to grieve rather than leaving us to do it ourselves.

The other thing that helps in these times is prayer. Because I am praying all day I have a constant source of strength in those times when life gets too much for me. Sometimes its hard to motivate myself to pray and my mind will wander, but because we do it every few hours the next time is often better.

What part do scriptures and study play in your life and faith?
At different times in my life the Qu�ran has meant more to me than others. Deep down I know that it is the words of God revealed to Mohammad and I know that it tells us how to live our lives. To be honest there have been times where I have found it to be hard to relate to but I have never doubted that it is Gods words. Sometimes I�m amazed by the amount of subjects that it covers, it really does give us a basis to live and make the decisions we need to make for life.

I have never studied the Qu�ran seriously, but I do turn to it on occasion and enjoy when the Imam speaks from it and explains its relevance. A number of times its almost as if God has been speaking directly to me through his words.

Posted by Darren at May 30, 2003 09:44 AM
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