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April 28, 2003

Hobart Emerging Church

While we were in Hobart (Tasmania) we caught up with a couple of local church planters � Darryn and Corrie who are part of the team at �Third Place Communities' . They are thinking along really similar lines to what we�re doing with Living Room � except that they are about 2 years down the track from where we�re at and have established a sizable core of people.

They showed us through the premises that they rent in Hobart�s CBD which they use for their gatherings and as a base to connect with their community. Its an old restaurant that they�ve painted up and furnished with an assortment of funky 70's couches, stools and cushions. Its got a bit of a nightclub feel � but its not quite as dark and dingy as that. They are in the process of getting a liquor licence and hope to be able to use the venue for an array of purposes ranging from Art Exhibitions, to Jazz nights, to kids programs, to lectures of philosophy etc.

I was really impressed with their set up and vision. Rather than growing one really large community they are hoping to start numerous smaller ones that connect with different subcultures throughout Hobart.

Easter Thursday night they had a �midnight mass� which they had a good turnout to � the next day they had a �Good Friday� party which over 70 attended (quite a few from the local community) and Sunday they go to their local pub (as they do every Sunday) to connect with the locals. I�m struck not only by their creativity but also by their strong outward focus and commitment to mission.

Will blog more on these guys soon.

Posted by Darren at April 28, 2003 08:35 PM

The church I go to is reasonably modern and fits the traditional model of church - we have 3 services on Sundays, sing predominately choruses, have a sermon each week, the occasional drama, have a mid-week bible study, and lots of young people, etc.

We hear a lot about emerging, experimental churches - held in cafe's, some in pubs, some don't have any singing, some are small groups based, some don't call themselves 'church', etc etc.

The new style of emerging church is one to which I'd feel a lot more comfortable inviting a friend.

What I'm interested in, is whether there's a 'gap' which exists between the traditional model of church, and what these emerging churches provide.

Are some people attending 'emerging' churches missing out on solid bible teaching in order to provide a non-threatening environment for non-Christians?

Has anyone attended one of these churches noticed a difference in their relationship with God over time? Positive or negative?

Please look over any generalisations here - I realise there are probably models out there which are very close to how Jesus intended church to be run.

Posted by: Diddle at April 29, 2003 02:45 PM
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