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I am Darren Rowse - I head up a small team of people who are planting a church in the inner North of Melbourne called the Living Room. I'm a baptist minister and enjoy spending a growing amount of time working in that role as a wedding celebrant.

I also work for an organisation called Dreamland (also known as Forge) who are an organisation interested in resourcing the church for mission, especially to 18-35 year olds - a missing demographic in the Aussie church. Dreamland are the people behind the e-zine Phuture (which I currently edit) and the blog Stinky Convoluted Past.

I am married to the most amazing woman 'V' and live in the wonderful suburb of North Fitzroy - Melbourne, Australia.

When I'm not doing Living Room or Forge work I'm either studying (I'm about to complete a Bachelor of Theology) or am working on my photography which I do as a hobby, but am getting increasing demand for semi professionally, particularly for weddings.

I have two blogs - the main one is LivingRoom which focuses on Emerging Church and other personal rants and raves. My newer one is Visually Speaking which focuses upon my photography, including some of my photos.